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Our final thoughts and your final reflections on Spartacus. Download Episode 0311
At long last, Spartacus and Crassus meet for their final encounter. An epic conclusion to an epic series! Download Episode 0310
As Spartacus and the rebels take time to honor Crixus in a makeshift arena, Crassus prepares for the impending arrival of Pompey. Download Episode 0309
With supplies dwindling and the Roman armies at their backs, Spartacus and Crixus make a fateful decision that will take them down different paths. Download Episode 0308
Crassus is within sight of victory, yet his overconfidence may be blinding him to trouble brewing close to home. Tiberius is reinstated to the legion, giving him the upper hand over a flustered Caesar. Gannicus gives in to the innocent … Contin
Spartacus and his fellow rebels are forced to flee the walled city of Sinuessa while Gannicus and Sibyl are left behind and must fend for themselves. Laeta is not pleasantly surprised with the role she must play in the bargain with the … Contin
With the aid of the Silician pirates, Spartacus puts an elaborate plan into action, but will Crassus fall for it? Tiberius laments his current state of affairs, and takes his pain to Kore in unexpected ways. And Caesar seizes the moment to … Co
As more freed slaves arrive at the walled city, Spartacus and his leaders face new challenges which pit them against each other. Caesar infiltrates the rebels, hoping to further drive dissent among them. Tiberius is subjected to the antiquated
With our favorite show going on hiatus this week we FINALLY get some time to review Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery by Gale Force Nine games.  In a nutshell, we loved it! But listen to the podcast for our full review, … Continue readin
Tensions rise as disputes emerge within the rebel army regarding the treatment of Roman prisoners. With rations dwindling, Spartacus must consider making a deal with  Silician Pirates, though it is difficult to trust them. And Tiberius, seeking
Realizing the greater needs of his people, Spartacus embarks on an elaborate and risky plan to take over the walled city of Sinuessa en Valle. In Rome, Crassus recruits a young and brash Julius Caesar to aid him in his … Continue reading →
Spartacus returns! As Spartacus’ army grows, concerns about the well being of his people surface. Hoping to kill the morale of the Roman army, Spartacus devises a plan to decisively strike the Roman commanders. Away in Rome, Marcus Crassus is …
This is it! We have reached the end of HBO’s “Rome!” Defeated, Antony and Cleopatra face their destiny. Octavian, now Caesar Augustus, is declared first citizen of Rome. Vorenus remains loyal to the end, and seeks reconciliation with his childr
Happy New Year! Mark Antony and Cleopatra try to instigate war with Octavian by withholding grain shipments. A political battle of wits ensues, with shameful consequences for Octavia and Atia. Vorenus befriends the young Caesarion, and Pullo le
Herod’s gold has gone missing due to Vorenus’ family turmoils, and it is up to him to find it. Pullo’s marriage is short lived due to Gaia’s scheme. Octavian pledges to do away with promiscuity, starting with his own family. … Continue reading
Distraught by the news of Brutus’ death, Servilia places a curse upon Atia, which seems to have an immediate impact on her future plans. Octavian proposes to divide the empire with Antony and Lepidus, but issues of trust get in … Continue readi
Vorenus seems to have once again found purpose in his life, as his influence in The Aventine starts to take hold. To Antony’s surprise, Octavian turns out to be a very cunning and heartless strategist. Octavia and Agrippa give in … Continue rea
Vorenus returns to The Aventine with his family, who secretly plans to escape. Mark Anthony sets camp in The Alps, and receives a nice surprise from Cicero. Brutus and Cassius see an opportunity to return to Rome victorious. Octavian is … Conti
Pullo finds Vorenus in the bloody battlefields of Mutina and accompanies him on a quest to find his children. Attia uncovers Servilia’s plot and Timon takes a stand against her. And Mark Anthony is surprisingly defeated by the new Caesar, … Con
The Aventine is in chaos due to Vorenus’ self-destruction and his unwillingness to follow Pullo’s counsel. Octavian continues to amass armies in Campagna, while Brutus unsuccessfully tries to do the same in Bithynia. Servilia puts in motion a d
Vorenus goes into a deep depression having lost his wife and family, giving Marc Antony an opportunity to manipulate him. Cleopatra arrives, making Atia jealous and demanding her son be recognized as legitimately Caesar’s. And Octavian plays a
There is sadness in the air as we begin our coverage of Season Two of HBO’s “Rome.” A delirious Vorenus must rely on the assistance of Pullo to help him cope with Niobe’s death and locate his estranged family. Brutus … Continue reading →
The Ides of March are upon us as we close the first season of “Rome!” Servilia and her co-conspirators devise the perfect plot to take Caesar down, at the expense of the newly appointed Senator Vorenus. Pullo’s search for forgiveness … Continue
Caesar is declared dictator for life, sending waves of concern among the populace. As Vorenus continues to learn hard lessons in politics, Pullo’s carelessness leads him to a death sentence at the arena. And the discontent of the plebeians and
As Caesar celebrates his victory with a feast of triumph, Brutus continues to struggle with the choices he’s made, and Servilia finds a kindred spirit in Pompey’s abandoned son. A love-stricken Pullo makes a decision with deadly consequences, a
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