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Martin O'Donnell is a video game composer who has worked on numerous game but is famous for composing the original Halo up until Halo Reach, he also was audio director and oversaw sound effects and dialogue. He is considered one of the greatest video game composers of all time for his work on Halo.SOCIAL MEDIAWEBSITE - TWITTER - @MartyTheElderYOUTUBE - FACEBOOK - TIMESTAMPS00:00 - Intro00:30 - Marty Being In GOAT Conversations01:06 - How Long It Took For Marty To Realise The Impact Of The Halo Soundtrack02:53 - Entertainment Conventions03:32 - Marty’s Method To Composing04:38 - Working Well Under Deadlines05:57 - Writers Block07:30 - Marty Open To Remixing Halo Themes For Smash Bros08:57 - Evolution Of Work Environment At Bungie12:09 - Microsoft & Bungie Initially Fighting Over Game Development15:07 - Bungie Fighting With Activision16:26 - Game Developers Becoming The Men In Suits17:45 - Martin Thinks In Hindsight Microsoft Deal Was Ideal18:30 - Halo Was The Golden Egg & Bungie Was The Golden Goose20:23 - Marty’s Employee Contract With Microsoft21:42 - Marty Butted Heads In His Last Year/Was Somewhat Aware He Would Get Fired24:03 - Marty Was Shocked & Relieved At The Same Time From Being Fired25:33 - Working On Sound Effects & Dialogue28:29 - Marty Never Changed Any Of The Music By The Higher Ups32:12 - Marty Open To Scoring For TV & Film33:19 - Marty Met Peter Jackson For Halo Film34:06 - Background Behind The Halo Film37:19 - Halo Film Ideas Ended Up In District 939:20 - District 9 Being A Great Film40:29 - WETA Designs For District 941:39 - Marty’s Relationship with Bungie & Microsoft These Days43:30 - One Individual Can Influence A Whole Company/Bill Gates/Steve Jobs45:66 - Geniuses Still Being Flawed46:43 - Marty’s Future Endeavours/Highwire Games48:59 - Tolkien Estate Contacted Highwire About Golem Game51:00 - The Pain Of Trademarks/Copyright52:20 - Getting Royalties For Halo Soundtrack/Music Publisher Tried To Pull Marty’s Own Music54:40 - Marty’s Early Demos/Advice To Young Composers58:01 - Marty’s Inception Stage59:34 - Meeting Fans Expectations/Going Viral1:03:58 - Marty’s Wife Keeps Him Grounded1:05:06 - Where To Follow Marty/Highwire Games1:05:45 - Marty Wants To Come To NZ
Fraser Grut is on an ambitious mission to film 10,000 peoples dreams and isn't due to finish this task until 2044. SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram - frasergrut TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro/Technical Difficulties00:54 - How 10,000 Dreams Project Started02:25 - Fraser Has Wanted To Quit Multiple Times04:30 - Family & Friends Forced Fraser To Keep Going06:32 - What Fraser Does Behind The Scenes/Fraser Loves Talking To People About Dreams07:50 - How Fraser Got Celebrities To Do It08:44 - Guessing Emails/How Many Emails Fraser Sends A Day12:05 - Time Of Day Fraser Sends Emails/App So You Know When People Have Checked It13:56 - Kaley Cuoco Blocked Fraser14:30 - Domino Effect Of Getting Celebrities15:33 - Wording Emails Correctly/Being Turned Down Multiple Times16:50 - How Reece Gets Guests On Kiwi Talkz17:51 - How Reece Got The Composers Of Dragonball Z On His Podcast20:02 - The Guests Reece Would Like To Get On Kiwi Talkz The Most21:05 - Fraser Uses An Email Template/Name Drop22:25 - Reece & Frasers Email Screw Ups24:11 - Fraser Screwed Up With Jack Goodhue25:26 - Being A Perfectionist Filming Dreams27:51 - Doing 10,000 Dreams Took A Toll On His Relationship29:00 - Having Deadlines Can Be A Good Thing32:07 - How Fraser Gets Out Of A Negative State Of Mind35:04 - Fraser Tells Story About Mark Cuban37:19 - Dreams Randomly Appearing In His Email Inbox38:32 - Having To Complete The Mission Of 10,000 Dreams39:56 - Being Young And Playing The Long Game40:56 - Doing 1 Year Was Harder Than Doing 4 Years/Making The Impossible Possible42:29 - Fraser Got Hate For His Camera Style/Reaction To The Project44:00 - People Giving Up On Podcasts/Advantage That Fraser Has47:43 - People Who Dont Have A Dream49:14 - Fraser Runs A Freelancing Film Company50:09 - A Lot Of People Reach Out To Fraser Now/Bigger It Gets The Lesser The Chase51:50 - Fraser Only Wants To Film One Person A Day So It Takes Longer/Being An Historian53:44 - Covid Can Be An OpportunityAdapting To Zoom55:42 - Took Fraser A Long Time To Realise Its About The Dream Not About The Filming/Wiggles Story1:00:34 - Taking NZ For Granted1:01:31 - Where To Follow 10,000 Dreams/Fraser Grut
David Wise Is considered one of the greatest video game composers of all time primarily for his score on the Donkey Kong Country games, he is also one of the sampled video game composers as artists such as Drake & Childish Gambino have sampled his music in songs.SOCIAL MEDIAWebsite - Twitter - @David_Wise TIMESTAMPS00:00 - Intro00:33 - NDA’s01:12 - Work Post Donkey Kong01:58 - David Didn’t Realise How Big His Donkey Kong Soundtrack Was Until The Internet Blew Up02:29 - OC-Remix02:47 - Donkey Kong Country 2/Pushing The Tech For SNES03:52 - Jamming Sam Miller/Compressed Sounds06:06 - Delay Had To Be Simulated06:52 - Chucking Grant Kirkhope In The Deep End With HEX07:48 - Haunted Hall09:43 - Being Isolated/Covid10:14 - David Would Hum Tunes Before Recording In HEX11:05 - Krooks March/Castle Theme12:15 - Problem Solving12:45 - Tropical Freeze Is What DKC Would Sound Like Without Limitations13:29 - Live Instrumentation On Tropical Freeze14:04 - Collaboration With Retro14:45 - Kenji Yamamoto’s Involvement In Tropical Freeze15:56 - Translators With Kenji Yamamoto17:08 - David Praises Kenji’s Music On Metroid17:47 - Time David Would Spend At Retro18:28 - Writers Block19:20 - Visual Cues To Composing Well Working On Donkey Kong20:55 - Time It Would Take To Compose On One Track21:33 - High Tide Ride22:36 - David Was Largely Left To Do What He Wants23:23 - Felt Nice To Do Tropical Freeze As Donkey Kong Put Him On The Map24:14 - Doing Different Genres25:34 - David Would Like To Work On Film/Advantages Of Scoring For Film26:50 - Film Scoring Process Vs Game Scoring Process27:40 - Escaping The Stigma28:05 - David Would Like To Score For Smash Bros29:00 - David’s Time In Japan/Nintendo Are Secretive29:46 - Rare & Retro Culture Difference30:40 - So Many Rappers Sampling His Music In Hip-Hop32:05 - David Is Working On Multiple Projects Right Now32:50 - Covid Has Caused Him Delays35:40 - David’s Process To Compose           38:30 - What Instruments David Uses To Compose39:06 - Collaborating With The Former Rare Composes40:25 - David Tries To Outdo His Previous Compositions41:45 - Working Under Pressure/Mixing43:39 - A Lot Of Different Instruments Used In Tropical Freeze/Quantising45:26 - Stickerbrush Symphony Credits Music In Tropical Freeze46:33 - Nintendo Told David When To Remix Previous DKC Tracks For Tropical Freeze46:55 - Aquatic Ambience48:17 - How Remixes In Tropical Freeze Ended Up There49:58 - No 2 Days Are The Same When Composing50:39 - Aquatic Ambience Took 5 Weeks To Write52:38 - David Will Never Go Back To HEX53:20 - Saving Time When Composing55:17 - Where To Follow David Wise
