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Comedian Andrew Heaton joins Matt Kibbe to discuss safe spaces, two-party tribalism, and whether comedy might actually save the world from the enemies of free expression. Over a glass of whiskey and an outrageously loud tie, Heaton ponders whether there’s an audience for thoughtful conversation on the internet and why we can’t all just get along.
Comedian Lou Perez joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the need for humor in an increasingly humorless political environment, and why polar bears are evil monsters that must be stopped.
Robby Soave joins Matt Kibbe for a discussion on identity politics. Is the new radical Left’s trigger warning culture imploding? Plus the Jussie Smollett scandal, only on Kibbe on Liberty.
Comedian Andrew Heaton sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the perils of Scottish soil, science fiction, and the incipient dark-horse presidential campaign of Baby Yoda. It’s a whirlwind tour through all the hard-hitting issues, and it’s as weird as it sounds.
Matt Kibbe offers Glenn Beck a peek behind the libertarian curtain, where they discuss the War on Drugs, socialism, and why some libertarians keep driving potential allies away.
Matt Kibbe sits down with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) to discuss the upcoming series, “The Constitution: Line by Line.” Everywhere we look, we see government exceeding its authority, imposing harmful regulations, and delegating power to unfireable bureaucrats, or as the senator calls it, “emergency socialism.” As a scholar and student of the Constitution, Mike Lee is the perfect person to point out the importance of our nation’s founding document in defending liberty in 2020.
Hannah Cox, conservative commentator and writer, sits down with Matt Kibbe to talk about criminal justice reform, the 2020 presidential election, and the Black Lives Matter protests. Although everybody’s talking about fixing problems with police and the justice system in general, no one is actually doing it, with both parties fielding candidates apparently uninterested in creating real solutions.
Matt Kibbe sits down with Gary Collins, author of “The Simple Life,” to figure out why people are struggling to find happiness in 21st-century America. Since our immediate needs for food and shelter have been met, we must dig a little deeper to find our place in life. From his off-the-grid home, Collins argues that all you really need is to stay healthy, get out of debt, and find a purpose that gets you out of bed in the morning. He also shares Kibbe’s passion for the music of Rush and the inspirational lyrics of Neil Peart.
Dr. Ron Paul sits down with Matt Kibbe deep in the heart of Texas to discuss his intellectual influences and his political history. He talks about his education in Austrian economics, which explains why government intervention in the economy, particularly through the Federal Reserve, makes us all poorer and less free. He also turns his attention to current events, explaining why the U.S. can’t seem to get out of any wars and why the government’s coronavirus response has been worse than useless.
Matt Kibbe sits down with Patrick Mardini, founder of the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies, to talk about the recent explosion that rocked the port of Beirut, killing hundreds. It turns out that a big part of the problem was mismanagement by the Lebanese government, which at the same time has created a massive recession, incurred huge amounts of debt, and devalued the currency to the point where 80 percent of locals' savings have been wiped out. Mardini concludes with some free market reforms that could start to improve the country's long-term outlook.
Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss his book, “The Freedom Movement: Its Past, Present, and Future.” He argues that we need to take the ideas of socialism seriously and address them with the same passion against injustice that those on the Left do. This means talking about inequality of opportunity, systemic injustices, and the way authoritarianism abroad robs individuals not only of their freedoms, but of their lives and their dignity.
Matt Kibbe sits down with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to talk about trillion-dollar bailouts, the science of the coronavirus pandemic, violence in Portland, police reform, and a host of other issues. While many bemoan the lack of bipartisanship in Washington, Sen. Paul points out that every compromise between Republicans and Democrats ends up spending money we don’t have, putting our country further in debt, and creating inflation that hurts us all. The only time your wallet is safe, the senator argues, is when Congress is out of town.
Simon Lee, freedom protester fighting for Hong Kong’s independence, sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss China’s increasingly aggressive posture toward Hong Kong. While its status as an important trading port and a gateway to the rest of the world once made Hong Kong a beacon of economic freedom, perceived weakness in the West is now emboldening the Chinese Communist Party to ramp up censorship and oppression of the people in Hong Kong.
This week, Matt Kibbe is joined by Brad Polumbo, journalist fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education and writer at the Washington Examiner. They discuss America’s broken justice system, look at how political tribalism skews people’s views, and dive into the violent protests happening in Portland, Oregon.
Matt Kibbe catches up with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando. They talk about third parties, Black Lives Matter, police reform, and what to do with statues of problematic figures. Maj argues that much of the tribalism we now see comes from the government pretending to help us, while actually dividing us.
Matt Kibbe sits down with the Libertarian presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, to talk about the issues, the two-party duopoly, and how Libertarians hope to make inroads with voters. As a trained psychologist, Jorgensen emphasizes the importance of persuasion as a campaign tactic, arguing that you don't have to compromise on principle to get Americans to embrace a third option.
Matt Kibbe sits down with Clark Neily, vice president for criminal justice at the Cato Institute, to discuss a few of the many problems with America’s criminal justice system. Neily addresses overcriminalization, asset forfeiture, qualified immunity, and the disturbing fact that so many Americans are harassed, bullied, and coerced into giving up their constitutional right to a trial by jury.
Brewer, entrepreneur, and Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso sits down with Matt Kibbe at his brewery to talk about his passion for free speech and personal responsibility. Caruso points out that you can't separate your ethics from the way you run your business, and that's why he has fought so hard to protect the First Amendment and the right to express himself through the art of beer.
Matt Kibbe is joined by Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter, to talk about lockdowns, protests, riots, and police reform. Maj argues that tyranny is always justified “for your own good,” and the phenomenon of the coronavirus lockdowns comes from the same place as police brutality. It all stems from a policy of government paternalism.
Rapper and Blaze contributor Eric July joins Matt Kibbe to talk about the tragedy of George Floyd's death, the ensuing protests, and the need for police reform. July points out that tribal divides are holding us back from solving some of society's most urgent problems. Libertarians are in a unique position because they are not on the Left or the Right, but have a principled position about the abuse of power. This gives them an opportunity to lead the way on police reform.
Venture capitalist and Draper University founder Tim Draper joins Matt Kibbe to talk about lockdowns, free speech, regulation, and the proper role of government. Draper argues that when the government gets involved with telling people how to live, it creates more problems than it solves. Instead, the government should inform and educate citizens to make their own decisions.
Matt Kibbe sits down with Matt Ridley, author of “How Innovation Works,” to talk about the mysterious process of economic and technological progress. Ridley points out the futility of trying to engineer innovation from the top down, when we should instead focus on policies that get government out of the way and allow innovators to flourish.Buy How Innovation Works: And Why It Flourishes in Freedom:
While it’s important to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we can’t forget about the other health care issues people are dealing with. Pat Basu is a medical doctor and the CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, an organization dedicated to helping cancer patients for over 35 years. Together with Matt Kibbe, he talks about the dangers of delaying treatments for cancer patients, as some governors have ordered in states across the country.
Matt Kibbe sits down with self-described Lunatic Farmer Joel Salatin and Rep. Thomas Massie to talk about the food shortages Americans are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. The complex interactions that allow food to make it from farm to table have been disrupted by central planners who think they know better, with disastrous results. Rep. Massie has introduced legislation to help fix the problem, but as long as the lockdowns continue, the food supply will suffer.
Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report and author of “Don’t Burn This Book,” sits down with Matt Kibbe to discuss the political Left’s response to the coronavirus. Rubin points out that the lockdown has revealed a unification on the Right around states’ rights and individual freedom, but that the only thing leftists have in common is a race to demand ever more government and further concentration of political power.Buy Don't Burn This Book:
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