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KYD 035 - Snoopy, Come Home
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this week we have a very special guest on our show of shows...our very own fairy pod-father and the star of iTunes' LGBT Podcast Essential, Scream Queenz: Where Horror Gets Gay, Patrick Walsh!  We are watching Patrick's darling, the oddly dark and very psychedelic 70s cartoon movie Snoopy, Come Home.  Iconic Peanuts character, Snoopy, gets a letter from the little girl that owned him before Charlie Brown and he has to make the biggest decision of his whole puppy life!  This movie traumatized Chrysten, Patrick and a host of Patrick's fellow childhood contemporaries.  Dan, really keeping it on brand, has never seen it.  But will this dramatic installment of the Peanuts series have the same effect?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!  And while you're at it, hop on over to Scream Queenz and check it out!
KYD 042 - Mousehunt
This week, we answer Twitter fan, Cugino Bambino's request and watch a movie that we have successfully managed to avoid our entire lives...Mousehunt!  We know absolutely nothing about this late 90s Nathan Lane vehicle, other than Nathan Lane is in it and that he...hunts a mouse?  Also Lee Evans is there...and he...does stuff too?  Maybe also involving the mouse and hunting it?  We dunno, we didn't grow up with this one know how that tends to go on this show.  Or will it...?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!  
KYD 053 - A Rugrats Chanuka + A Charlie Brown Christmas
This year, our Holiday wish is to endeavor to be more inclusive! Since Dan is Jew-ish, he grew up celebrating both Christmas AND Chanukah.  So in the effort to focus on other holidays besides Christmas, we watched both A Rugrats Chanukah AND A Charlie Brown Christmas!  In A Rugrats Chanukah, our favorite gang of adventurous babies pay a visit to the local synagogue where Tommy Pickles' Grandpa Boris is set to star in the annual Chanukah play!  The gang learn a valuable lesson about friendship and tradition.  In A Charlie Brown Christmas the lovable Peanuts gang struggles to find the true meaning of Christmas by staging an annual Christmas play. The gang learn a valuable lesson about friendship and tradition.  Hmmm...perhaps our two holidays have more in common than we realize.  But will our two Holiday hosts get all they want this year from these two lovely specials?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE! 
KYD 067 - Bambi
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, your beloved hosts attempted to watch Bambi, Disney's classic animated tale of adorable animals and murder, with their adorable nephews.  However, the nephews were more interested in banging their plastic toys together and throwing s**t across the room, so the endeavor proved fruitless.  So Dan and Chrysten decided, "F**k it, we'll just watch it ourselves cuz we live for this s**t."  And here we are!   Bambi is the story of a newly born fawn named Bambi, a sweet if not somewhat clumsy lil' fella.  Alongside his woodland friends, Thumper the bunny and Flower the skunk, Bambi and his buddies learn a lot about life, love and friendship in the forest.  This is a film that traumatized many children of the 80s and nearly bankrupted the Disney animation studio of the 40s.  Both of our hosts loved this as kids, but will it cause the emotional scars in them as adults as it did when they were clumsy little fawns themselves?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!
KYD 049 - Encino Man
We took to the streets again this week, and by "the streets" I mean Twitter, to ask the people which Brendan Fraser movie they wanted us to discuss next.  The people have spoken...and the people want Encino Man!  Sean Astin plays Dave, a typical 90s high school loser who just wants the girl he likes to notice him.  When he and his hippie buddy, Stoney (Pauly Shore) accidentally dig up a frozen caveman in Dave's backyard, Dave thinks they are one defrosting away from high school fame.  They pass the caveman (Brendan Fraser) off as an exchange student and this sexy missing link becomes the most popular dude in school overnight.  But when the object of Dave's affection decides she would rather go to the prom with the caveman than Dave, the whole plan starts to unravel!  Both Dan and Chrysten remember liking this as kids...but will Brendan Fraser's charm be lost on our hosts?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE! 
KYD 057 - What About Bob?
