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Julia speaks with writer and editor Hali Bey Ramdene about her career and the nuances of telling stories about food. Hali holds a Masters in Gastronomy from Boston University and after school she moved to Des Moines, Iowa where she was the Associate Food Editor at Better Homes and Gardens for three years. She then returned home to Albany, NY where she worked from home for The Kitchn, first as a Food Editor and then as the Food Director. Hali is now happily freelancing. She and Julia talked about the nuances of print and digital, about the differences between writing and editing, and the differences between making a story and telling a story. For more about Hali and her work, head here. For Hali's post about her mom's eggs, head here. For more about Feet in 2 Worlds, head here. For more about Julia and her work, head here.
On this special bonus episode, Julia shares the recording of her live interview with the cookbook author Priya Krishna in celebration of her new book Indian-ish which she coauthored with her mother, Ritu Krishna. Indian-ish is Priya’s loving tribute to her mom’s “Indian-ish” cooking—a trove of one-of-a-kind Indian-American hybrids that are easy to make, clever, practical, and packed with flavor. Think Roti Pizza, Tomato Rice with Crispy Cheddar andWhole Roasted Cauliflower with Green Pea Chutney. Priya’s mom, Ritu, taught herself to cook after moving to the U.S. while also working as a software programmer—her recipes merge the Indian flavors of her childhood with her global travels and inspiration from cooking shows as well as her kids’ requests for American favorites like spaghetti and PB&Js. The book is not just a collection of well-tested, approachable recipes, it’s also so much about taking pride in where and who you come from. For more about Priya and Indian-ish, head here.
Yemi Amu, from Oko Farms in Brooklyn, talks to Julia about aquaponics, expansion, and the healing capacity of her work. Yemi is the farmer and educator behind Oko Farms in Brooklyn, New York, an aquaponics farm that not only produces fish and produce and flowers, but also works as an educational farm. Our food community is at its best with people like Yemi doing the work she’s doing. She’s in the middle of raising money to expand into a second location at the Weeksville Heritage Center— please consider supporting her and her important work. The link to donate is below.Follow-up links:Oko FarmsDonate to Oko Farms's expansion!Weeksville Heritage CenterNaina Marballi’s Ayurvedic practice Great Jones (be sure to use the code 'CALM' for 15% off!!)Julia Turshen
Georgine Drewes is 90 years old and is a longtime volunteer at Angel Food East, an organization to cooks and delivers homemade meals to homebound clients. Julia and her wife Grace met her when they started volunteering there two years ago. Julia speaks to Georgine about how she got into volunteering, how others can, what it means to her, and the importance of kindness. There are also answers to listeners' questions and shoutout to Drive Change (find out more about them here). For more about Julia and her work, head here. And thanks to Oxo for supporting this episode.
This episode features the first official Equity at the Table event. It is a recording of a panel conversation moderated by Klancy Miller, an EATT Advisory Board member and author of Cooking Solo. Host Julia Turshen was the author on the panel and was joined by Kara Rota, a cookbook editor, Cindy Uh, a literary agent with Thompson Literary Agency, and Heami Lee, a photographer who shoots cookbooks plus other work. They cover everything from book proposals to writing, shooting, and promoting a book. The goal of this event was to try and create some transparency and to foster community. The publishing industry is really opaque and so much of book publishing, and definitely cookbook publishing, is relationship-based. Familial terms abound— for example, publishing companies are referred to as publishing houses. The agent-author relationship is often discussed like dating— about finding the right match. Authors refer to books as their babies. Relationships between authors, editors, photographers, and even readers often transcend the professional and become personal. Which can be wonderful, but also confusing. How do you navigate when something isn’t going well? How do you get in the door if you don’t know anyone? This episode attempts to answer some of those questions. Here are some additional resources: Join Equity at The Table! Support Equity at the Table! Virginia Willis' tips on a successful book tour (via Dianne Jacob). Cookbook book proposal contents guidelines via The Lisa Ekus Group Publishing a cookbook tips from Andrea Nguyen Writing a cookbook proposal via Heidi Swanson Cookbook writing tips from David Lebovitz To Change Racial Disparity in Food, Let's Start With Cookbooks (by Julia Turshen for Eater) The episode also features: Von Diaz of Coconuts and Collards (and guest on Episode 3 of KCACO!) Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau of* Provisions* (and guests on Episode 8 of KCACO!) Jenn de la Vega of *Showdown: Comfort Food Chili & BBQ * Robyn Shapiro of The Cricket Cookbook Chandra Ram of The Complete Indian Instant Pot Cookbook Genevievo Ko of Better Baking: Wholesome Ingredients, Delicious Desserts
Cécile McLorin Salvant is a jazz vocalist who was born and raised in Miami with her French mother and Haitian father. She started classical piano studies at age 5 and began singing in a children’s choir at 8. Cecile moved to France in 2007 to study both classical voice and also law. When she was there, she began learning about and singing jazz and recorded her first album, Cécile. She soon won the prestigious Thelonious Monk competition. Her second album, WomanChild was nominated for a Grammy. Her third album,* For One To Love*, her fourth, Dreams and Daggers, and her fifth, The Window, have all won Grammy Awards for Best Jazz Vocal Album. She joined Julia for a conversation about everything from food to music, desire to criticism, poetry, and more. Follow-up links: For more about Cécile and her music, head here. For Cécile's Tiny Desk Concert, head here. For more about H.E.L.P., head here. For more about this show's sponsor Lulu & Georgia, head here (and use the code ‘KEEPCALM10’ for 10% off of your first purchase). For more about Julia and her wife Grace's living room makeover in partnership with Lulu & Georgia, head here. For more about Julia and her work, head here.
