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Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -Spotify Employees are threatening to quit if Joe Rogan isn't censored. Is it a hoax marketing scheme? -Spider won a free 10k bet -A man was refused a kindergarten teaching job because of his tattoos -A woman is having trouble finding work as a doctor because she won the Ms Bum Bum contest -MGK's new album/Megan Fox -Top 5 Celebrity Mugshots -Voicemails include childhood trauma, too into porn, and positive social media -(01:35:00) Taylor Schilling returns to the show! We discuss her new anthology show Monsterland and what the scariest type of horror is. We also talk what Taylor wanted to be growing up, her strangest jobs as an actor, play Answer the Internet, and much more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @FeitsBarstool @TaySchilling Subscribe to us on youtube for daily videos: youtube.com/c/kfcradio
Kelly Keegs stops by to discuss hating on the Emmys, The Bachelorette, and how to be a trophy wife. Jared has an issue with his new neighbor, and how to fix weddings.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! - Feits has an issue with OnlyFans - Bill Belichick rocked a tattered hoodie at a press conference and the guys are here for it - AITA Thursday returns with a guy who left his girlfriend on a mountain and another guy who blames his wife for them being homeless - Voicemails include Top 5 Scorsese movies and getting a bj through a condom -Kevin Ryan & H. Foley of the Are You Garbage Podcast join the show! We discuss how they met, came up with the concept for the show, and how they'll adapt it in the future. We also talk about the stuff that makes us garbage and it's "surprisingly" a lot. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @FeitsBarstool @HFoleyOnIce @KevinRyanComedy Subscribe to our youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/kfcradio
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -This weekend we saw some of the worst tweets of all time -New York City is declared an "Anarchist Jurisdiction" -Reconfirmed: Men Are Trash -Could you date a murderer (if it was justified)? -Top 5 Saddest Songs of All Time -Voicemails include: -Did your parents/friends parents have weird house rules growing up? -What's on your sex bucket list? -Is it possible to hide his virginity from the girl he's sexting? (01:22:00) Colin Quinn joins the show! We discuss his reputation as a comedian's comedian and how he thinks he got that reputation. He tells us a story about his audition for Cocktail (the Tom Cruise movie). We discuss the difference between the LA and New York lifestyle and being drawn back to New York. We ask him his thoughts on the people saying NYC is dead and much more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @iamcolinquinn Follow us for daily videos on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFCradio Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kfcradio/
Unnecessary Roughness drama summary: Unnecessary Roughness gets a new intern Katie, she is really good so Dave & Dan take notice and want her on College Football Show, Brandon Walker wants to keep her for himself, Dave says that BW already has JackMac, BW says all JackMac does is press record, JackMac says that he'll leave the show then, BW says he'll join the Proud Boys, Kayce still wants JackMac on the show, BW says he's just joking but tries to ge tother procuers to work on the show, all the producers say know and that JackMac is their hero, go listen to Unnecessary Roughness to see how the rest of the drama unfolds
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review -The first crisp weather of Sad Boy Season hit this week -Marty Mush got forced to get a haircut because of a bet -KFC made peace with his parking wars neighbor -Kanye West tweeted his full music label contract and a video of himself peeing on his grammy -Viral TikTok of a guy telling his girlfriend he's taking her out for the day -AITA Thursday with pandemic strip club, panty trickery, and more -(01:40:00) CALLBACKS RETURN: We call back the voicemail from Tuesday about the gay man who married his straight wife and had a kid together and redefined marriage goals for all of us. If you haven't listened to Tuesday's voicemail check out the clip here: https://youtu.be/pMqmvz4fB7Q -Voicemail: What's the one knick knack you own that you'd be upset if you lost -(02:05:45) Kal Penn returns to the show! He explains to us why we need to vote, tells a story about a run in he had with Kathy Griffin, we get his opinion on whether or not Joe Rogan should moderate a Presidential Debate, we discuss the Social Dilemma Documentary, play Answer the Internet, and much more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @KalPenn
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -We recap the first weekend of NFL games. The Jets lose. The Patriots win. Sky's blue. -Chris Evans accidentally posted a d*ck pic online -The disturbing Netflix movie Cuties -Top 5 Gameshows -Voicemails include the perfect marriage and ransom amount (01:43:30) Dr Phil returns to the show! We ask him to weigh in on some of the most popular AITA's we've discussed on the show, his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Ellen, and much more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @DrPhil
Did Babe Ruth really hit more homeruns than all the other teams in one season? Did he actually call his shot? Did he hit a HR for a dying kid in a hospital? Unbiased nathinla baseball journalist and baseball historian reveals the truth. Also what is the worst thing someone can call your dick.