Last week, we took a request from you, our faithful listeners, and promptly ignored it.  Sorry 'bout it...we watched it this week instead.  Hope you're cool with that. What About Bob? is the story of successful psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) and what happens when his new patient, Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) a "multi-phobic personality characterized by acute separation anxiety and extreme need for family connections" decides to follow Dr. Marvin on his family vacation to Lake Winnipesaukee against the wishes of Dr. Marvin.  At first, Dr. Marvin views Bob as an annoyance that is interfering with his downtime and his upcoming on-location interview for Good Morning America.  But as Bob continues to spend more time with Dr. Marvin's family despite Leo's protestations, the good doctor slowly starts to be the one more in need of therapy than Bob!  Featuring hilarious comic performances from Bill Murray (duh) and Richard Dreyfuss as the suffering straight man, this family friendly comedy was in constant rotation at the childhood homes of both of our hosts.  But will the magical Murray charm still hold up?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE! 
KYD 055 - Cool Runnings
Get on up!  It's Bobsled time!  That's right, darlings.  This week we took a poll to see which cold weather movie was your fave and by a landslide, you guys chose Disney's 1993 hit Cool Runnings!  Loosely (and we mean VERY loosely) based on the true story of the first Jamaican Olympic bobsled team!  Derice Bannock (played by the solo monikered Leon) dreams of competing for Olympic gold on the Jamaican track team, just like his father.  But when he is accidentally tripped by a fellow runner during the qualifying race, his dreams seem to be dashed forever.  Until he realizes that he can still compete in the winter Olympics...if he assembles the first ever Jamaican bobsled team!  Aided by his pushcart derby champ friend, Sanka Coffie (played by Doug E. Doug, remember him?), they recruit former bobsledding gold medalist, Irving Blitzer (played by John Candy) as their coach.  They add the runner that tripped Derice to the team as well as the OTHER runner that that dude also tripped (man, that was one serious fall) and they are off to the races, so to speak.  Now, our hosts have watched this movie in the past few years, so SPOILER ALERT, they already know how great it is.  But do YOU?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!
KYD 001 - The Land Before Time
Join husband and wife team, Dan and Chrysten (Chrysten & Dan!) as they head off on a journey to the Great Valley...a land of green leaves, adorable dinosaurs and beloved childhood memories.  Will those memories stay beloved?  Or will they be ripped apart like Sharp Tooth on Littlefoot's mom?  Join us on our first episode, as we re-watch and then discuss...THE LAND BEFORE TIME!
KYD 016 - 101 Dalmatians
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!  This week our hosts, Dan & Chrysten, watch and discuss the animated movie that saved the Disney animation studio from ruin: 101 Dalmatians!  Featuring one of the most terrifying screen villains of all time, the fabulously attired potential puppy killer, Cruella De Vil!  Ranked #39 on AFI's 100 Greatest Villains, join us as we revisit this cartoon classic and see if Cruella still scares the ever-lovin' bejeezus out of us the way that she used to.  And do those adorable spotted puppies still melt our cold adult hearts?  Only one way to find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!       
KYD 014 - Superman
It's a bird!  It's a plane!  No, it's...the new KYD Cast with your hosts Dan & Chrysten!  Oh, and Superman.  Superman's there too.  This week our heroes watch and review one of DC's earlier properties, the 1978 Richard Donner helmed SUPERMAN starring our #foreversuperman Christopher Reeve.  Join us as we "marvel" (see what I did there?) at the incredible handsomeness and charm of Christopher Reeve's amazing performance as Superman!  Join us as we shake our heads at how completely terrible some of the special effects are!  Plus...Marlon Brando shakes down the greatest superhero property in the world to become the highest paid actor of his time!  Throw on your capes and your knee high red boots and don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!     
