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What if your cannabis medicine acted faster and went further? That's what nano-emulsion enables. Tiny molecules of THC and other cannabinoids are coming in a wave of cannabis beverages, dissolvable strips, nasal sprays and other edibles and top
Papa & Barkley has established a niche as a provider of high-quality CBD- and THC-based products. Co-founder, President and Chief Product Officer Guy Rocourt has been a driving force in this emergence. While he has a hand in many aspects of the
Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years, but there's still room for innovation. Like Kin Slips.  These dissolvable strips are an under-the-tongue delivery system that contain 10 milligrams of cannabis each. Seniors, young moms, a
A recent study of claims about cannabis made on the internet found that 80% of the 'information' being presented about cannabis online is false.  When you're trying to get good information for your health and wellness, this is downright dangero
Market intelligence matters, for manufacturers, and ultimately for consumers, When companies understand what consumers want, they can offer better options. This idea is the basis of Headset, a cannabis market intelligence firm serving product p
Yoga and cannabis are like peanut butter and chocolate, says Dee Dussault, author of Ganga Yoga. Since 2012 she's been teaching people how to enhance their yoga practice with the help of cannabis, through her book, in-person classes and trainin
A CBD bath bomb and a hemp CBD joint? Who would have thought? Brother-and-sister team Sarah Easton and Michael Easton, that's who. They've made the end-of-day bath ritual — something we all need these days — even better. The Soak and Toke is th
Biosynthetic compounds — including cannabinoids — present the 'last great domestication' says Roy Lipski, CEO of Creo. His company is at the forefront of bringing lab-produced cannabinoids to market, at scale.  Cosmetics and creams will be amon
We're politically polarized, and a meme never changed anyone's mind. That's why former Republican Bill Hill has launched Smoke Out A Republican (SOAR), a national effort to connect with  Republicans, one at a time, with the mind-altering help o
As we head toward federal decriminalization and eventual legalization of cannabis, there are some important questions: What about all the people who were arrested and incarcerated during the war on drugs? What about the communities that suffere
Have you been eating THC gummies? You're not alone, gummies are practically the new glass of wine now. For many people, Kanha gummies from Sunderstorm have been the go-to brand over the last year. In this episode we catch up with Sunderstorm co
What if you could get in the zone, without getting really stoned? Get the good parts of a cannabis high — mood enhancement, relaxation etc. — without the downside, which sometimes show up as panic or paranoia? Scientists have found that removin
Cannabis is a complex plant, with many different compounds and cannabinoids. In this episode, Curt Robbins delves into varins, the acidic precursors of other well-known cannabinoids, including THC, CBD and CBG.  We discuss how:The varin THCV di
How do you know your cannabis is safe to consume? You could look for the CannaSafe logo — they help cannabis and CBD companies assure the quality of their products through lab testing. As the industry innovates, their work is expanding. CannaSa
The boom is upon us: Cannabis is exploding onto the scene in multiple sectors, including medicine, business, cultivation and processing, and policy. There's lots to learn in the post-prohibition era, and Green Flower Media is helping people and
We desperately need a common vocabulary about cannabis — and one that's not based on myth and misinformation. Cannabis educator Curt Robbins is doing something about this, with a new project called Higher Learning LV, a much-needed online cours
The team at Nugg is building out a consumer-focused cannabis company with a national footprint, even before federal legalization. NuggMD offers a quick and easy way to get a medical cannabis cards; NuggMarket partners with dispensaries for deli
Inhaling smoke — cannabis or tobacco — is not a healthy habit. Yet smoking is the preferred method for many cannabis consumers, as it's immediate and you can control your dose, puff by puff. But there is another way. It requires a dry herb vapo
Linkedin delivers the value of a Rolodex, plus the Yellow Pages, on steroids. What if you could do that for the exploding cannabis / hemp business?  That's the idea behind Leafwire, an online meeting place for people and companies focused on ca
It's now medically legal in 36 states, yet many people don't understand the medicinal power of cannabis. So Bonni Goldstein, M.D. wrote a second book: "Cannabis is Medicine: How Medical Cannabis and CBD Are Healing Everything from Anxiety to Ch
Cannabis is a non-toxic plant that has never killed anyone, yet millions in the U.S. are incarcerated for possessing, using or selling it. As a member of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), Jack Wilborn speaks about the need to chang
More than a drug, cannabis is a nutritional powerhouse, a superfood that deserves to be a part of our daily diet, says nutritionist and cookbook author Emily Kyle. She shares tasty recipes, and a sensible and sustainable approach to integrating
Wouldn't it be nice to grow and harvest ounces of your favorite strain? Seeds, soil, water, light — it's easy, right? Actually there's a lot that can go wrong: pests, mold, over- or under-watering; do you use fertilizer; when do you harvest the
Some childhood diseases are difficult to treat — autism and epilepsy among them. When Vermont-based pediatric nurse Vanessa Peck saw what a single dose of CBD did for one her young patients, her curiosity was piqued, and she soon was on board.
Kyle Kazan took a winding route to the executive suite of Glass House Group, his California cannabis company. As a basketball player at USC, he honed his competitive edge and learned how to do things right; as a teacher and police officer, he s
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