Jamaican sisters, cookbook authors, and restauranteurs Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau join Julia for a conversation about the spirit they bring to their work and the experiences that have informed how they approach life. It’s a conversation about learning to trust your own voice, to embrace fear, to be your own champion, and to just keep going. Michelle and Suzanne have a long history of collaboration. They’ve run a boutique, a catering business, restaurants; they’ve appeared on television and have co-authored two cookbooks. Their first, Caribbean Potluck, came out in 2014 and their latest, Provisions: The Roots of Caribbean Cooking, came out in December of 2018. It’s not just a book of contemporary vegetarian recipes— and it is a great one!— it’s also the history of Caribbean cooking, which is the history of women and the dual legacies of slavery and colonization. It’s a book about what was available, what wasn’t, and how women have sustained their communities despite all odds. The episode also features answers to listeners' questions (for more about Leanne Brown's book that Julia mentions, Good and Cheap, head here!) and a shout out to Brownsville Community Culinary Center (to learn more about them, head here). For information about the February 21st event Suzanne, Michelle, and Julia will be doing together at MoFAD in Brooklyn, head here! Please join if you can. For more about Suzanne and Michelle, head here. And for more about Julia Turshen, head here.
Bonnie Slotnick, of Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks, talks with Julia about her life and career.Plus shout-outs to Oko Farms and Save NYC, ideas for apples, a curated guide to the Hudson Valley from Julia and her wife, Grace.Show follow-up links:Bonnie Slotnick CookbooksHelp Oko Farms!Save NYCApplesauce Cake with Cream Cheese + Honey FrostingDorie Greenspan on Baked ApplesThanks to Oxo for sponsoring this episode!Hudson Valley Farm Stands + Restaurants Links:Westwind Orchard in AccordSaunderskill Farms in AccordDavenport Farms in Stone RidgeCherries Ice Cream in Stone Ridge *get the turkey reuben!Top Taste in Kingston *tell them Julia sent you!Julia's article about Top Taste for Bon AppétitDiego’s in KingstonMi Pueblito in KingstonEgg’s Nest in High FallsKitchenette in High FallsHash in Stone RidgeRoost in Stone RidgeStonehouse Tavern in AccordGaby’s in EllenvilleSook House in EllenvilleDominican Restaurant in EllenvilleLagusta’s Lucious Confections in New PaltzLLC Commissary in New PaltzGadaletto’s Seafood in New PaltzHudson Valley Things to Do Links:Rosendale Movie TheatreUpstate Films (Woodstock + Rhinebeck)Mohonk PreserveMinnewaska State ParkMohonk Mountain House30 Minutes of Everything (Accord) 
Samin Nosrat is the award-winning, best-selling author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking, which is also the name of her new Netflix Series. Through her work, Samin has taught thousands of people to trust their instincts in the kitchen— and even learn that they have them in the first place. A true teacher, she demystifies and explains and inspires. Samin and Julia have an open and honest talk about everything from mental health and therapy, to money, and even poetry. There are also answers to listeners' questions and a shoutout to Emma's Torch (find out more about the organization here). For more about Samin Nosrat and her work, check out her site here. For more about Julia Turshen and her work, head here. For mental health resources, check out, Chefs with Issues, and The Trevor Project.