KYD 031 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This week our good friend and Sixth Borough Brewery brewmaster, Dan Rogers, joins us for a viewing of the most successful independent film of all time (no, that's not a joke) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  Set in New York City (and by New York City we mean on a sound stage in North Carolina) a mysterious underground crime ring, known as the Foot Clan, has been robbing NY of its precious TVs and car stereos.  None of the Foot Clan have been seen...until our four green heroes catch them robbing cracker jack reporter, April O'Neil!  A rivalry is sparked between the Turtles and the Foot and lots of sweet, ninja fighting action (and hilarity!) ensues!  Starring Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Corey Feldman's voice, and lots of pizza, this 1990 classic kicks the shell out of those Michael Bay imitators!  But does this small, indie flick withstand the nostalgia test?  Join three drunk idiots fueled by Sixth Borough Brewery beer and find out!      
KYD 032 - Batman: The Animated Series
This week we're going a liiiiittle off format and revisiting a childhood favorite of kids everywhere that needed a distraction while they were doing their homework: Batman: The Animated Series!  We selected four of our favorite episodes (2 each, we like to keep things democratic here at KYD) and discussed in detail what made this series so awesome when we were kids.  We are introduced to one miss Harley Quinn, experience traumatic heartbreak with Mr. Freeze, and realize that Mark Hamill was entirely miscast as a hero...this dude was born to play a villain!  Plus...the amount of famous voice actors that were on this show is almost as insane as the Joker himself.  But is this show as awesome as our middle school addled brains thought it was?  Join us and find out!  Same bat time, same bat channel, darlings!   
KYD 024 - SUPER SPECIAL EDITION: Interview with The Childlike Empress
Boy, oh boy, darlings, have we got a treat for you!  This week we forgo our normal show format and sit down for an interview with the delightful Tami Stronach, oh, you know, just...THE CHILDLIKE EMPRESS from The NeverEnding Story!  We discuss the film with Tami, what she remembers most from her time on set, and her brushes with stardom.  We also talk to her about what she has been working on in the years since the film's release and what her life is like now!  Just like her character in the movie, Tami is an utter delight and an inspiration to keep on believing in the power of your imagination!  Join us, darlings!      
KYD 023 - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
That's an awfully long title for an hour and a half long movie about a cat and some dogs.  I the colon really necessary?  Only one way to find out, darlings!  Join your hosts this week as they revisit this live action Disney remake of a live action Disney property!  (That's right...there was an original in the 60s.  Disney sure know how to maximize their dollar, eh?) Homeward Bound features the voice talents of Don Ameche, Sally Field and America's Sweetheart himself, Michael J. Fox!  Join Dan and Chrysten as they discuss their deep love of Michael J. as well as whether this childhood darling of Dan's gets to live or die.  And never forget...Cats rule and dogs drool!
KYD 009 - *batteries not included
This week's darling is a bit more of "Ratatouille" creator Brad Bird's earlier endeavors, *batteries not included is a heartwarming tale of corporate development, the strained relationship between parent and child, and helpful robot aliens...I know, I know, but trust me, there IS a heartwarming story in there.  But does it warm the hearts of our hosts? 
KYD 027 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
OK, so no joke...when people ask me who my favorite Disney princess is I always say Jessica Rabbit.  And anyone who has seen this movie I'm sure would agree!  This week, I introduce Dan to one of my childhood favorites, the live action/animation masterpiece Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Starring the late great character actor, Bob Hoskins, as the whiskey-soaked former gumshoe to the animated stars of old Hollywood, this movie has everything: a lovable cartoon rabbit, Christopher Lloyd at his most insane, and of course, everyone's favorite cartoon femme fatale.  You can probably tell from the blurb that I still love this movie so hard...but will Dan love it as much as I do?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to rate, review and subscribe! 
KYD 025 - Singin' in the Rain
What a glorious feeling!  We welcome back (by popular demand!) Dan's sister, Ellie, and watch another of her childhood favorites, the movie musical classic Singin' in the Rain!  We discuss the most traumatic parts of the movie as well as the things we love the most (a.k.a. Donald O'Connor) as well as the genius of Gene Kelly and how this show is the greatest movie musical of all time and the worst stage musical ever! there anyone that isn't completely confused by the "Broadway Rhythm" dance sequence?  Regardless, this movie is amazing and we can't help but live in awe of it.  Chills!  Thrills!  Romance!  And above all...dignity.  Always, dignity.  Join us for the timeless darling, Singin' in the Rain!  
