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Ellievision, The Barstool Upfronts, Matt Barnes, and Rude Jude
The Ellie/Yankees live stream was some of the best content Barstool ever put out. Inside the Barstool Upfronts. Should construction have to start after Feitelberg wakes up? No. Should people feel bad for White Sox Dave? Also no. Voicemails: Buying nudes, Athlete sperm, what would you do if you had the remote from the Adam Sandler movie Click?Matt Barnes returns to talk to us about his new podcast with Stephen Jackson, how the NBA is handling the China situation and whether Lebron smokes weed and just doesn't tell anybody.Rude Jude is also back and also discusses drugs. The time he brought a toddler to The Shelter from 8 Mile in Detriot to see Kelis. His new wine offering. And how the term "Say Less" almost got him in a feud with a rapper.
Oktoberfest Mega Thread, SlobGate, Jo Koy, and Jessa Rhodes
John may have witnessed a cover-up at the bar. Oktoberfest seems like a good time. SlobGate was bad but the aftermath keeps claiming victims. Jo Koy broke his teeth, sold out another couple arenas, promises to give KFC $50,000 and doesn't want you to follow your dreams. Jessa Rhodes tells us about making $10K in a single night, why she slapped a 21-year old at a strip club, her Australian accent and her weird choice of pets.VOICEMAILS: soft dicks, bad Uber drivers, skipping episodes, KFC sex dream
CCK Podcast: The Rat Situation, the Pepsi Vine, and Breaking Bad
Marty Mush gives and update on the rat situation. The Rocket is for the people. KBnoswag explains the Pepsi vine. The CCK crew watched El Camino at 3am (no spoilers). Justin Bieber is a bad rapper. How to get a hickey. 
Bill Burr, Kirk Minihane, Paint & Sip, and Uncle Chaps
Bill Burr drops in to discuss his new special, Paper Tiger, his role in Star Wars, F is For Family, why he doesn't hate the Yankees, immediately regretting things, how stupid cancel culture is, and scaring pussy away.Uncle Chaps comes by to answer some voicemails including: paint and sip, sleeping in the closet, don't want to see his dick, and can girls smell each other?Kirk Minihane visits Barstool HQ and chats about the Minifans vs the Mincells, ASMR, his psychiatrist, Feitelberg's secret child, Ellen, George W Bush vs Trump, Gerry Callahan, Sirius vs podcasts, and his thoughts on Making A Gambler.
People Are Ugly, The Full Blown Truth, and Nikki Glaser
The people at Giants games are not great looking. Highlights are too long. John experiments with telling the truth. No one is good at human interaction. ESPN overpays people. Stephen A is inspiring the youth. Magicians, hypnotists, and mentalists. Voicemails include: Dating During the Playoffs, get out of jail free card, music before or after you were born.Nikki Glaser stops by to chat about her new special "Bangin" and the roast scene. Why she isn't into orgasms anymore, how guys should eat more pussy, the dating app Raya, and roasting Caitlin Jenner.
CCK Podcast: Bye Bye Mickey, Johnny Carrabis, and the Worst of Instagram
Best of CCK on Barstool radio. Would Jared's twin be hotter than him. Should we get paid everyday? Let's add a 13th month to the calendar. The Riggs/Ryan Whitney situation is discussed thoroughly. Mickey Callaway gets fired. What are the worst instagram posts of all time?
Shifting the Seasons, Crime College, Joker, and Kal Penn
It's 90 million degrees in October so we are just gonna shift the seasons. Maybe add a new month. Someone has got to fix this and Greta Thunberg isn't getting the job done. Why are motorcycles so loud? Joker preview. Am I the Asshole. Voicemails: Complicated or Complex, Crime College, Nut Surgery, Chernobyl Tours Kal Penn joins the program to talk about his real name, why his wikipedia is mostly fake, getting lit on fire, his butt double, his time working with Obama and his new show Sunnyside.
Awkward-Off, She's Tight, and French Montana
The Awkward-Off of embarrassing weekend moments. From bizarre Bills Mafia interactions, to drunken screaming to overflowing toilet bowls. Also John's review of "Dear Evan Hanson" Voicemails include: Referring to your vagina in the 3rd person, Slump Buster, Fiance copies me, and Alien Trump.French Montana drops by to talk about gladiator school, the curriculum he wants talk in school, his take on 6ix9ine and snitching, when Terrell Owens asked him to take a dive in a bowling match, P. Diddy, and his new record with Post Malone and Cardi B.
The Rocket's Mental Breakdown, Crying In Baseball, The King is Done
Jared has a mental breakdown, King Felix is done in Seattle and no one cares, should LilWayne retire? The porn gang gets together. What's it like being the ugly identical twin? Can you be a pro athelete and vegan?
Kink The Hose, Raw Steak, and Justin Hartley
John's thoughts of the day: should I help my girlfriend move? Should I do Sober October? Why don't boxer have a dick hole anymore?  KFC needs to make good on a promise from June.  The 6-12-18-24 challenge revisited.  Voicemails include: hot alien, dating a rival, send better nudes Justin Hartley stops by to talk about This Is Us.
 The Most Hyper Masculine Podcast Ever
John takes a nap at the office. NBC deeply offends the women of Barstool. The magician restaurant. KFC's day at the cemetery. Voicemails: keys, wallet phone, 100 year old birthday party, Canadian cities.
CCK Podcast: Aliens and Espresso
Zah's alien experience from 1994. KFC Radio Live Show recap. The Navy confirms UFOs are real. Area 51 Day. Feitelberg's overdose on espresso martinis. 