Alexander Smalls is a modern Renaissance man. A world-renowned opera singer with both a Grammy and a Tony under his belt, Alexander is also a visionary restaurateur who has brought 5 important New York restaurants into the world— The Cecil, Minton’s, Café Beulah, Sweet Ophelia’s, and Shoebox Cafe. He’s also a James Beard Award-winning cookbook author. Most of all, he’s a warm and welcoming host. He and Julia speak about home, collecting, grief, legacy, storytelling, and, of course, food.  Follow-up links:For more about Alexander Smalls, head here.For a tour of Alexander's apartment, head here.For more about the Harlem Schools of the Arts, head here.To donate to Angel Food East, head here.For more about Julia, head here.For more about Great Jones, head here (and don't forget to enter the code 'CALM' for 15% off of any order!!) 
You might know Elle Simone Scott from the PBS cooking show America’s Test Kitchen where she is a regular on-air contributor. You might know some of her other work without even realizing it— she has created beautiful food behind the scenes as a food stylist and culinary producer for the Food Network, Cooking Channel, and Bravo. In 2013 she incorporated SheChef, a networking organization for women chefs of color.Elle’s career began in social work, and she and Julia talk about the impact that’s had on her work. They also talk honestly and openly about navigating burnout and more.There are also answers to listeners' questions about cooking and a shoutout to Future Chefs.Follow-up links:Elle Simone ScottFuture ChefsFor more about Oxo, head hereJulia's Food & Wine interview with ElleBlooming Willow Coaching (Leslie A. Brown's business)Julia Turshen   
Vallery Lomas, winner of the 3rd season of The Great American Baking Show, is not only a phenomenal baker, but is also a food writer, blogger, photographer, soon-to-be cookbook author, and former lawyer. She started backing and blogging years ago while she was in law school and while she practiced law, which she did full-time for 8 years. She was cast on the 3rd Season of the Great American Baking Show, an ABC spin-off of the hugely popular Great British Baking Show. Vallery prepared for, competed on, and won her season, but we never actually got to see it on television. The show premiered on December 7th, 2017 and was pulled off the air shortly thereafter following sexual misconduct allegations against ones of the judges. Julia sat down with Vallery in her apartment in Harlem and talked about her preparation for the show, how she navigated this unexpected turn of events, and what her freelance career looks like now. There are also answers to listeners' questions and a shoutout to Sydnie L. Mosely Dances. Some follow-up links: For more about Vallery, head here. For the interview Mayukh Sen did with Vallery for Munchies, head here. The books Julia mentioned: Claudia Fleming's The Last Course, Toni Tipton-Martin's The Jemima Code, Rochelle Udell's How to Eat An Artichoke The bookstores: Omnivore Books and Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks
Sara B. Franklin is a writer, teacher, oral historian, and a home cook. She teaches food culture and writing at both NYU and at the Wallkill Correctional Facility. Her first book, Edna Lewis: At the Table with An American Original, came out in 2018. Before the book came out, Sara finished her dissertation based on a series of oral history interviews she conducted with Judith Jones, the famous editor who worked not only with Edna Lewis who but also Julia Child and so many more— she also, remarkably, took The Diary of Anne Frank out of the reject pile. Sara joins Julia for a conversation centered on Edna Lewis, Judith Jones, and also Sara’s own mother. This episode is all about how critical it is to celebrate the older women in our lives, to name their challenges out loud, and to listen to them when they share their stories. There's also a shoutout to the Kingston YMCA Farm Project (for more about them head here) and answers to listeners' questions. For more about Sara B. Franklin, head here. For the Overnight Chicken that Sara wrote about for the Washington Post, head here. For more about Julia Turshen, head here.
The 3rd Season of Keep Calm and Cook On kicks off with Antoni Porowski from Netflix’s Queer Eye and author of the brand new cookbook Antoni in the Kitchen. He and Julia cover everything from imposter syndrome to throwing dinner parties to how to handle being an empathetic person. One lucky listener is eligible to win a copy of Antoni’s new cookbook! To enter for a chance to win, leave a review of Keep Calm and Cook On on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts, screenshot it, and send it to or DM it on Instagram to @turshen. One submission will be randomly selected one to win a copy of Antoni’s wonderful new cookbook! Follow-up links: For more about Antoni and his book, head here. For more about Julia and her work, head here. For more about Oxo, head here. For more about The Trevor Project, head here. For the Medjool dates that Antoni loves, head here.
