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Killed to Death

A weekly Comedy podcast featuring Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke
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Episodes of Killed to Death

Toronto City Councillor Shannon Shark (Rob Baker) finds a fellow councillor dead in the chamber. He talks about his Water Ward, his one-seater, and all the foods and disgusting acts that took place at a hazing. Brought to you By: The Sonar Netw
Construction worker / squash player Cavey Table (DJ Mausner) talks about his beautiful wife/dog Ann Donuts, the things he hasn’t seen, and the death of his friend during a squash game. Also present is a 4man, a beam guy, and president Joe Biden
The Mayor (Matt McCready), 2ft tall, has been Toronto’s mayor since escaping a cartoon 80 years ago and living off of cigarettes. He finds the deputy mayor dead. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
Gilbert Taylor (Paul Aihoshi), karaoke enthusiast, finds a body in a private karaoke room whilst searching for his favourite song. Along with karaoke magnate Levi Strauss, they try to find out what the song is called, where Gilbert’s socks went
Baker Virigina Smallsbin (Allana Reoch) started Smallsbinz to get away from her checkered past – but tragedy has followed, as Ted, her oven guy, is discovered dead. Along with one of the countless employees of the shop, they get to the bottom o
After the demolition of a spire, a body is uncovered from the rubble. Trickster and seasonal worker Arlo Amuse-Bouche (Chris Leveille) helps to piece together the events involving a lizard man, a potential superhero, and pub trivia. Brought to
Freelance lifeguard Dylan Basher (Antony Hall) finds a body on a waterslide. They discuss Dylan’s wrestling persona and skillset, and an aptly named alleyway at the waterpark. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
When a waiter is found dead at the Met Gala, the boys talk to celebrity Elizabethian Cowgirl (Spencer Litzinger), famous for having a good name before a particular photo removed her from the limelight. Then, the terrifying Tim Burton pitches so
Sheila Stallone (Alana Johnston), who does PR at a funeral home, has her work come home with her when a body is found in her treehouse. She also talks about her igloo / bomb storage main house, and a neighbour drops by to discuss her anonymous
While a foley artist by day, Cory Stanley (Brandon Hackett) ‘s true passion is bird watching. It was during a trip to the woods he discovered the murdered corpse of his childhood friend. They mainly talk about this; and also to a parrot. Brough
A surgeon (Hanif Jetha) returns to the operating table after halftime to find his patient dead during a routine small-big nose operation. He talks about how he’s actually able to make money, the stock market machine, and an enthusiastic student
Upon opening her storage locker, Sapphire Mandelbaum (Jan Caruana) encounters the body of the facilities’ manager. She talks about her small house, Easter, and a Storage Wars contestant talks about his trophies. Brought to you By: The Sonar Net
Albertan sommelier Soul (Sophie Buddle) has found a corpse in one of her barrels. Her, the guys, and the town’s married Mayor all talk about the many hats Soul wears at the vineyard, the iPad family fortune, what balances what foods, and funny
A condo security guard is found dead, by building resident Terrance Fitzwilly (Colin Mochrie). Building rules, use of the party room, and old Montreal Expos baseball players are examined. Plus, another resident comes with juicy gossip about who
A camper (Mark Little) finds his centenarian bunkmate Logan dead. They talk about the camp for all ages, what a funny guy Logan was, and the tragedy of Jason the killer. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
A judge is found dead during a small town Alaskan trial, and bailiff Clint Southwood (Tyra Banda) is on the run. They talk about the horrible prank played on the town, and if it’s prized dessert was involved in the crime. Brought to you By: The
As part of a first responder unit, bush plane pilot Dick Mingus (Paul Bates) has seen his share of emergencies. But none were as tragic as finding the entire staff of an airport – his team members – thrashed open at their base. Also, the anonym
During a large tornado at a local Toronto intersection, storm chaser Lucifer Williams (Meredith Mullen) falls into a storm cellar containing a recently deceased body. They discuss hot sauce, living in a van, and Pennywise the clown. Brought to
Road worker Thc Bucket (Tim Blair) comes across the body of Thc Bucket (no relation), a co-worker. He talks about his potential music career, the road laying process, and to a bear. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
Bell ringer Clearance Running (Ajahnis Charley) talks about the various belles, bimbos, and bumbos within the bell ringing community. The discovery of a comrade crushed by a bell has sent the scene into disarray, and along with the awful Isabel
Caricature artist Petely Toppins (Alastair Forbes) finds his model deceased during a summer fair. He examines the grilled picture from the day, his Australian-Irish-English heritage, and discusses exactly who would be the anchor chief on a boat
Sharon (Stacey McGunnigle) finds a body during a music festival at Wasaga Beach. It turns out to be more of a family gathering of a few suspicious members, one of whom drops by. Also investigated is Sharon’s pink eye. Brought to you By: The Son
Wrestler Rick Pickems, better known as The Vlogger (Gavin Pounds) comes across the body of an old wrestling referee. He breaks down his persona, as well of those of The Strangler, The Sniper, and Snake Guy among others, and just exactly what ki
Window washer Eunice (Emily Poulin) primarily works at the glass skyscraper Costco, and spots a body trapped in the elevator during a routine shift. Along with another Costco employee, they discuss the building’s layout, origin stories, hot dog
Frat house leader Brendan (Everardo Ramirez) finds the de-boned corpse of a fellow member. He talks about burning CD-Rs, giving cheques to the Dean, and most importantly, when recycling day is. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network
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