Jim Johnston was the main composer for over 30 years at WWE and is responsible for some of the iconic themes from Ultimate Warrior & Undertaker to Stone Cold & The Rock. WEBSITE TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:28 - Jim Johnston Wants To Come To New Zealand/Lord Of The Rings01:19 - Yellowstone Park02:46 - How Jim Composed At WWE & Post WWE/Having To Many Ideas05:33 - Jim Realises In Hindsight He Needed WWE’s Strict Deadlines06:17 - Jim Doesn’t Get Writers Block07:27 - Vince McMahon/Information Jim Got About WWE Superstars09:00 - WWE Superstars Would Try To Pitch Music To Jim10:33 - Jim Wasn’t Approachable11:38 - Deadlines To Compose/Jim Liked The Pressure14:10 - Jim Didn’t Just Compose The WWE Entrance Music14:52 - Jim Johnston Would Love To Compose For Hollywood Films16:40 - Jim Always Wants To Convey Emotion Through Music18:08 - Politics Of Hollywood/ Jim Is Confident He Could Score Well For Hollywood20:22 - Stigma Of Composing For WWE21:32 - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson24:29 - How Jim Johnston Is Able To Easily Write Different Styles27:50 - Every Instrument Jim Can Play29:06 - Jim Johnston Rarely Collaborates/Jim’s Stage Fright32:10 - Stage Fright Hasn’t Improved Over The Years34:38 - Jim Would Be Less Nervous Performing Virtually/Jim Is Anti Lip Singing36:06 - Jim Does Want To Perform LIVE36:43 - Jim Hasn’t Been Asked To Be In WWE Hall Of Fame37:31 - Jim Doesn’t Understand Why He Hasn’t Been Asked In WWE Hall Of Fame38:39 - Jim Was A Contractor/Workforce System Between NZ & America40:57 - Jim Composed To Cope After Being Fired From WWE43:31 - Jim’s Daily Schedule45:02 - Ultimate Warriors Theme48:10 - Simple Ideas Are The Most Effective48:50 - Undertakers Theme51:50 - Undertaker Walkout Wouldn’t Work Without The Theme53:41 - Wrestling Isn’t Fake/The Ring Is Hard57:18 - Social Media/Being Stopped In The Street59:00 - Jim Still Loves Composing59:40 - Jim Is Doing An EP Of Themes1:01:48 - Jim Open To Composing For Video Games1:03:58 - Melody Isn’t Heard As Much In Film These Days/Jaws1:06:06 - Jim Likes Normal Conversations1:07:30 - Cliche Interviews
The Armageddon Expo is NZ's biggest Multi-Genre Entertainment/Comic Book Convention and has been running for over 20 years. Bill Geradts is the founder of the expo.SOCIAL MEDIAWEBSITE - - TWITTER - @ArmageddonexpoINSTAGRAM - @Armageddonexpo TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:25 - How Armageddon Expo Was Created01:50 - Bill Is Surprised By How Big Armageddon Became/Contemplating Retirement04:34 - Why There Aren’t More Conventions/Armageddon Isn’t A Corporate Company07:29 - Regional Shows Vs Auckland Shows/Negative Comments09:07 - How Bill Decides Guest List10:20 - How Covid Changed How Armageddon Was Planned/Positives From Covid13:45 - Things To Consider For Guests At Armageddon 202114:44 - Accomodation For Celebrities Guests15:33 - Corporate Companies Prevented Proper Showings This Year16:34 - Cons Of Singular Events/Armageddons Expo Advantage Of Diversity20:01 - Armageddon Foot Traffic Annually20:55 - How Long It Takes To Organise Auckland Armageddon Expo22:20 - Bill’s Daily Schedule/Holidays24:02 - Bill Is Inspired By Other Conventions Overseas/Comic Con25:25 - Bill Cuts Off Trolls On Social Media/Fans Don’t Appreciate Jeopardising Business27:02 - Dunedin Armageddon Expo Didn’t Make Money/Bad Press In Dunedin28:34 - Armageddon Expo Wouldn’t Have Survived Without Wage Subsidy29:35 - Armageddon Barely Breaks Even30:29 - Balancing Business Vs Accomodating Fans30:58 - Guests Bill Hasn’t Managed To Get Yet For The Expo31:36 - Getting NZ Based Guests Is Difficult/Peter Jackson/Agents Are Difficult33:40 - Cost Of Bringing Guests Over35:07 - Certain Agents Are Difficult36:51 - NZ Is Not Unique For Actors37:28 - Armageddon Expo Is Limited By Small Venues In NZ39:35 - Bill Could Get More Celebrities If Venues Were Bigger/Exploring VR41:20 - Corporates Entirely Revolve Around America42:04 - On Investors Buying Armageddon42:40 - 2020 Has Been A Stressful Year For Bill44:01 - No One Else Could Start A Convention Like Armageddon44:56 - Armageddon Expo Usually Runs Very Well/Last Minute Problems46:49 - Sponsors47:53 - Bill Delegates A Lot Of Work49:53 - How Bill Stays Up With Whats Going On53:50 - Blocking Out Negativity/202155:08 - Where To Follow Armageddon Expo On Social Media
Jed Brophy is a great Kiwi actor who is most well known for working on a majority of Peter Jacksons films, most prominently multiple orcs in Lord Of The Rings and the Dwarf Nori in The Hobbit Trilogy.SOCIAL MEDIAWebsite - Twitter - @BrophyJedInstagram - @jedibrophy TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:24 - How Jed Got The Jedi Name00:57 - Jed Is Open To Being In Star Wars01:36 - Agent In America/How The American System Works02:46 - Jed Doesn’t Like L.A./Jed Believes NZ Is Amazing04:10 - Jed’s Mental Health Takes A Downturn From Big Cities05:09 - Jed Contemplated Living In Vancouver05:35 - How Jed Became Peter Jackson’s Go To Actor/Peter Jackson’s Direction08:10 - Playing Orc’s In LOTR08:40 - Prosthetic Work/Jed Tells LOTR Prosthetic Work Story11:27 - Different Voices For The Orcs/Fangorn Forest Story13:40 - Shooting Differences Between LOTR & The Hobbit/Green Screen15:41 - Sketches & Miniatures To Help Actors/Rohan Set/VFX17:06 - Jed Interviewed Peter Jackson About Post Production18:23 - Motion Capture19:18 - Steven Spielberg Directing Tin Tin Via Satellite20:08 - NZ Needs To Invest More In Technology/Film Industry Works Together In NZ21:20 - Avatar 2/James Cameron/James & Peter Are Geniuses22:13 - Jed’s Work On District 924:15 - Adlibbing On The Hobbit/Martin Freeman Loved Adlibbing25:44 - Effort To Make Cast & Crew Bond During LOTR & The Hobbit27:09 - iFit Job/Graham McTavish/New Zealands Beauty29:25 - NZ Becoming Polluted/Underfunded Infrastructure31:20 - NZ Should Fine People For Littering/Educating People32:30 - Kiwis Not Appreciating New Zealand33:01 - Film Crews On LOTR Made Conscious Effort To Protect Environment33:58 - Jed’s Favourite Place To Visit In NZ34:47 - Jed’s Fitness/Jed Lost Roles For Being To Fit/Competition37:17 - Voice Acting Work/Mimicking Getting Jed Into Trouble39:47 - Jed Doesn’t Rate Himself/What Jed Did During Lockdown41:08 - Stand Up Comedy42:00 - Positive Effects Of Covid-19/This Generation Suffering43:30 - Problems Within NZ/Problems With Solving Housing47:00 - Educating With Film48:31 - Shooting Films Now On A Phone49:44 - Staying Up Technology/Younger People Knowing Tech50:39 - NZ Doesn’t Have A Mobile Film Festival/Film Commission Behind The Times53:10 - Making The Film Commission Understand Shooting On Mobile Phones/Mobile Phone Films57:19 - Warner Bros Interfered With The Hobbit1:00:05 - Horse Gallop Scenes In LOTR1:01:00 - LOTR Is Synonymous With NZ/Tourism From LOTR1:02:30 - NZ’s Landscapes1:03:44 - Martin Freeman Was Annoyed By NZ’s Beauty1:04:19 - The Beauty Of NZ Is Unparalleled/Glenorchy1:05:05 - NZ Offers Amazing Beauty In Close Proximity1:06:41 - Where To Follow Jed Brophy On Social Media