'Great Chefs' was a series of cooking shows and cookbooks that made over 700 episodes. Each episode was recorded entirely in a professional kitchen rather than a production studio, and each consisted of 3 segments— an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. Each dish was made by a different chef and the whole thing was super straight-forward. No bells or whistles or fancy camerawork or anything. Just straight-up cooking. And the instructions were incredibly clear thanks to the voiceover work of the one and only Mary Lou Conroy. In her thick Louisiana accent, Mary Lou described everything the chefs were doing.Watching 'Great Chefs' was Julia's cooking education.She connected with Mary Lou Conroy, who is now 91 years old, to talk about the role of food in Mary Lou's life, her love of travel and reading, and what makes her excited during this chapter of her life.There is also a shoutout to the MiNO Foundation (Made in New Orleans) and answers to listeners' questions about vegan cooking with responses from Timothy Pakron (Mississippi Vegan) and Jenné Claiborne (Sweet Potato Soul).Follow-up links:'Great Chefs' official website.Watch 'Great Chefs' on Amazon Prime.Eater: 'Great Chefs' is Amazon Prime's Best Kept Culinary SecretMiNO FoundationJenné Claiborne: Sweet Potato SoulTimothy Pakron: Mississippi VeganOxoJulia Turshen 
Welcome to Keep Calm and Cook On, a new podcast from bestselling cookbook author Julia Turshen. For more about the show, head here!
Julia sits down with two of the women behind the scenes at Oxo. Becca Del Monte is a Product Engineer who works mostly on fruit and vegetable tools and Lua O’Brien is a Product Category Director for food storage. They discuss how they got into their careers, what goes into making products (literally and emotionally), and what excites them about their work. For more about Oxo: For more about Julia:
Elazar Sontag, a cookbook author, freelance writer, and editor at Serious Eats, talks to Julia about cooking, writing, anxiety, Guy Fieri, and more. There are also answers to listeners' questions and a shoutout to The Trevor Project. Some follow-up links! For more about Elazar, head here. For more about Elazar's book* Flavors of Oakland*, head here. For Julia's recipe for Charoset Quinoa from Now & Again, featured by Great Jones, head here. Don't forget to use your discount code for your Great Jones order! For more about The Trevor Project, head here. For the interview between The Trevor Project's CEO Amit Paley and comic Cameron Esposito on her podcast Queery, head here. For more about Julia and her work, head here.
Einat Admony s a chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author who is based in New York City. She’s the force behind beloved places like Taim Falafel and Balaboosta and the author of two cookbooks, Balaboosta, and the newly published SHUK: From Market to Table, the Heart of Israeli Home Cooking. Lia Ronnen is the publisher of Artisan Books, who has published both of Einat’s books.Einat, Lia, and Julia sat down to talk about what exactly is Israeli food, who gets to define any particular cuisine, cultural appropriation versus appropriation, home cooking, and more.Follow-up links:Shuk (Cookbook)Einat's InstagramMisono 440 KnifeMisen KnifeGod's Love We Deliver Brownies!Great Jones (use the code 'CALM' for 15% off!!)
Mona Talbott and Kate Arding are the forces behind Talbott & Arding, a cheese and provisions shop, in Hudson, New York. Mona and Kate approach their food, shop, and community with intention and love. They sat down with Julia to talk about what their lives were like before they opened their business, how they navigate running it together as a couple, and more. Mona has over 25 years experience in the culinary industry. She began her cooking career as a camp cook in remote logging camps in her native Canada, formalizing her training at the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon where, in 1993, Talbott graduated with highest honors. She was a cook at Chez Panisse for five years before she launched Mona Talbott Catering and began cooking exclusively for “A” list private clients and catering events both in the United States and Europe working within the fine arts, media and entertainment industry. Her ongoing collaboration on special culinary projects with Alice Waters eventually led her to Italy, where, from 2006-2011, she was the founding Executive Chef at the Rome Sustainable Food Project at the American Academy in Rome. She has written and published two cookbooks: Biscotti and Zuppe: Recipes from the Kitchen of the American Academy in Rome, and contributed to over ten cookbooks authored by notable chefs. In 2010, Talbott was included in COCO, 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs and, most recently, contributed 50 recipes to Amy Goldman’s forthcoming book, Heirloom Peppers. Mona has published recipes and written articles for the New York Times, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Organic Cooking. Kate is an internationally recognized authority on cheese with over 20 years of experience in the farmhouse cheese industry. Her work encompasses cheesemongering, sales and marketing, infrastructure management for small-scale cheese businesses, affinage (cheese maturation), publishing and teaching. She is a keynote speaker at regional and national conferences. Kate’s cheese career began at Neal’s Yard Dairy, London, UK in 1993 where she developed a thorough understanding of what it takes for cheesemakers and retailers to create and sustain profitable businesses. In 1997, Kate was recruited by Cowgirl Creamery & Tomales Bay Foods, the award