Aliens, Big Foot, and the Origins of Doggystyle
What would it be like to interview Big Foot? Why we should've all voted for Hillary (for the aliens).  Pornstar names. The dangers of hungover driving. The best HBO characters of all time. Voicemails: Girlfeind hobbies, A Girl Got Titties and Ass, Steak Sauce, and Wildly Unattractive
The PC Police, 10% Faster, and Gary Owen
Everyone in comedy wants to be anti-PC so now we are anti-anti-PC. The 10% faster hypothetical. Why did Joe Keery cut his hair? Voicemail: Acne or Mosquito bites, Pats vs the Pro Bowl, and Awake for 3 Days. Gary Owen stops by to talk about his relationship with Kevin Hart and declares comedy "Un-cancelable"
CCK Podcast: Gambling Ain't Easy
Feits and Mush talk about their new series, Making A Gambler. Jared cuncels the Red Sox after 6 minths, KFC cuncels the Jets after 1 week. Sam Darnold has mono. The Mets sweep the Diamondbacks whie CCK is on air. KFC relapses. Mush gives us a glimpse at what it's like to date him.
An Awkward Sleepover, King of The Fruits, and Jerry Springer
It must have been an odd night at the Brady residence in light of the Antonio Brown news. When are you too old to have a sleepover? Are you who you pretend to be on social media? Trolls, Doxxers and Shadowbans. Voicemails: King of the Fruits, is 3D porn cheating, Lifetime bank statement, best fake jobs. Jerry Springer joins the program to talk about Judge Jerry, how he got his start in showbiz and the time he fought a 6'5" neo nazi.
Meet Me In Miami, The State Fair, and Dean Norris
Something terrible happened in the parking lot of Target, the weak link in the Patriots offense, the Jets and Mets going where no team has gone before, the point of life, and when you should run red lights. Voicemails: The State Fair, How Do You Want To Die, How Old Is Too Old. Dean Norris brings by some Schraderbrau to talk Breaking Bad, El Camino and Under The Dome.
CCK Podcast: KFC Solo Show & The Ronkonkarat
KFC hosts the Friday show solo with a lot of pre-Patriots Antonio Brown news, Post Malone's new album, Mike Tirico is a white Italian from Queens, the Mike & The Mad Dog anniversary, a Wally Backman rant and another Mets rant in general. Mush recaps his weekend with Zah, Jared vs Kayce on scheduled tweets, the Rocket is friends with his ex, and how Marty Mush deals with women.
The Double Cuncel, To Shave or Not To Shave, and Jerry Ferrara
Mets fans hit rock bottom and KFC is their voice. The NHL is the absolute worst at marketing it's sport. When did we make women shave thier armpits? Flume eats ass just like everybody else. Jerry Ferrara talks about the 15th anniversary of Entourage, the final season of Power, and the limited edition Fukijamas he showed of on @KicksInTheOffice. Voicemails include: Sign Language, Steal Something from One Night Stand, and Call Yourself An Uber
Homeless Chic, End Summer Forever, and Yannis Pappas
The summer is over and nobody is sad to see it go. Binge watching Breaking Bad to prep for the new movie. Getting Pre-Sick. John's walk to work and the surprise fashion statement. The hot delivery guy. Willie Colon's gender reveal. Mindhunter season 2 review. Voicemails include: fly or invisible, sleep in blood, gametime outfits, and baby talk. Yannis Pappas latest special produced by Andrew Schulz, passing out on stage, snoring, and getting dumped by girls from Girl Code 
The Worst Identity, Sticks & Stones, and The Crowd Work Special (with Andrew Schulz)
John might have got a guy deported. Is KFC's identity worth stealing? The latest Chapelle Special "Sticks & Stones" How to stay calm during the zombie apocalypse, how much sex should I have in my 20s, sex or a relationship with dream girl. Andrew Schulz stops by to discuss his latest special The Crowd Work Special, how to stop a hurricane, the Amazon fire, and how to get a shadow ban lifted
Life As A Caveman, Bomb The Hurricane, and Dome The Forest
KFC and Feits solve the hurricanes and forest fires and rant about Florida. Do you realize how much money people donated to the Church after the Notre Dame fire? How do birds have sex? Disney+ is bringing back weekly episodes. Patriot porn (not the football team). Schools should be BYOS. Where are gorilla dicks? Interstellar, Reign of Fire, and Angel Has Fallen. Voicemails include: Life As A Caveman, Train Your Dog, Retweet Nudes
CCK Podcast: Who Do You Hate
KFC goes solo, Kirk Minihane and Chaps call in to discuss Kirk's investigation, callers express their irrational hate, new Taylor Swift drops, Kayce's worst first date, what happens when you die, Bachelor parties, is JJ Watt corny or nice, Week Zero, and the return of college football
Spiderman's Dead, Lost Kings, and Feits Vs Tyson
Robbie Fox joins to explain Spiderman being pulled from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, being denied from a bar even though he's 21, and the shows he's been watching. Later, we're joined again by Lost Kings to discuss their come up, new music, and sneakers. We also cover paternity tests, knowing when you'll die, and answer voicemails. Voicemails include: Any Job in the World, WYR Paralyzed, You Vs A Million Ants, and Clones Vs Mike Tyson.
Rich Franklin, 10 Years at Barstool, and One Fetish too Far
KFC recaps his first ten years at Barstool Sports, the Battle of the Blindos, the Tiko Texas Rap Battle, life before and after the first Barstool Combine, the launch of KFC Radio, and much more. Rich Franklin joins to discuss designing the Viva line and the process that goes into it. Voicemails: Wedding invites, One Fetish Too Far, Porn Shut down, and A Girlfriend's Secret.
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