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Do you stress about your finances, if so, you are part of the 77% of people that do! Prosperity experts, Dr. Tammi and Penny Orloff share life lessons, wisdom and helpful hints to help you rewire from fear to faith and expand in your ability to
As we give so shall we receive, this is true energetically, and about money too! Dr. Tammi and Penny Orloff talk about a simple practice that supported both of them in shifting from poverty to great wealth, and how this is not only possible, bu
Beauty Experts Carla Miller and Dr. Tammi talk about setting the intention and taking the time to celebrate, nurture and love ourselves, so that we feel better, look better, experience a more beauty- filled life, and bring more light and beauty
Do you feel stressed because you don’t know and aren’t in control? Dr. Tammi and Charla Miller talk about how we can relax into faith, invite and accept guidance from The Universe, and then naturally allow the ‘flow of life’ to carry us to eas
Do you feel stressed because you don’t know and aren’t in control? Dr. Tammi and Charla Miller talk about how we can relax into faith, invite and accept guidance from The Universe, and then naturally allow the ‘flow of life’ to carry us to eas
Have you yielded to God? Do you trust that you are loved? If not, would you like to claim a life of greater peace, faith and ease. Dr. Tammi talks about how she has done this in her own life and how you can do it as well!
Is the voice in your head your friend and cheerleader? Or an antagonist and belittler? Dr. Tammi talks about befriending your inner voice, claiming what is wonderful and unique about you and evaluating, healing and lovingly integrating any qual
Are you in the process of transformation? Or would you like to evolve into something beyond where you are? Sabine Gedeon survived against incredible odds and now assists others in learning from their challenges and claiming their power, beauty
Dr. Tammi shares six foundational principles, and simple practices we can participate in so we can claim a more empowered, peaceful and grace-filled life. She also offers a couple of supportive, free, guided meditations so you can claim this r
Living from the place of “Edging God Out” can be painful. As we learn to make friends with our ego, and live a more soul-based life, not only do we feel better, we attract better things, and bring more light to the world. Dr. Tammi addresses th
When we are struggling financially life can feel scary. Dr. Tammi talks about a “sure fire way” to create more abundance and opening the space in our lives to attract more money; it is a spiritual law that cannot fail, and the surest way to mov
Losing someone we love can usher us into a deep despair and intense grief. This happened to Mike Anthony when he unexpectedly lost his beloved father, but then through mediums, “coincidences” and profound experiences, he was informed, his fathe
There is so much joy to experience on this beautiful planet, however, beneath our joy, resides an unavoidable truth, that everyone we love, including ourselves, will die. This can cast a dark shadow on our joy. But what if death is an illusion?
Did you know that 95% of our lives are manifested from our Subconscious programming? If you do not like what you are living, seeing, and experiencing in your current reality, Dr. Tammi shares insights, tools, and practices, to support you in tr
Prosperity is a personal journey! If you are ready to embark on this journey, Ezra Ogut, the author of Money does Grow on Trees shares wisdom, suggestions and comprehensive ideas about how to make friends with this process, understand the role
How is your relationship with Money? If you are ready to claim a more happy, healthy and abundant relationship with money, Dr. Tammi and Ezra Ogut share tips, tools and effective techniques to support you in increasing your inner value and oute
Do you believe prosperity is only for some people but not you? Dr. Tammi and Esra B. Ogut invite you to make a different decision. We all have access to the same source of prosperity, and we all have the power to cultivate prosperity consciousn
If one “overreacts” to a situation, this often means they have been “triggered.” Dr. Tammi shares wisdom, and a personal experience, about how to use triggers to heal past hurts, so we can relax into the place of peace, equanimity and alignment
As human beings we are feeling beings, and if we lose touch with our feelings, we lose our way in the world. Dr. Tammi talks about accessing our emotions, discerning the wisdom in our bodily sensations, and gleaning the soul level healing oppor
How well do you know yourself? And are you enjoying being the expression of the Divine that you are? Dr. Tammi talks about delving more deeply into the relationship we have with ourselves in body, mind and spirit, with curiosity, love and affec
What is the fuel in the gas tank of your life and what propels you: fear or love? If you are ready to claim a new way of being and go deeper and higher in your experience of faith, prosperity and a life of love, Dr. Tammi shares wisdom, perspec
How do you know when to dig deep and proceed, verses when to relax and receive? Dr. Tammi shares tips and ideas and how to be discerning with action steps, versus inaction, as well as how to tune into inner wisdom and decipher the guidance life
If you would like to reduce your stress, and experience more clarity, balance and harmony in your life, Dr. David Kundtz shares wisdom and tools to support us in tapping into the wisdom, peace, and Truth that we all carry within.
Do you feel you have more to do than you have time to do it? Dr. Tammi talks to Dr. David Kundtz about simple things we can do to “reset’ so we can navigate our busy lives in a more peaceful and productive way.
Though our souls are timeless and eternal, all of us as human beings fall into “soul-age categories.” Dr. Tammi talks about these categories and how we can choose to ascend in our maturity, take greater responsibility, become more spiritually
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