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I can't believe how excited I am about this news!
In which I talk about progress, not sacrificing my mental health for it, and my utter dread at having missed a deadline. And also, about my adventures as a fledgling tiktokker. (@jaztellsstories).
So, yeah. You should try anything at least once, right? On that note, I will both be diving into a co-writing project, and into a completely new genre. I enjoy reading it now and then, and absolutely adore one of the women who stood at the very
In which I talk about good stuff, and behave a meltdown over bad stuff, and even lack the energy to lament the fact that I'm barely writing at the moment.
Apparently, after over a year of working on my novel, I had to stop being in denial about it and just accept that I'm writing a romance novel, as scary as that seems to me. And updates on the doggies of course. Later friends!
This episode will reaching you a bit late, as it not my third attempt at actually getting it to load, and I didn't realise immediately that something had even gone wrong. I originally recorded it on the 28th, the day of Henna's surgery. I neede
Just thought I'd hope on and give a quick update for those wondering about the dilemma we were facing around the possibility of surgery for our thirteen-year-old border collie, Henna. All good. I mean, it's scary but she'll be fine.
Yes. Let's talk about batching so I can more effectively avoid thinking and worrying about other things that are much harder to deal with. Ahem. So, while enabling my avoidance habits, it has also helped me be more efficient in using my creativ
In which I discuss the feedback I got from some lovely folks after posting episode 19! Hah!
Hello friends, it has been a while, hasn't it. Between a man coming home from deployment and destroying the silence I had gotten used to in my house these last five months, and work, and springtime sun and rain making weeds shoot up all over th
In which I sneeze out the pollen invading my sinuses while enjoying the song of birds and other features of spring, and discuss what it feels like to finish a project, both the exhilarating feeling of typing the end, and the dread that usually
So it has been a while, hasn't it? I've been somewhat hampered by an injury and when everything takes you twice as long to get done, something's got to give. And during the month of February, I'm afraid that was this podcast. However, we are ba
First of all, due to the use of expletives, I had to mark the episode as explicit, as per the policies of certain podcast distribution platforms, but about the most explicit as this gets, is bad words and snoring dogs, so not to worry. In this
Hello friends! I finished a short story last night, after two months of procrastrination followed by two actual weeks of daily drafting. And I decided to celebrate by rambling to you about some of the amazing things I learned during the researc
So, I recorded this episode 3 days ago and promptly proceeded to forget all about uploading the thing. Oops. But HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2021 bring us safety, good health, prosperity, and governments more capable of making sound decisions. (Yes, Be
Hello friends! We are back. With a slightly disfunctional back. But all will be well. The injury is a minor one, and certainly nothing to worry about. Links mentioned: 4 The Words, and if you use my referral code, you get a small allowance
It is december 1st, and NaNoWrimo is officially over. I am both glad and relieved and proud at the same time. But the work is not over yet and my lizardbrain is fully cooperating with Resistance-with-a-capital-R and telling me it's OK to take a
In which I talk about avoiding bedtime for the last two nights. Because, I am now faced with a house devoid of all human activity except mine, for the next five months. In the middle of pandemics and lockdowns. Something tells me I will be divi
Of course, exhaustion or not, I had to record on Friday the 13th. How could I skip that? In this episode, I talk about my Nanowrimo adventures and goalsetting. Unrealistic goalsetting. And an utter lack of goalsetting. And how I seem to flop fr
Well, It's October 31st, and I'm starting to get slightly nervous for the onslaught of writing sprints that will be hitting me at midnight. It is NaNoWriMo time! Will I make it to that magical milestone of 50k? Who knows? But I will do my damne
In which I talk about my attempts to make writing fun again. I found myself needing an antidote for stress and sadness and life and this demonic year called 2020. Links mentioned:  OhWrite: Word Sprints with your friends (I heard about this g
In which I rant about a short story I fell in love with a few weeks ago. Written and narrated by M. Douglas White, and published in Metaphorosis Magazine on October 2nd, Good Boy is very much worth your valuable time. The story is available in
Content warning: miscarriage and grief.  In which I admit to not being fine, as much as I resent that.  But yes. Sometimes we're not fine, and that is just how life and people work. And we need to give ourself the grace to get through those ti
If I had to describe what defines me as a creative in one word, I'd have to say storyteller. I can't do without, and I can't even write out a bloody recipe without attaching a story or memory to it. But why is it that stories and storytelling a
In which I talk about a scary AF morning, and how it made me stop and reflect on the definition--and more importantly, the value--of health. It is also very unlikely that you'll get another chance to hear me discussing my breasts in the near fu
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