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Take away from this episode with Ola - Business & Leadership Coach:"Get lost in your own dreams. Not someone else's." You can find Ola @olajidewilkerson  You can also find the Co-Host on Instagram @mindfulnikki And the Teen Host @nurielleaugust
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s listening.  Today’s Podcast topic, “Embrace One Another” will get you thinking about how you can embrace other’s, especially with our variety of differences, and feel into what we all want at the most basi
"When day comes we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid, the new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light if only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it.- Amanda Gorman
In this episode, Nurielle Auguste, the Teen Host of the podcast and I discuss how comparing manifests, and how our awareness can bring us back to ourselves, and our gifts.  Theodore Roosevelt says, “Comparing is the thief of joy.” Listen to the
In this episode, we discuss the topic of teens and depression.  Tarana Burke, founder of the #metoo movement says, “I believe healing is a lifelong journey and the hardest part is starting.“ All we can do is start where we are and take tiny ste
In this episode teen host, Nuri and I wanted to bring up the idea of “Staying Awake” to important issues our world faces.  It’s up to us to raise our awareness of our own biases and blind spots so we can be part of the solution and not the prob
Meet Quan, a Miami Native doing important work that helps decrease intergenerational trauma, while promoting meditative and sustainable resources to the black and LGBTQ+ community.  Quan’s favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself; ev
In this episode, my niece Brett and her boyfriend Sol, both talented artists, explore how love affects their art-making process and how their art connects them more deeply to themselves and one another.  Follow us on Instagram @MindfulNikki @nu
Meet the artist for each original artwork for the JustBE Mindful Podcast-JustBE Intern Zoe Sepsenwol.  In this episode, she shares her creative process for each podcast graphic, which in many ways mirrors a mindfulness practice.     Check out @
Today's guest, Leslie Lloyd is a 5 Element Acupuncturist and Transformative Life Coach and one of MindfulNikki's closest friends.  This quote by Leslie captures her wisdom: "The beauty of seeing yourself as a part of nature and not separate fro
"We all have imperfections, pimples, and scars, AND we also can feel enough as we are, NOW." - MindfulNikki Join MindfulNikki's private Facebook community "JustBE Mindful Community" IG and FB @MindfulNikki Teen Host Ig @Nurielleauguste All musi
"What we think we want and what we need can look quite different, Trusting the process of what unfolds will help you settle into whatever the outcome is."-MindfulNikki Teen Host @nurielleauguste  Co-Host @Mindfulnikki https://www.mindfulnikki.c
Our guest today is Lola, a senior in high school, a JustBE Mindful Mentor Intern for the second year, and an athlete since the age of three.  Tune in to hear more of what success is like from a teens point of view, and how mindfulness helped Lo
Today’s Podcast has 2 very dear guests to me who I happen to know for quite some time.  They are teens, 17 & 15 yrs to be exact.  Our guests today are my daughters Zoe and Maya.  I know I am a bit biased, but I think you’ll see for yourself tha
Teens are the most stressed out of any age group!  Did you know this?  My hope for this Podcast remains the same from its inception; to normalize what teens experience, and to create open-minded conversations that connect with teens, parents, t
I asked Nuri why she felt it was important to do this topic and she said:  "I felt like I needed to do an episode on the dangers of being a black female because people need to know our daily fight, and they need to be aware of the unfair obstac
We have two very special guests in this episode who are high schoolers and share how they embrace their unique challenges-social anxiety and hearing loss.  MindfulNikki also joins in at the end to offer her perspective on what might be stop
Social media is apart of pretty much every teen's life. On the positive side it can be very creative while connecting you to the people and things you love. On the negative side, if we're not mindful of the images we're taking in and the people
In this week's episode, Nuri and two of her closest friend's dive into their experiences with crushes.  What a crush feels like, how they handled their first crush, and some do’s and dont’s they’ve learned along the way.  They do not profess th
Today, Nuri sat down with her very dear friend Schmide. Yes the Youtuber Schmidee!!!  Together they had quite a heart to heart about toxic friends: why they have gotten involved in them, how to unhook themselves from these relationships, sorrow
In today’s podcast Teen Host Nuri and I explore the topic of Body Standards.  We shed light on societal messages we ingest daily, often unknowingly, and how this affects our mind and image of ourselves.  Tune in, and stay till the end to le
In this episode, Nurielle shares one of her biggest failed expectations. She expresses how she felt disappointed and dejected, despite her best efforts to succeed. Nevertheless, she discovered deeper insights into what she truly wants, despite
The first official episode of the "JustBE Mindful Podcast" is up! Inside this episode you'll hear a bit more about Nurielle our Host, and me, Mindfulnikki your Co-Host and author of the "JustBE Mindfulness Guidebook".  We are excited to get thi
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