ZAP is a hip-hop artist hailing from Tauranga who is a master of rapping double time.Rap Beat Produced by Dr.Hayden SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook - ZapInstagram - @zap_nz TIMESTAMPS00:00 - Intro00:46 - Zap Asks Reece Questions01:50 - How Zap Got Into Hip-Hop03:22 - American Culture/Gang Culture05:17 - Who ZAP Is Inspired By/Scribe06:21 - How ZAP Writes07:18 - How ZAP Wrote Pieces/J.Dot & Hooligang08:32 - Bad Mixing09:20 - Who ZAP Would Love To Collaborate With/David Dallas10:05 - Assholes In Hip-Hop11:42 - Martial Arts12:00 - One Main Source Income With Side Hustles/Unmotivated People13:15 - People Not Understanding How Long It Takes To Write One Song14:07 - People With Fake Lifestyles/Social Media16:00 - How the ZAP Name Came About17:07 - Being A Good Or Bad Judge Of Character19:07 - Multicultralism Of Auckland20:00 - ZAP Is A Fan Of Kiwi Talkz20:32 - ZAP Interacting With Different Walks Of Life21:51 - Pasifika & Maori The Main Demographic Of Hip-Hop22:48 - Which Ethnic Group Has The Most Weirdos23:52 - Reece’s Views On Religion26:22 - Being Accepted As A White Hip-Hop Artist27:42 - Reece’s Top Artists/Kendrick Lamar28:29 - New School Hip-Hop29:40 - What Impresses Reece/Club & Gangsta Songs30:57 - Bone Thugs & Twista31:40 - How ZAP Constructs His Bars33:06- How Reece Writes/Chronicles Of Cancer/Sexy Doctor35:52 - Songs Of Substance35:30 - Battle Rap37:52 - Skolar Vs Diz/Humiliation In Battle Rap38:45 - Dlar40:15 - Difference Between Studio & Zoom With Kiwi Talkz41:20 - Reece Doesn’t Want To Just Do Hip-Hop Episodes41:50 - Tyson Tyler43:08 - Lockdown44:20 - Wellington45:05 - Feeling Old Clubbing/Clubs In Hamilton46:23 - Living In Auckland/Immigrants In Auckland47:22 - Traffic In Mumbai/Reece Tells A Story About India48:40 - Meth/Why People Drink/ZAPs Drinking50:40 - Chloe Swarbrick51:21 - Reece’s Views On The Cannabis Reform52:35 - Pesticides On Cannabis/Cannabis Legislation53:38 - Frog In The Boiling Water Analogy54:45 - ZAP Thinks Reece Eats Frogs55:37 - Battling Chloe Swarbrick55:25 - People Turning On Jacinda Ardern/ Reddit NZ Being Left Leaning57:30 - Conspiracy Theories58:45 - The Future For ZAP/Mai FM59:33 - White People Being Disadvantaged In Hip-Hop In NZ/White Privilege1:01:53 - Hip Hop Summit1:02:25 - Where To Follow ZAP1:03:28 - ZAP Praises Reece/Fake Personalities1:04:23 - How Reece Gets On The Same Level As His Guests1:05:44 - What Podcasts Reece Listens Too1:06:21 - Reece’s Communicating1:08:10 - ZAP Spits A Verse
Graeme Norgate was a former composer at video game company Rare. He is most well known for composing for a majority of Rare games such as Goldeneye, Killer Instinct & Blast Corps. He is also the main composer of Timesplitters.SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook - Graeme NorgateTIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:15 - Graeme Norgate’s Setup01:11 - Evolution Of How Graemes Composing03:20 - How Graeme Ended Up At Rare07:00 - How Composers At Rare Were Picked To Compose Games10:25 - Graemes Way Of Working At Rare12:29 - Goldeneye’s Music/Bond Theme13:37 - Egyptian Temple Theme14:56 - How Graeme Composers16:02 - Goldeneye Pipe Sound18:43 - Composing For Killer Instinct25:45 - Mick Gordons Killer Instinct Soundtrack26:52 - Relationship With Robin Beanland28:06 - Good Camaraderie With All The Other Rare Composers/Robin Helping Graeme30:32 - Composing Timesplitters/Perfect Dark35:26 - Audio Director At Crytek/What Is An Audio Director38:39 - Graeme Is Currently Working On Mobile Games40:56 - Graeme Doesn’t Work To A Routine & Doesn’t Know His Method Of Composing43:44 - Writers Block45:28 - Rare Staff Not Knowing How Well They Were Regarded47:50 - Graeme Wasn’t Approached For Killer Instinct (2013)/49:25 - Music Becoming Dated50:16 - Mick Gordon51:22 - Travelling To Research Music Not Possible In The Olden Days52:55 - Graeme Doesn’t Want To Work On Film55:35 - Game Music Is Diverse/Game Music Has Faster Turnaround58:03 - TV & Film Industry Is Cut Throat/Differences Between Game & TV Music1:00:15 - Gaming Is Only Increasing/Older Generation Don’t Understand Gaming1:01:41 - Grant Kirkhope/Its Who You Know Not What You Know1:05:03 - Where To Follow Graeme Norgate
Kimberley Crossman is a well known actress, author, presenter, producer, writer, director, dancer, stand-up comedian (Basically ridiculously talented). She also hosts a podcast called Pretty Depressed. SOCIAL MEDIAWebsite - kimberleycrossman.comInstagram - @kimcrossmanFacebook - Kimberley Crossman TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro01:12 - What Kim Has Been Doing During Covid-1902:56 - L.A. Humbled Kim/Realities Of L.A.04:43 - Dealing With Rejection/What Takes A Toll On Kim06:32 - Kim Believes She Is An Intense Person07:47 - Kim’s Depression09:40 - Chloe Swarbrick11:50 - Interviewing Celebrities13:13 - Celebrities Kim Gets Nervous Around14:04 - Kim Prefers To Audition Rather Than Trying To Get Favours14:43 - Taika Waititi/NZ On The Map Now In L.A.15:35 - Kiwi Accent16:55 - Kim’s Time In Syria & India And How It Shaped Her23:05 - Clean Air In L.A. During Lockdown24:24 - How Kimberley Ended Up On The Project25:22 - John Campbell26:03 - Kim’s Swearing/Brownyn Directing Kim’s Career27:35 - How Kim Became An Actress29:15 - Reece Tells His Shortland Street Audition Story30:31 - More Opportunities For Men In Acting31:07 - What Roles Kim Gets31:51 - LL Cool J & The Rock Aren’t As Big As Kim Thought33:00 - How Kim Sees Herself On Screen33:30 - Sometimes A Director Cant Convey What They Want35:08 - Things Kim Hasn’t Done But What She Would Love To Do/Hollywood Hierarchy37:24 - Hollywood Vs NZ People38:34 - Kim Has Been Offered Roles But Auditions If She Doesn’t Feel Right For The Role40:05 - Kim Improvises Without Permission41:54 - Kim Wants To Be In Amazons Lord Of The Rings42:38 - Learning The American Accent44:05 - Fake It Till You Make It45:05 - Boundaries/Kim’s Bad Eating Habits48:25 - Dealing With Fame/Politics50:12 - Kim Was Disappointed By Kiwis Giving Her Shit About BLM51:20 - Social Media/Kim Tries To Understand A Different Perspective53:04 - What Reece & Kim Learned During Covid/Lockdown54:57 - Where To Follow Kim Crossman