Subscribe, Rate, and leave a review! -Dr Dre's divorce and Nicole Young's ridiculous alimony -Feits tells a story about a friend who was fired by his accountant -Keeping Up with the Kardashians is over after 20 seasons -Feits reveals he has hips that "roll like Poseidon" -Should Gender Reveals be banned or...... -AITA Thursday returns with a bunch of people getting catfished -Voicemails include having a sexy mix and using the dishwasher (02:04:00) Glenn Howerton returns to the show! He tells us the ins and outs of getting AP Bio moved to the Peacock streaming platform. We go in depth about the years he planned on leaving It's Always Sunny for good and why he decided to stick around. We talk about worst school experiences, drinking in quarantine, and much more. Let us know what you think on Twitter: @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @glennhowerton Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for Daily Clips: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFCradio Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/kfcradio Follow us on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kfcradio Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kfcradio
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! Download the ATI App today: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/answer-the-internet/id1514656026 -KFC returns from his first vacation in 6 years and is warmly welcomed by the internet -Did we miss our chance to move to the Bahamas? -Bill Belichick and Cam Newton love each other -What job never gets old? -Top 5 Things about Fall (aka Sad Boy Season) -Voicemails include porn addiction:is it real, killer haircut, and date prep (01:26:30) Blake Anderson returns to the show! We discuss the new show he's on Woke, the hilarious people involved, the on set chemistry, and it's cultural relevance. We also discuss Disney Gangs, favorite alcohol, starting a podcast with the Workaholics crew, and much more. (2:00:00) Jay Pharoah joins the show! We discuss slidin into the dm's of childhood celebrity crushes, developing the talent to do impressions, his favorite impressions he has, Jay's real name(which might shock you), and talking to himself in character. Jay also tells us about the scary experience of being unjustly held at gunpoint and put under arrest by the police while he was out for a jog. Let us know what you think on Twitter: @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @UncleBlazer @JayPharoah Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for Daily Clips: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFCradio Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/kfcradio Follow us on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kfcradio Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kfcradio
Are feet gross? Do you take your shoes off iniside? Jared's mom cleans his apartment every week. Huge pubes in the urinal at Barstool HQ. Sharing a toothbrush. Sharing FLOSS. Sex with your socks on.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -We compare the podcast to the year 2020 -AITA Thursday -Voicemails (01:14:00) Violet Benson returns to the show! We talk dating, therapy, tropes and stigmas surrounding sex, and much more.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -Bella Thorne has disrupted the OnlyFans industry -Top 5 Vacations -Voicemails include turning over after sex, virgin at 26, and were you ever the first? (01:10:00) Doug Ellin & Kevin Dillon join the show to promote Victory The Podcast, where they break down Entourage episode by episode. We talk about Adventure Park, the success and nostalgia of Entourage, and the dark ending the show almost had before Mark Wahlberg shot that idea down. Let us know what you think on twitter @Kfcradio @KFCBarstool @FeitsBarstool
It's Barstool's 17th anniversary! Trent has THOUSANDS of people muted on Twitter. Francis calls in to discuss Megan Thee Stallion getting shot. How early can you remember? Brad Pitt's New gf and the NBA boycott.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -The NBA Postpones Playoff Games in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake by law enforcement -We were right about the only fans revolution. Should be create one? -Almost every gambler we work with is a giant crybaby so now we have to start gambling so our reputation isn't ruined. -Feits said "Love you" to who?! -AITA Thursday with Stripper Apartment & Sentimental hole in the wall -Voicemails include girlfriend doesn't let him curse, your ex's netflix, and when to speak up (01:09:00)Tom Segura returns to the show. We talk about his NSFW live stream being pulled off it's hosting site, Bert Kreischer wanting to wrestle Warren Sapp, doing stand up shows in spanish, and much more. (01:33:00) Joe Manganiello returns to the show. We discuss he legendary celebrity filled Dungeons and Dragons games, the life changing moment that made him want to get in shape, Kowloon, and much more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @TomSegura @JoeManganiello
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -We kick off with an apology for last episode and then immediately say way worse things -Feits has a new business idea for you -What are the most clever ways you cheated on tests? -Feits shares a story about getting beat up abroad -People are mad at KFC for his knowledge on the Irish Potato Famine -KFC admits he would eat human meat -KFC and Feits ruined people's days with the Deep Fake Wap Video -Top 5 Sports Series -Voicemails include movie quote pickup lines, puking on it, and husband watching porn in quarantine. (01:36:30) Jake Johnson joins the show to discuss his new show Hoops on Netflix. We talk about how he built a shed in quarantine, assembling the cast of New Girl, wanting to learn from Rob McElhenney, Ben Schwartz in getting New Girl greenlit, and much more. (02:12:00) Ben Schwartz returns to the show to wish Feits a Happy Birthday (#HappyBirthdayJohnnyBoy). We talk about what he's been up to in quarantine, the sequel to Sonic, we play everyone's favorite game, "Guess that Ball", and much more. Once again, go stream Middleditch & Schwartz right now.