KYD 034 - Mary Poppins
We're back on that audience request tip, with Lindsay G (@poormanstinafey)'s darling and Disney live action/animated classic Mary Poppins!  Neither Dan nor Chrysten grew up with this movie and neither has seen it as an adult, so...this is gonna be awkward.  Starring legendary clarion soprano, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke at his most bang-able, and two extremely wooden kid actors (one of whom looks like a tiny Toby Jones) this movie has a host of fun and whimsical musical numbers, animated fantasy sequences and a whole lotta un-necessary musical numbers as well.  Like, seriously, can I get the first thirty minutes I spent watching this movie back, please?  But will our two cynical hosts love this movie as much as Lindsay da original G does?  Tune in and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!!!
KYD 054 - Home Alone
This is it!  The one we've all be waiting for!  Your hosts have been waiting two years to watch and discuss this one, so hold on to your hats, darlings, cuz it's gonna be a doozy! When  eight year old, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin, in the role that made him famous) and his large extended family plan a trip to Paris, his house in a Chicago suburb is a flurry of activity.  Kevin, being one of the youngest ones, always seems to be underfoot.  When he wishes that his family would disappear, his wish seems to be granted, as his family accidentally leaves for their Paris trip without him.  Typical kid behavior ensues, lots of jumping on the bed, eating junk food, watching movies he shouldn't know, exactly how the KYD team behaves all the time.  Little does Kevin know his house is being watched by two burglars (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern)!  After a few attempts to break in, Kevin must defend his family home against the burglars through a spectacular series of Rube Goldberg-esque traps the likes of which only a serial killer could imagine!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! But after the wait...will our hosts hate this movie as much as they have thought they would for the past two years?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!
KYD 058 - Groundhog Day
...Cuz we're back, baby!  After a few week hiatus, your hosts Dan & Chrysten are back with a brand new episode of KYD for your earholes!  This month, we decided to focus on a film that centers on the most famous holiday in the month of February...Groundhog Day!  That's right.  Valentine's Day is for suckers.   Bill Murray plays Pittsburgh weather man, Phil Connors, whose inflated ego causes him to treat everyone around him like a jerk, including his cameraman, Larry (Chris Elliott) & new producer, Rita (Andie MacDowell).  Every year, Phil and the crew from the TV station travel to Punxsutawney to film the eponymous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, seeing his shadow.  After the festivities, Phil & the crew try to make it back to Pittsburgh, but are stopped by a heavy snowstorm.  When Phil wakes up the next day in Punxsutawney, it's Groundhog Day all over again.  And Phil is forced to live the day over and over again until he basically stops being a s**thead.   This is one of those movies that was always on in both childhood households of our hosts, but neither of them have seen it all the way through in a long time.  Will the charms of Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell's terrible drink choices** hold up?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE! **We actually tried sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist last night.  It was delicious.      
KYD 056 - Planes, Trains & Automobiles
This week your hosts were absolutely freezing and thought it would be a good idea to watch a movie that takes place in summer to help get their minds off of how friggin' cold it is!  We put up a poll to get some suggestions from you, our faithful listeners, and you chose What About Bob!  But then Dan's sister and friend of the show, Ellie Cohen, ran into some serious travel woes and requested we do Planes, Trains & Automobiles and we agreed because, well, family first and all that.  We promise to return next week with our regularly scheduled audience requests!   Planes, Trains & Automobiles is the story of Neal Page (Steve Martin) an advertising executive on a business trip in New York who wants nothing more than to make it back home to his family in Chicago for Thanksgiving.  But when Neal's cab is accidentally stolen by curtain ring salesman, Del Griffith (John Candy) and his subsequent flight home is rerouted to St. Louis, his travel luck gets worse and worse.  Featuring stellar comic performances by Martin and Candy, this 80s classic is certainly not something our hosts watched as kids, but they were happy to watch in support of Dan's stranded sibling.  But what did they really think of this John Hughes exploration of the horrors of holiday travel?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE! 