Stephanie Nadolny is a well known voice actor who is widely praised for her role as Young Gohan In Dragonball Z and Young Goku In Dragonball.SOCIAL MEDIATwitter - @StephVoxInstagram - @stephanienadolnyFacebook - Stephanie Nadolny TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:47 - How Stephanie Got Into Voice Acting & Got Cast In Dragonball Z04:22 - Stephanie Was Always Singing, Playing Music & Mimicking Voices06:10 - The Audition Process For Gohan/Working On The Early Episodes08:36 - Playing Young Goku In Dragonball09:40 - Syncing Vocals With Mouth Flaps12:13 - Stephanies Directing Opportunities/Singing For Funimation13:14 - Funimation Expanding Over Time14:42 - Stephanie Is Not Very Tech Savvy 15:59 - Difficulty Of Doing Gohan Yelling 18:26 - Stephanie Was Notified Of Story In Advance/How Director Would Guide Stephanie20:18 - Stephanie’s Favourite DBZ Moments To Voice23:33 - Stephanie Tried To Lobby To Be Adult Gohan As Well24:15 - Voicing East Kai25:22 - Background Voices26:48 - Why Stephanie Was Replaced On DBZ Kai Going Forward29:58 - Going To Anime Conventions/Cameo32:23 - Stephanie’s Time In New Zealand & Australia For Conventions37:18 - Stephanie Loves New Zealand39:20 - Perth 40:58 - L.A. Based Industries Moving To Texas42:22 - Stephanie Originally Wanted To Move To L.A. Before Dragonball Z44:40 - Covid-19’s Effect On Stephanie’s Work47:35 - Stephanie Loves Fans And Talking 48:29 - The Hardships Stephanie Had Growing Up51:04 - Anti Bullying Campaign53:22 - Stephanie Tells A Personal Story55:21 - Reece Tells His Story On How DBZ Helped Him56:32 - Stephanie Working Through Hardships And Coming Out The Otherside58:38 - Where To Follow Stephanie Nadolny
Mark Hadlow is an NZ Actor & Comedian and is well known for his work with Peter Jackson particularly for his role as Dori the Dwarf in The Hobbit Films. SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram - @therealmarkhadlowTwitter - @mark_markhadlow TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:52 - Having A Good Work Ethic/Peter Jackson & His Effect On NZ Economy02:52 - Hobbiton Being A Huge Tourism Attraction04:02 - WETA/Richard Taylor/NZ Keeping Up With Overseas05:20 - Bringing Back The Live Theatre Experience/Hamilton Film Vs Live08:05 - Reece Speaks On His Brother Doing Live Theatre09:13 - Film & Television Vs Theatre12:15 - NZ Are As Good At Theatre As Everyone Else/Theatre Not Funded Enough In NZ13:06 - NZ’s Handling Of Covid/How Film & Theatre Can Prosper Here14:13 - Climate Change16:32 - Travelling Expands Your Horizons/Tackling Poverty18:24 - NZ’s Reliance On Farming19:35 - Politics Being Tribal/Personal Attacks In Politics21:29 - How Covid-19 Affected Mark & His Business/Wage Subsidy23:25 - Preparations Mark Made After Lockdown26:03 - Billy T James/What Mark Learned From Billy T James29:03 - Working On The Hobbit31:00 - Bonding with Jed Brophy & Adam Brown33:22 - Martin Freeman As Bilbo34:47 - The Dori Prosthetics & Make Up36:47 - Dwarf Bootcamp38:20 - Green Screen & The Burt Troll Motion Capture41:25 - The Barrel Chase43:40 - The Hobbit Shoot Was A Year44:37 - Watching The Amazing Actors Work46:24 - Staying Grounded Despite The Fame Of The Hobbit49:13 - People Stopping Mark In The Streets50:49 - Working On Mortal Engines54:15 - Mark Got Autograph From Les Dawson54:50 - Accents57:31 - Voice Acting/Radio Ads1:00:53 - Mark Loves An Acting Challenge/Preventing Tunnel Vision/Emails1:02:33 - Emotional Communication Is Being Lost Due To Social Media1:06:17 - The Older & Younger Generations Can Learn From Each Other/Hand Signal For Being Grumpy Old Men1:07:28 - Yes People1:08:12 - Mark Gets Anxiety About Auditions/Theatre Auditions1:09:50 - Mistakes That Actors Make At Auditions/Musicals1:11:50 - Jesus Christ Superstar Story/Mark Cant Do Rhyme1:14:40 - Where To Follow Mark Hadlow1:16:08 - MAMIL
Linda Young is a voice actor for Funimation who is well known for playing the villainous Frieza from Dragonball Z during its original English Dub.Twitter - @LindaYoungVAInstagram - @lindasorta TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro00:40 - How Covid-19 Has Affected Linda’s Work02:03 - Working With An Agent/Comic-Con05:00 - Singing In A Band06:04 - Linda Always Wanted To Be An Actor & Singer/Linda Didn’t Know What Anime Was07:10 - How Linda Got The Role Of Frieza08:14 - First Day Of Work As Frieza/The Direction Frieza Got For The Character11:02 - Process Of Recording Voice/Vocals Recorded One Line At A Time13:15 - Yelling And Not Hurting Vocal Chords15:10 - Losing Your Voice Well Your Recording/How To Keep Your Vocal Chords Clear16:52 - Avoiding Foods That Affect The Voice/Linda’s Allergies18:58 - Linda Tells Story Of Losing Her Voice And Getting A Steroid Shot20:15 - Recording With The Script21:13 - Repeating Lines Over And Over22:02 - Different Variations Of Frieza’s Voice From Transformations23:08 - Funimation Are Great At Directing Voice Actors26:00 - Enunciating With Voice Acting27:02 - Alternating Between Baba & Frieza/Set Times At Work29:05 - Particular Scenes Linda Remembers From DBZ/Lines Linda Would Mess Up All The Time31:09 - Linda Never Believed Frieza Was Dead After Goku Killed Him/Baba Voice32:10 - Why Linda Stopped Doing Frieza’s Voice From DBZ KAI Going Forward/Linda Was Sad When This Happened33:25 - Comic Con Came Up After Stopping Frieza Role/Reece Wants To Try Get Linda To NZ34:50 - Signings/Strange Fans39:18 - A Lot Of Linda’s Friends Didn’t Know She Did The Voice Of Frieza/Linda Doesn’t Really Talk About Herself43:21 - Linda’s Hobbies44:52 - Mass Exodus From California To Texas/Funimation Primarily Based In Texas46:40 - Evolution Of Funimation48:04 - You Always Voice Record By Yourself50:05 - Difference Between Original Dub And DVD Dub In Terms Of Linda Redubbing52:13 - Memory/Same Process From Show To Show54:00 - Linda Doesn’t Audition Much These Days/Fanmail57:14 - Linda Would Like To Do Some Voice Work For Disney/Lobbying For Acting Roles In L.A.59:05 - Linda Speaks About Her Kids1:00:27 - Normality Has Returned To NZ As Covid Isn’t In The Community1:01:30 - Where To Follow Linda Young On Social Media/Twitter1:03:33 - Linda Does The Frieza Accent Thanking Kiwi Talkz 1:04:11 - Fans Putting DB Super Scenes With Lindas Voice/Dedication Of Fans1:06:00 - Reece Plans To Visit Dallas At Some Point