winning cheese retailer and cheesemaker, to be their Head Cheesemonger and Cheese Buyer at their newly formed company in Marin County, California. In 2008, Kate co-founded the ground-breaking consumer print and online cheese magazine Culture: The Word on Cheese. Kate’s consulting work has influenced agricultural agencies, cheese producers and retailers around the globe, working in places as diverse as Uganda, Ecuador, the Netherlands and Macedonia. A member of the Board of Directors for the American Cheese Society (ACS), and Co-Chair of the ACS’s Regulatory and Academic Committee, Kate also regularly judges at many U.S. and international competitions. In 2011, she was inducted into the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, where she was especially recognized for her work within the artisanal cheese industry, both in the U.S and overseas. Kate is an area editor of the Oxford Companion to Cheese (Oxford University Press, 2015). As an industry spokesperson and sought-after expert, Kate has appeared on The Martha Stewart Living Show, Heritage Radio Network and has been regularly featured in national and international press, including the San Francisco Chronicle, The LA Times, The Times (UK). As a contributing writer, editor and photographer, Kate’s work on cheesemakers and the cheesemaking process has been published in media outlets worldwide. Follow-up links from the episode: Julia will be signing copies of Now & Again at Talbott and Arding (323 Warren Street in Hudson, NY) on Saturday May 4, 2019 from 2p - 3p. Come say hi! For more about Talbott and Arding, head here. For the quinoa recipe (Charoset Quinoa) from Now & Again that Julia mentioned, head here. For the red lentil recipe (Curried Red Lentils with Coconut Milk) from Small Victories that Juila mentioned, head here. For Julia's Red Lentil Soup with Coconut and Cilantro from Feed the Resistance, head here. For more about Rolling Grocer 19, head here. For more about Kinderhook Farm, head here. For more about Julia, head here.
Welcome to Keep Calm and Cook On, a new podcast from bestselling cookbook author Julia Turshen.
Ashley Christensen cares as much about people as she does about food. The Raleigh-based chef and restaurateur started cooking when she was in college and now runs an empire of restaurants in the Triangle in North Carolina including Poole’s Diner which she opened over a decade ago. She employs over 200 people and is known for not being afraid to speak up. Ashley’s cooking, restaurants, and cookbook have been celebrated by outlets like Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, The New York Times, and Eater and she’s the recipient of a James Beard Award. She sat down with Julia to talk about her career, her restaurants, her leadership and communication style, her commitment to community, and her support system. There are are also answers to listeners' questions and a shout out to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. For more about Julia Turshen and her work, head here.
Lisa Gross, the founder of League of Kitchens, and Mab Abbasgholizadeh, one of their instructors, sit down with Julia and talk about the organization and its impact. The conversation covers a range of meaningful topics including activism, feminism, sexuality, identity, ideology, immigration, home, memory, trauma, healing, agency, cooking, and love. There are also answers to listeners' questions about cooking.Follow-up links:For more about League of Kitchens and to sign up for one of their classes, head here.For more about Mab, head here.For more about Lisa, head here.For more about Julia Turshen, head here.For more about Oxo, who helped make this episode possible, head here.
Kelly Fields is the force behind Willa Jean, a restaurant and bakery named after her grandmother, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Kelly started cooking and baking when she was young and studied under the legendary chef Susan Spicer. She worked at a number of prestigious restaurants and traveled extensively to work with lots of different chefs before she opened Willa Jean in 2015. Her hard work has been celebrated by pretty much every food media outlet there is and just a couple of weeks ago, Kelly took home a James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef. In this episode, she reflects with Julia about New Orleans, about Hurricane Katrina, about mentorship and leadership, about mental health and therapy and fishing, about identity and queerness, about her dog, chocolate chip cookies, and more. There are also answers to listeners' questions and a shoutout to SheChef, the organization started by Elle Simone Scott. Follow-up links: For more about Kelly, check out For more about Willa Jean, check out For more about SheChef, check out Here's the Oxo thermometer that Julia swears by, head here. The recipe for Julia's Brisket with Apricots & Prunes is here and the recipe for her Aunt Renee's Chicken Soup is here (both are originally from Small Victories, which is available for purchase here!) The recipe for Julia's Simplest Pulled Pork is here (it's from Now & Again, which is available for purchase here!)
Alison Roman is a cookbook author, columnist for The New York Times, and all around busy person. She and Julia sat down to talk about the work they do as cookbook authors and what some of their challenges are and also what motivates them. Follow-up links:For more about Alison Roman and her new book Nothing Fancy, head here.For more about Great Jones, head here.For more about Oko Farms, head here.For more about Julia Turshen, head here.
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