KYD 070 - Stargate
Well, we got this one in just under the wire...Speaking of wires!  We had some minor sound issues with this episode, but it's still pretty funny, so hang in there, darlings! Dan has been pushing to watch this movie for after Chrysten made him sit through My So-Called Life, it only seemed fair to let him watch one of his favorite 90s properties...  Dr. Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is approached by a mysterious woman who asks him to assist her in translating ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  After he successfully translates the hieroglyphics (in what feels like a matter of minutes) he finds that he has uncovered the gateway to another dimension, also known as Stargate!  Accompanied by Colonel Jack O'Neill (does Kurt Russell ever NOT play a guy named Jack?) and several other military types, they travel through the gateway into space and discover a whole new world that closely resembles ancient Egypt, presided over by a fierce (and fabulous!) ruler named Ra (Jaye Davidson).  We could tell you more about the plot here, but it's really difficult to explain, so you're better off just listening to the episode!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!
KYD 046 - Hocus Pocus
This week we are taking a request from one of our biggest fans, Lindsay "The Original" G and watching her childhood Halloween favorite Hocus Pocus!  Starring the incomparable Bette Midler, underrated comedienne Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker looking the hottest she's ever looked in a movie as the Sanderson sisters!  The Sandersons are a trio of witches in Salem, MA in 1693 who suck out the lives of little children to restore their own youth and vitality.  When the Sandersons are hung as witches, the eldest sister Winifred has cast a spell that will bring them back to life if a virgin lights the Black Flame Candle in their house.  Fast forward to 1993, where insufferable teenager, Max, is being a real pissant about having to take his little sister, Dani, trick or treating.  To impress his school crush, Allison, Max lights the candle, brings the Sanderson sisters back to life and the trio must find a way to defeat them before they suck the lives out of every child in Salem!  This much maligned movie has grown to be a fan favorite during this time of year and Dan and Chrysten can't wait to suck the life out of it, I it in a concise and objective manner.  Join us and see how the Sanderson sisters fare against our big meanies!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!  
KYD 073 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Oh, hey jokes! We didn't see you there during Temple of Doom.  Glad to see you've finished your vacay and are back for the next film...Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! This month your hosts are joined by a very special guest...our good friend Kate Holland!  She's a big fan of this third Indy film and Dan & Chrysten were so happy to have her come and share her memories, opinions, a few laughs, and a few drinks, if we're being honest! In the third installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, our titular hero (again played by Harrison Ford) finds himself once again fighting Nazis (#punchanazi).  But this time it's to save his father, Henry Jones, Sr. (played by James Bond himself, Sean Connery) AND to find the cup of cups, the one and only Holy Grail!   This is the Indiana Jones film that Dan & Chrysten remember the most, and the one that Kate and her hubby quote back and forth to each other.  Will it break the curse of suckage imposed upon the good name of Indy by Temple of Doom?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!  
KYD 074 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Time to hang up that whip and fedora, kids...because we have FINALLY come to the end of our deep dive into the Indiana Jones quadrilogy!  That's right, darlings! After all the hype, your fearless hosts are finally watching the famous/infamous fourth Indiana Jones flick...Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Taking a jump several years into the future, this film is set in the 1950s and the Red Scare is ON!  Indy (now and forever played by Harrison Ford) is back, a little older and a little more worn, but still able to do all of the stunts.  On a quest to find the mysterious Crystal Skull of Akator, as well as save old friend and colleague, Professor Oxley (John Hurt), Indy is joined by wannabe greaser Mutt Williams (played by Shia LaBeouf) .  All the while they are pursued by a ruthless Communist agent (Cate Blanchett) who wants to use the skull to take over the world!  Also, somehow, aliens?  I know, I know...but maybe it will be ok?  I mean...Karen Allen is back, so at least we've got that, right?  So will our hosts let Dr. Jones live or die?  Join us and find out!  And don't forget to RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!      
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