Bella Thorn joined OnlyFans and is expected to make $1 million per MONTH. Jared and KFC plot to start an OnlyFans referall service. The Rocket vs Padres fans. Jay-Z vs Nas. The Knicks still stink.
Subscribe, Rate, Leave a Review, Share Your OnlyFans -Would you be number 8 after the 7 Suns? -We make a plan to start an OnlyFans account -AITA Thursday includes Getting an Erection from your sister and leaving your baby in a car to get snacks at the gas station -Voicemails include the universe, car dick size, and sleepin without a fan (01:04:00) Adam22 of the No Jumper podcast joins the show to talk about going incredibly viral this week. If you missed it, he had Celina Powell on and her friend Aliza on the show and Aliza told a story about how she blew seven players on the Phoenix Suns in a row. We also talk about his porn game, wild podcast moments, and much more. (01:23:50) Natasha Leggero joins the show. We discuss the new Netflix cartoon she's in with Jake Johnson called "Hoops", the things about your significant other you notice because of quarantine, how she's been inspired by the younger generation protesting for what they believe in, and much more. Let us know what you think on Twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @FeitsBarstool @Adam22 @NatashaLeggero Follow us on youtube for daily clips and full episodes: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFCradio Download Answer the Internet The App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/answer-the-internet/id1514656026
The Fable of the 7 Suns and the King that will emerge and lead them to the promised land. Adjacent University will fix college. The Answer The Internet app should be a dating app. King's Quest is the next Game of Thrones. Nerd channel on Twitch.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a review! -KFC and Feits struggle immediately following eating a spicy gummy bear on Lowering the Bar with Vibbs -KFC finally got to meet Polly -Top 5 Apps -Voicemails include Jack*ss stunts, GF doesn't have an a**hole, always spicy or always hungry, and getting someone's attention. (01:50:10) Akon joins the show. We discuss his philanthropy, Akon City, Akoin, how he would do in Verzuz, running for president, and much more. (02:21:30) Andy Haynes joins the show. We discuss his relationship with his fiancee Rosebud Baker, the stoop kids who have taken over their home, addiction and sobriety, adapting stand up comedy through the pandemic, and much more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @ImAndyHaynes Subscribe to us on youtube for daily video content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS7DF7CP_bOyZ2T1c1Uoz9g Download the Answer the Internet App here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/answer-the-internet/id1514656026
Kayce and Joey desperately try to save college football. Can the SEC absorb the teams that want to play from other conferences? Should they play in the spring? Can we bubble the teams and build a megaconference? Can Fanville be an actual thing? The Rocket calls in to kick Kayce while she's down.
Download Answer the Internet the App Now: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/answer-the-internet/id1514656026 -Answer the Internet the App is here! Download it now and use the hashtag #HappyBirthdayJohnnyBoy -AITA Thursday Returns with the punisher clown and catching feelings catfishing -Voicemails include drinking beer at noon, bad food does some good, and incepting the algorithm (01:48:30) Rob Schneider joins the show! He tells us stories about his years in comedy that include Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and much more. (02:20:00) Ravi Patel joins the show! We talk about how quarantine has reverted our age, having an addiction to working, his new show Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness where he travels around the world diving into different aspect of life. That premieres August 27th on HBO Max make sure to check it out. #HappyBirthdayJohnnyBoy Let us know what you think on twitter: @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @RobSchneider @ShowMeTheRavi
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -Top 5 TV Shows that were cancelled too soon -Voicemails include girls with accents, snakebites, and too excited for a massage (01:16:17) Steve-O hangs out for over an hour. We discuss his latest comedy special Gnarly (on SteveO.com) where he blends stand up comedy with stunts, pranks, and footage from his life. It's truly a one of a kind stand up special. We discuss how the Jackass crew came together, what he has planned next, and much more. (02:28:30) Tank Sinatra stops by the show to discuss how he became a memelord, being John Krasinski's inspiration for Some Good News, and much more.
KFC & Kayce debate the top 5 greatest inventions of all time. Air conditioning, the remote control and the vibrator are all contenders. Zah once didn't shower for 2 weeks. If there were no elevators, everyone would have a great ass.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -Emergency recording at 10:30PM as High Fidelity was cancelled #SaveHighFidelity -Brian Austin Green throws some shade at Megan Fox (17:13) -Jake Paul's house was raided by the FBI -Mike Tyson returning to fight -AITA Thursday -She threw away his toys -She kicked her boyfriend out -Voicemails -Sending ex an automated STD message -Sister in Law has 19 cats -A** eating reciprocity (01:48:22) Sasha Grey joins the show. We discuss how she's always been outspoken about empowerment, what factors elevated her to the top of the porn industry, being recognized from entourage, only-fans, and much more. Check out her new show Grey Area on the Venn Network (https://www.venn.tv/greyarea/)
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