Grant Kirkhope is widely regarded as one of the greatest video game composers of all time for his work on such games as Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye & Perfect Dark. He recently became the first western composer to work with Nintendo on Super Smash Bros Ultimate & Mario + Rabbids SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - @grantkirkhope Instagram - @grantkirkhopecomposer Facebook - GrantKirkhopeComposer LinkedIn - OST Dark OST Kazooie OST Kong 64 OST Of Amalur Reckoning + Rabbids OST TIMESTAMPS00:00 - Intro About Technical Issues01:05 - Crazy Times/American Elections01:32 - Green Card/How Long Grant Has Been In America02:17 - Indie Films Grant Has Been Working03:10 - Agents/Struggles Of Breaking Into The Film Industry04:55 - Game Composers Looked Down Upon Compared To Film Composers05:33 - Only Way To Get Film Composing Roles Is Through The Director/Fierce Competition For Film Composers07:00 - Younger Directors Have Played Video Games So More Of A Chance Of Them Knowing Grant08:26 - Films Not Having Memorable Tunes These Days/Games Now Having Music Cinematic Sequences10:24 - Grant’s Process Of Composing11:52 - Grant’s Work On Goldeneye 007/How He Composed For Goldeneye 00714:41 - Grant Only Got Small Notes About Levels He Was Composing For15:10 - Grant Got A Few Visuals For Banjo, Donkey Kong & Perfect Dark/Approach To Composing For Them17:07 - Spiral Mountain/ Treasure Trove Cove/Mumbo’s Mountain18:50 - Grant Didn’t Get Told Much To Rewrite Tunes At Rare20:22 - Working With Nintendo For Smash Bros Banjo Arrangement/Banjo Kazooie Smash Bros Trailer23:50 - Grant Is The First Western Composer To Work On Mario & Smash Bros24:35 - Grant Has Better Communication With Nintendo Now24:43 - Reece Thinks Grant Could Compose For Metroid Based On Perfect Dark OST25:22 - To Be Employable You Have To Diversify As A Musician26:09 - Working For A Company Vs Freelancing/Living In L.A.28:05 - Grant Is Good With Money28:55 - Grant Works Well Under Pressure/Grant Doesn’t Get Writers Block31:05 - Grant Doesn’t Toss Away Work/Learning To Do What Your Told By Your Boss On Rewriting Tunes33:30 - Employment Laws In UK Vs America34:25 - Grants Friends Losing Jobs For Arguing With A Creative Director/Creative People Are Sensitive35:45 - Genres Grant Is Not Good At Composing/How He Researches New Genres37:10 - Instruments Grant Can Play/Working With Midi & Live Orchestras40:05 - Donkey Kong 64 Rap44:17 - Competitiveness With David Wise, Graeme Norgate & Robin Beanland46:05 - Grant Did Guitar On Killer Instinct46:50 - Working With Hex48:39 - David Wise’s Score For DKC2 Is Amazing49:15 - Seamless Composing Between Grant & Graeme On Goldeneye50:06 - Working With An Artist In The Same Room50:44 - Grant Doesn’t Really Play Games Anymore/Composers Grant Listens To/53:01 - Grant Would Love To Work On Zelda53:44 - Grant Really Wants To Compose For The Super Mario Movie57:10 - John Williams57:56 - Grant Gets Stopped More & More On The Street59:10 - Where To Follow Grant Kirkhope
Sara Wiseman is a well known actress who has been numerous Australian and New Zealand films and television.SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram - @sarawiseman__ TIMESTAMPS00:40 - Working During Covid-1901:32 - Auditioning Process02:43 - Trying To Prevent The Nerves Overwhelming Herself During Auditions03:26 - Sarah Impressed By Reece’s Research/Mercy Peak04:59 - The Evolution Of Filming For Television05:49 - Hyper Realness Of HD/Hobbits 48FPS 07:00 - Sara’s TV/1080p Vs 4K 07:46 - Sara’s Early Days As A Stuntwoman09:43 - Meeting Kate Winslet/Working On Heavenly Creatures/Crews Work Very Hard11:04 - Working With Peter Jackson12:40 - Heavenly Creatures Laid The Foundation For LOTR13:29 - Upcoming Work For Sara14:37 - One Lane Bridge/Permanently Shooting In Queenstown16:31 - Sydney Vs Auckland17:20 - When Sara Is Going Back To Sydney17:59 - Voice Over Work20:26 - Being Paid Well For Voice Over Work21:11 - Agent Finding All Lines Work21:35 - Chasing A Role22:40 - Initially Trying To Find Work In Sydney23:35 - Craig & Sara Auditioning For A Place To Call Home At Different Times24:20 - People On A Place To Call Home Not Knowing Craig & Sara Were Married24:50 - Working With Husband Craig Hall25:35 - Memorising Scripts/Shortland Street Actors27:00 - Time On Shortland Street27:19 - Working Well Under Pressure27:12 - Vaparshna/Meditation30:27 - Shooting Love/Sex Scenes/Preparing For These Scenes34:10 - Duration Of Sex Scenes35:19 - Getting Along With Your Partner In Those Intimate Scenes36:08 - Sara Loves Greats Writing And Great Teams/Joy Comes From Creating On The Day37:28 - Sara Does Teaching/Sara Unsure If She Would Want To Directing38:21 - Watching Herself On Screen39:10 - Improvising Vs Following The Script41:31 - Shifting Between Accents/Sara Naturally Puts On Australian Accent When In Australia43:02 - Researching For A Character44:10 - Disconnecting With Carolyn 44:54 - Sara Having Anonymity/Offshore Celebrities Being Worshipped By Kiwis 46:03 - Sara Would Be Famous For An Amazing Paycheck46:33 - How Sara Got Home Before Lockdown/Surviving Lockdown48:55 - Introverts & Extrovert/Zoom Parties 50:22 - Sara Is A Morning And Evening Person50:57 - Sara Had Her Own Driver For A Place To Call Home52:00 - Arts Still Needs Funding53:54 - Social Media Is A Double Edged Sword55:03 - The Social Dilemma/Growing Up With No Social Media56:50 - Where To Follow Sara On Instagram
Craig Hall is a well known NZ actor who has been a plethora of TV Shows (A Place To Call Home, Outrageous Fortune etc.) and Films (World's Fastest Indian, King Kong.) SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram - @craigalanhall TIMESTAMPS 00:55 - How Covid Has Affected Craig’s Work01:55 - Working Between Australia & New Zealand02:57 - Craig & Sara Wiseman Working On The Same Projects04:21 - A Place To Call Home Time Period05:05 - Differences Between Television & Film07:40 - Waiting For The Next Project09:06 - Being Prepared For An Audition10:30 - Not Hearing Back After An Audition11:59 - Chasing A Role13:28 - How Craig Got Role In Worlds Fastest Indian/King Kong18:19 - Work On World’s Fastest Indian19:19 - Working With Anthony Hopkins22:38 - Ad Libbing Vs Following The Script24:10 - Thinking A Time He Was Amazing Then Sees His Performance And Thinks Its Terrible25:50 - Over Analysing Performance27:30 - Following The Script On A Place To Call Home/Throwing Off Other Actors29:25 - Working With Taika Waititi30:36 - Working With Peter Jackson On Lord Of The Rings & King Kong33:40 - Constantly Screwing Up The Same Scene34:36 - Not Being In Avatar/James Cameron Being An Advocate For NZ35:50 - NZ Crews Vs American Crews36:25 - Not Much Difference Between NZ & Australian Crews37:33 - Learning The Australian Accent39:36 - Taking The Piss Out Of The Australian Accent40:50 - Accent Randomly Coming Out42:29 - Learning Accents Under Time Constraints44:19 - Accents/Key Accents Actors Should Learn47:07 - Film Companies Pay For Actors Living Expenses Well On Project49:34 - Low Budget Productions You May Need To Find Your Own Accomodation50:57 - Networking And Being Linked Up With Friends During Certain Projects51:57 - Learning Lines Well Driving52:43 - Memorising Scripts55:12 - Memorising Script Under Strict Time Conditions59:06 - Motion Capture & Green Screen1:01:51 - Reece Explains Virtual Sets01:03:15 - Where To Follow Craig Hall
Duane Mutu is the Director & Founder of LPL Studios the biggest E-Sports league in Oceania.SOCIAL MEDIAWEBSITE - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - @LetsPlayLiveHQTWITCH - LINKEDIN - TIMESTAMPS00:38 - Reece’s Previous Gaming Guests/Gamers Being Introverts02:09 - How Duane Got Into The Gaming Industry06:10 - The First Major Gaming Event And Takings From It & How LPL Studios Was Founded07:28 - Embracing Gaming Communities08:41 - Covid’s Effect On LPL Studios & Positives That Came From It10:41 - Preventing Hackers In The Digital Environment11:59 - NZ’s Great Internet Infrastructure13:51 - Lag/Disadvantages Competing On American Servers/Competing Via LAN15:45 - Online Vs LAN Environment17:02 - You Cant Beat Gaming In Person As Opposed To Online18:05 - How LPL Runs A Tournament19:32 - Audiences At LPL Studios Events20:37 - Celebrities Working With LPL Studios22:15 - David Dallas Was A Game Reviewer (24min mark fly)24:33 - Working With Nintendo/Japanese Business Culture27:00 - Publishers Being Spooked By Reviewers/How Publishers Would Market Games Before Social Media30:47 - Duane Doesn’t Play Games Anymore/Scribblenauts 32:07 - What Duane Loves About The Gaming Industry/Gaming Business People Don’t Play Games34:11 - LPL Studios Day To Day Job37:25 - Duane Found It Hard To Attract Sponsors 5 Years Ago In E-Sports38:53 - Rob Campbell & Others Not Understanding E-Sports But Still Investing In It40:03 - How Duane Got LPL More Awareness/The Pitch To Skycity To Collaborate42:10 - N.S.O/Speaking To Government About Funding Into Gaming45:46 - E-Sports In The Olympics/The Decline Of The Olympics/Gaming Is Bigger Than TV & Film48:10 - Gamepass The Netflix Of Gaming/Cloud Gaming50:35 - Publishing Rights/Future For LPL Studios52:19 - Why CSGO Is The Biggest Game In LPL53:50 - Broadcast & Wagering Is How E-Sports Makes Money55:38 - Publishers Dont Like Wagering For Ethical Reasons58:35 - Keyboard Warriors Against Wagering/Pros & Cons Of Wagering59:58 - Location Of LPL Studios1:00:57 - PS5 Vs Xbox1:02:18 - Where To Follow LPL Studios
Rob Campbell is a successful businessman who now is chair for big companies like Skycity & NZ Tourism Holdings. TIMESTAMPS 00:39 - Being Chair Of Skycity & NZ Tourism Holdings During Covid-1902:54 - Being Forced To Make Decisions Is Sometimes Easier/Fatigue & Uncertainty04:30 - Their Is No Certainty In Business/Auditing In Public Companies06:48 - Diversifying Skycity & NZ Tourism Holdings To Cope Without Tourism08:48 - What A Chairperson Actually Does10:53 - Divided Boards/Stakeholders12:34 - Rob Is Very Opinionated/Businessnesses Develops To Much Of Formal Patterns14:20 - Making Judgements About People That Were Incorrect15:47 - Business Leaders Try To Influence Government Policy That Benefits Them18:01 - Good & Evil Both Comes From Business19:23 - Objective Reality19:52 - Why Rob Likes Working With Younger People/Younger People Need More Leadership Roles21:39 - Generational Divide23:19 - Learning To Trust Younger People/Young People Are More Flexible25:36 - LPL Studios/How It Was Created/Older Heads Don’t Understand How To Monetise E-Sports28:41 - How Skycity Decided To Invest In E-Sports29:49 - E-Sports Is Huge Worldwide/E-Sports In Olympics30:25 - Building LPL Studios For Live Events31:28 - Government Funding For Gaming/Rocketwerkz Leasing The Most Expensive Commercial Property In Auckland34:10 - Gaming Wont Need Taxation Like Film Does34:55 - Complexity Of Capital Gains Tax(CGT)37:26 - Social Equity/Housing Problem Is Because Of Supply & Demand39:16 - Auckland’s Infrastructure Problems42:01 - Capitalism Caused Environmental Crisis43:26 - Fixing Auckland Requires Less Immigration & More Regional Development44:33 - More Central Government Funding Needs To Happen In Auckland45:59 - More Investment In Whangarei, Hamilton & Tauranga48:34 - Electricity & Health Backwards Distribution Centres49:49 - Auckland Is Starting To Build Up50:46 - Building Up Has Less Red Tape But Planning Is Still Involved52:56 - What Sort Of City Will Auckland Become53:03 - Rob Would Never Get Into Politics/Admiring Politicians53:49 - Landlords Vs Tenants Discussion57:02 - Some Landlords Are To Entitled58:57 - It Is Always Someone Else’s Fault/Privileged People Making Stuff Up On Social Media1:01:11 - Echo Chambers/Privileged Peoples Echo Chambers Actually Hurts People1:02:12 - Rob Tells Story Of How He Had His Bubble Popped1:03:54 - Rob Being Self Aware Of His Ignorance/South Auckland1:06:33 - Rob Believes Pakeha Still Dont Understand Maori 
Mike Smith, Scott Morgan & Julius Dobos composed a majority of the English Dub of Dragonball Z produced by Funimation(Yes, Bruce Faulconer is not the main composer and composed less than 1% of the score.) These 3 have now formed a band called SSJ and perform live versions of the DBZ Soundtrack across America.Mike Smith handled over 70% of the soundtrack from the Ginyu Saga all the way to halfway through the Buu Saga, highlight tracks from him include Vegetas Themes, Goku SSJ, Perfect Cell Theme, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, The Dragon Theme and more....Scott Morgan worked on the show from the episode Fighting Power One Million until the end of the Otherworld Tournament and a majority of the guitar work on the show was handled by him but he fully composed the Garlic Jr Saga and his highlights include Androids 17,18,19 & 20, Imperfect Cell Theme, Destruction Theme, Pikkons Theme and more....Julius Dobos started work on the show from the Otherworld Tournament and stayed until the very end of the series so he composed a majority of the Buu Saga, his highlights include the SSJ3 Theme, Super Buu, Buu Is Fighting, Mystic Gohan and more.... SSJ BANDYOUTUBE -' FACEBOOK - JULIUS DOBOS/FORGOTTEN FUTUREJULIUS DOBOS WEBSITE - FORGOTTEN FUTURE WEBSITE- TWITTER - @juliusdobosINSTAGRAM - @forgottenfutureofficial SCOTT MORGANWEBSITE - YOUTUBE -  TIMESTAMPS 01:11 - Sampler/Samples Mike Used When He First Worked On DBZ02:38 - Directions/Script From Funimation04:19 - How The Guys Scored Music To The Episodes06:28 - How The Guys Go About Composing/Time Constraints On DBZ09:23 - Recording Sounds As SFX/Violin SFX Being Used In DBZ11:31 - Keeping The Music Seamless Between All 3 Composers14:45 - How Much Time They Had To Work On Each Episode17:36 - Vegeta’s Hells Bells & Super Saiyan Themes19:16 - Mike Only Realised Recently How Iconic His Themes Are19:57 - Scott Thought People Hated The Score Until He Went On Youtube21:08 - Super Saiyan 3 Theme/Drum Loops25:25 - Julius Approached DBZ As Just Another Job/Core Importance Of Scoring26:44 - Scott Morgan Foresaw The Big Themes Popping Off28:29 - Ben Kasparek The Music Editor/Save The World Episode Ben Got It Perfect30:14 - Episodic Trunks Theme/ How The Destruction Theme Came About33:05 - Ginyu Voice Actors Worked On DBZ Movies Music33:36 - Recording Destruction Theme So Loud35:11 - Pikkons Theme36:22 - Phillip Glass36:52 - How Mike Wrote Buu/Cell & Frieza Themes38:16 - Buu’s Themes41:34 - Challenge Of Scoring To Reaction Shots42:39 - Scott Doing The Ultimate Perfect Cells Theme43:38 - Imperfect Cell Theme44:54 - Experimenting With The Non Big Themes46:30 - Great Saiyaman Theme47:17 - Space Room Theme48:12 - Final Atonement/Serious Suspense Theme48:55 - Coycoy88 & Other Fans Releasing Unreleased DBZ Music Through Editing Audio52:25 - SSJ Band Performing Live Covers Of DBZ Music/How Live Gigs Came About57:34 - Rehearsals Before Live Gigs58:35 - Scott Has Been Mainly Doing Engineering Work Since 200559:35 - Scott Wrote Music For Roland & Microsoft1:00:29 - Julius’ Forgotten Future Work1:01:05 - Julius’ Work After DBZ1:02:44 - Julius’ Interactive Forgotten Future Show1:03:32 - Mike Smith Loved The Time Constraints On DBZ1:04:27 - Julius Didn’t Like Composing 24/7 On DBZ/Julius’ Work On You Dont Mess With Zohan Film1:05:59 - Not Writing By Committee On DBZ/John Carpenter1:06:51 - You Have To Diversify To Earn Money In The Music Industry/Automated Mixing & Mastering1:10:14 - Where To Follow Mike Smith, Scott Morgan, Julius Dobos & SSJ Band1:12:09 - SSJ Live Performance Clip  
Andre Rowell has been managing Editor at M2 Magazine for over 14 years and has done of different articles and podcasts for the publication during his tenure there.SOCIAL MEDIAWebsite Men - Website Women - Facebook - Twitter - @M2magazineNZ TIMESTAMPS 00:51 - How Andre Got Job At M2 Magazine02:55 - How To Write An Article/Short Opinion Piece04:55 - Sharing Ideas05:39 - How Reece Got Into Podcasting07:16 - Reece Has Learned A Lot From Podcasts08:00 - Being A Product Of Your Environment09:09 - General Public Being Influenced By Media11:58 - Media Being Monetised By The Audience/Validating A View Poiont13:12 - Researching Before Writing An Opinion Piece/M2 Magazine Is Pro Business14:09 - Negativity Becomes A Self Fulfilling Prophecy14:56 - NZ Doing Well On The World Stage/Questioning The Government16:45 - Negativity From Social Media17:31 - Size Of Andre’s Team/Discussions Within The Team18:40 - Is Printing Money Bad?20:12 - How A Decision Is Made As To Who Is Featured In M2 Magazine21:47 - NZ Are Underdogs22:50 - Tall Poppy Syndrome/Praise To Someone Doesn’t Diminish Your Potential24:50 - Failure Is Important/Andre & Reece Critique There Podcasts26:29 - What Happens At The M2 Summit  29:59 - Andre’s Favourite Interview & Article Piece31:30 - Celebrities Are Normal People33:52 - Monks Dealing With Politics34:53 - Andre’s Time In Antarctica39:00 - M2 Summit Brings Different Walks Of Life Together40:39 - Feeling Dumb Compared To Intellectuals42:42 - Flying To Mars43:18 - Spontaneity Vs Analytical44:41 - Passion Project To Help The Cook Islands50:45 - Fishing Industry In The Cook Islands53:25 - Cook Islands Being Affected By Covid-19/Diversifying An Economy56:14 - Governments Think Short Term As Opposed To Long Term57:54 - Andre Goes To The Cook Island A Few Times A Year59:30 - Supporting Local Economies1:00:56 - Countries Will Change Post Covid-19/ Cause And Effect1:02:26 - Opportunity For Business To Do What Government Doesn’t1:03:21 - Reece Thinks Andre Is Very Genuine1:04:00 - Where To Follow M2 Magazine1:05:20 - Physical Vs Digital Magazines
Chad Nicholas is the founder of clothing brand Zerofux Clothing and has been operating for 4 years. SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook - Instagram - @zerofuxclothingcoTwitter - @zerofuxclothingWebsite - TIMESTAMPS 00:36 - Why Chad Started Zerofux Clothing02:12 - How Chad Came Up With The Name Zerofux/Clothing Brands04:14 - Evolution Of Designs05:20 - How Long It Takes To Make A Design06:39 - Cost Of A Printing Machine/Vinyl Cutters/Graphic Standouts08:30 - Effort Involved With Starting A Clothing Brand10:17 - How Rappers Started Marketing Zerofux12:57 - Reece Thinks Its Weird Kiwis Rocking New York & L.A. Brands13:30 - People Not Paying For Quality But Paying Because Of The Brand14:33 - How Chad Markets Zerofux/Social Media Marketing16:36 - Zerofux Demographic17:43 - Not Capitalising On Cancel Culture/Covid-19/Not Making Masks19:43 - Mockup Designs That Get Scrapped21:16 - Caps Dont Sell That Well/Shirts & Hoodies Sell Well22:26 - Different Suppliers/China Pricing Compared To NZ23:14 - Pricing Clothing Correctly24:20 - Scrbbibe Wears Zerofux/Supporting People On The Come Up25:45 - Life In Timaru/Aucklanders Not Knowing Where Timaru Is27:36 - Chad Doesnt Sell Much Clothing At Hip-Hop Gigs29:21 - Chad Wants To Do Zerofux Full Time30:35 - Zerofux Podcast31:30 - Printing & Packing Orders33:16 - Chad Is Non-Stop Working/Time Vs Dollar Figure34:56 - Broke Artist Podcast’s Exposure Of Zerofux/36:37 - Engaged Followers As Opposed To Vanity Metrics38:52 - Being The Face Of The Brand40:30 - Doing Posters/Wanting To Hire People42:58 - Tall Poppy Syndrome/Kiwis Easily Influenced By Americans44:38 - Talkback Radio/Negativity Is Everywhere45:40 - Ryan Lovins47:50 - Not Wanting To Live With Regret49:09 - Positive People50:31 - Being Influenced By Your Environment/Breaking The Negative Cycle53:14 - Venturing Outside Of Your Comfort Zone54:56 - Everything Is Possible But It Requires Time & Patience55:54 - NZ Rises To The Occasion56:43 - Zerofux Receives Orders From Overseas57:24 - Where To Follow Zerofux Clothing  
Joel Tobeck is a well known Kiwi Film/Television Actor who is well known for many roles in films/television (Shortland Street, Sons Of Anarchy, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar 2 etc.) SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram - @joeltobeck TIMESTAMPS 00:49 - Joel’s Filmography List01:09 - How Covid-19 Affected Joel’s Work02:22 - One Lane Bridge/Queenstown03:34 - Travelling For Work/America/Australia05:10 - Dialog Coach For Accents05:39 - Sons Of Anarchy06:50 - Critiquing Your Performance/Joel Watching His Own Work Back08:05 - Joel Doesn’t Like The Hollywood System/NZ Film Evolution10:40 - Joel’s Time On Lord Of The Rings13:17 - Joel Has Always Thought NZ Was Great At Film/NZ Are Underdogs/Kiwis Are Nice14:20 - Kiwis Are Nice/Union System In America15:48 - Working With Taika Waititi18:09 - Avatar 2/James Cameron19:15 - Difference Between Blockbusters And Indie Films20:49 - Joel Had Surreal Moments While Working On Avatar 222:17 - Joel Enjoys Playing A Villain/Embracing The Crazy24:05 - Joel’s Research Process25:23 - Emotional Scenes Are Exhausting/Channeling Dark Memories/Trusting Yourself27:32 - Separating From The Character After Work28:23 - Joel’s Process To Memorising Scripts29:06 - Time Between Getting Script And Rehearsal29:54 - American Directors Let Him Ad-lib A Lot/Joel Struggling To Ad-lib31:08 - Ad-libbing With Taika Waititi/Honouring A Script/Umms And Aahs When Acting33:19 - Not Knowing When Your Next Pay Cheque Is Coming Is Exciting And Terrifying36:10 - When Joel Had No Acting Jobs He Did Construction Work/Respect For Builders37:28 - Researching A Field For a A Role38:07 - Celebrities Being Disconnected From The Average Joe39:20 - Ricky Gervais’ Roasting Actors At The Golden Globes40:24 - New Zealand Is An Amazing Place41:17 - Getting Home Sick When Away From NZ42:30 - Cultural Differences Between Americans And Kiwis43:06 - Americans Not Knowing Anything About NZ44:18 - NZ Is Growing On The International Stage/Stephen Colbert45:20 - Film & Tourism Intertwine46:03 - NZ Doubling For Countries And Cities46:23 - Auckland Kumeu Studio47:00 - Places In NZ Joel Loves To Shoot/NZ Scenery49:19 - Countries That Joel Would Love To Shoot In49:47 - Speaking Other Languages50:17 - Hard Accents/Not Going Into Comical Territory With Accents52:15 - Tips Dialog Coaches Teach With Accents54:00 - Joel Found American Voice Overs Hard54:45 - Voice Overs For Bunnings55:22 - Voice Overs For Path Of Exile56:29 - Most Roles Joel Gets Are Through His Agent/Process With Agents58:35 - Keeping The Same Agent/Joel’s American Agent59:57 - Ass Kissing In L.A.1:00:41 - Living In L.A. Is Very Tough/Paranoia/Self Doubt1:02:17 - Being Grounded/Teaching Actors1:03:20 - Hugo Weaving 1:04:27 - Positive Experiences With Actors/Joel Encouraging An Actor On Shortland Street1:05:18 - Encouraging Acting Students/Friendly Competitiveness With Actors1:06:38 - Joel Tobeck’s Social Media1:07:23 - Joel & Reece Dont Like Using Social Media/Guitar Work 
Kristen Lunman is the co-founder of Hatch which is a digital investment platform that allows to easily invest into the American share market with major companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and more. SOCIAL MEDIAWebsite - Facebook - Instagram - @hatch_investTwitter - @HatchInvestLinkedIn - TIMESTAMPS 00:35 - Kristen Is Not A Finance Person01:15 - Background Of Hatch02:20 - Some People Don’t Invest Due To Complex Jargon02:40 - How Hatch Was Founded And What It Is05:43 - What The Process Was To Invest In America Before Hatch06:40 - How Many Customers Hatch Has/Staff Numbers08:38 - A lot Of Kiwis Dont Understand How To Invest In Shares/Kiwisaver/11:15 - Facebook Investor Group/Hatch 10 Day Course12:45 - Getting Familiar With Funds14:00 - Different Companies You Can Invest In For The Long Haul15:25 - American Tax Is Sorted Out By Hatch/How To Claim Tax Through Hatch Shares17:35 - Top 20 Traded Shares In Hatch Currently/Best Time To Invest Is Today20:01 - People Accessing Kiwisaver To Pay Debt/Boxes To Tick Before Investing21:02 - Difference Between Sharesies And Hatch23:57 - Security Of Hatch & Partners Hatch Work With26:00 - Security Law26:31 - Shares Are Held In Your Name/Investing In Shares For Companies That They Know28:31 - Kristen Was Anti Tesla Then Invested In Tesla/Elon Musk30:20 - Hatch Will Open Up More To More Countries As Time Goes On31:19 - Lower Cost Funds32:32 - Roadshows/Webinars33:25 - A Lot Of Investors Dont Have Facebook/Noisy People On Facebook34:26 - Wellington/Cardio In Wellington35:27 - Hatch Are Hiring More People36:14 - How To Convince Non Investors To Invest39:02 - Dont Be Influenced By The Greedy Traders39:50 - Hatch Speaks To Government About Security 41:01 - Starting A Business Nowadays Is Easy/NZ Fosters Entrepreneurs43:19 - Similarities Between Canada & NZ In Terms Of Business/NZ Ruggedness44:41 - Wellington/Feeling Blessed In NZ46:40 - When Will Air Travel Return/Cricket47:35 - Housing Is Colder In NZ Than Canada48:26 - Where To Follow Hatch’s Social Media49:20 - Responding To Customers Questions Online/Being Connected To Your Customers.51:45 - Where To Do 10 Day Hatch Course
Real Deal Is The Current KOTD(King Of The Dot) Battle Rap Champion, he recently competed in NZ's Online Battle Rap Tournament Line Em Up. SOCIAL MEDIA - REAL DEALTwitter - @Real_DealRapsInstagram - @realdealpghWebsite - realdealraps.comFacebook - Trevor Weller SOCIAL MEDIA - TREVOR WELLER - (REAL DEALS SON FOR VOICE IMPRESSIONS)Instagram - @thetrevorwellerTwitter- @thetrevorwellerYoutube Video - Facebook - TIMESTAMPS 00:25 - Real Deal’s Beard01:31 - Florida/Covid-19 In Pensylvania03:10 - Limitations In Pittsburgh/Real Deal Has Questions In Regards To Covid-1904:11 - Covid-19 In Melbourne/Following Protocol06:13 - Real Deal Is Keeping Busy During Lockdown06:59 - Restrictions Of Being KOTD Champion07:46 - Real Deals Newest Album08:17 - Different Approaches To Battle Rap & Writing Songs09:38 - Real Deal’s Writing Process10:58 - America Is Very Diverse/Pittsburgh Is Ignorant12:03 - Once Were Warriors12:43 - Battling In Different Countries/Real Deal’s Writing For Scotland Battle13:58 - Where Real Does His Research15:56 - Kiwis Understanding American Culture17:54 - People Not Understanding Your Punchlines/Safe Bars19:51 - Real Deal’s Tricks To Counter A Punchline That Doesn’t Pop21:51 - Real Deal Still Gets Nervous Before A Battle/Memorising Rhymes/Prepping On The Night24:36 - