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Keto Living Podcast with Trina Krug

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Episode 50: Total Carbs or Net Carbs? My Flexible Approach to Carb Counting I bet you’ve wondered if you should be counting total carbs or net carbs at least once in your keto journey? Am I right? Let’s settle the debate once and for all!  We'l
Episode 49: Nutritional Ketosis Do ketosis and nutritional ketosis mean the same?  What is nutritional ketosis good for (hint: YOU).  Learn what nutritional ketosis is, how to get into it, how to stay in it and so much more! Free keto consultat
Episode 48: Keto and Insulin Resistance Today we dive deep into insulin resistance and its root in many chronic diseases and illnesses. We talk about the following: What is Insulin Resistance? Is High Blood Sugar Bad? Is High Insulin Bad? How D
Episode 47: Intuitive Keto Learn how to implement intuitive keto for long term health and success and be able to identify fad traits to stay away from. Benefits of Carb up Days: https://trinakrug.com/cyclical-keto-for-women/ Cyclical Keto for W
Episode 46: Escaping the Toxic Keto Diet Culture I'm not talking about escaping KETO, but rather escaping the toxic culture that currently surrounds the keto diet.   Let's talk about food shaming, "that's not keto" and all the things! Facebook
Episode 45: Cyclical Keto and Women Men and women are different.  No surprise there, right?  Let's talk about some ways keto affects women and men differently and how cyclical keto can help women on the keto diet! References from podcast AND he
Episode 44: Surviving The Keto Egg Fast You’ll all heard it.  The Keto Egg Fast.  Have you thought about it?  Wondered what it is and if it is for you?  This is the episode for you! My Egg Fast Meal Plan that I followed: https://trinakrug.com/k
Episode 43: Today we dive into the statement "That's not keto" and when it makes sense and when it doesn't.  HINT: it doesn't make sense with carrots (WHAT?) AND we also tackle the statement "I'm in ketosis but not losing weight". Find out how
Episode 42 – Top 7 Wrong Ways to do Keto Let's set the record straight and get back to keto for health!  There are 7 ways I see people doing keto wrong.  And yes, there IS a wrong way to do it! Sign up to get FREE keto recipes right in your inb
Episode 41: Strict Keto, Dirty Keto, Lazy Keto, Oh My! Learn about all the different categories of the keto diet and figure out which one makes the most sense for you! Private Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheHappyBodyProj
Episode 40: Keto and Weight Loss - What happens and why? Are you curious about how your body loses weight with keto?  Why are you aren't losing weight?  The different stages of weight loss?  Stalls?  Plateaus?  Solutions? Perfect!  This is for
Episode 39: Keto Diet, Insulin & Diabetes A deep dive into the keto diet with respect to insulin, insulin resistance, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes.   You don't want to miss this one! Private FB Community: https://www.faceboo
Episode 38: What Keto IS and what keto ISN'T Let's dive deep into the keto diet, what it is and what it isn't. My Favorite macros calculator: http://bit.ly/2S3pGyP FB Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheHappyBodyProjectMovement/ FREE
Episode 37: Top 10 Keto Diet Tips When You Have a Non Keto Family Find out the best ways to succeed with Keto when you have a non-keto family.   Keto Guide To Wine: https://trinakrug.com/keto-wine-guide Private FB Community: https://www.faceboo
Episode 36: Ketosis does not mean weight loss That's right!  Listen to this episode to find out WHY ketosis does not mean weight loss and what might be disrupting it.   Before 2/15/19 - Click http://bit.ly/2JGcEAD to get up to 40% off any of th
Episode 35: The keto guide to wine Let's get down to the nitty-gritty details about keto and wine!  Can you drink wine?  Why or why not?  Considerations? How much?  What kind?   We talk about it all! Join the private Facebook community here: ht
Episode 34: The down and dirty on keto fat bombs Fat bombs, fat bombs, fat bombs!  All you can eat, right?  WRONG!  Right from the start?  NO!  Why?  Let's dive in and find out! Private Keto Diet Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/
Episode 33: Keto goes beyond just macros Today we dive into why keto is more than a set of numbers, what your macros percentages really mean, how not all macros are created equal, and lots more!   Join the private FB community: https://www.face
Episode 32: The Case Against Keto We've all had people come up and give us their unsolicited advice about keto is bad.  Let's talk about "The Case Against Keto" and combat all the "negatives" with the right information!   All resources and vide
Episode 31: The top 6 Keto Myths Let's discuss the top keto myths that plague the keto community!  You might even have fallen prey to some of them if you are just learning the keto diet (or even a seasoned pro)! Access to PRE-RELEASED "The Keto
Episode 30: How to start the keto diet (AGAIN) If you are starting again, then that means you stopped.  In this episode, we dive into all the reasons you probably stopped and how to transition back into keto again and be successful this time! 
Episode 29: Ketones and Blood Sugar - What you need to know! There is an intricate relationship between blood sugars, insulin, ketones, your health! Knowledge is power and knowing your body and how these all relate is critical! Request to join
Episode 29: Ketones and Blood Sugar - What you need to know! There is an intricate relationship between blood sugars, insulin, ketones, your health! Knowledge is power and knowing your body and how these all relate is critical! Request to join
Episode 28: Are Veggies Optional? I this episode, we dive into VEGGIES and whether or not you need them on keto!  We even touch on carnivore keto and sustainability. Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheHappyBodyProjectMovement/ B
Episode 27: My immune boosting concoction that I add to my keto smoothie In this episode we will talk about the 4 spices that I add to my keto smoothie and WHY I do it each day! Join my private FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/The
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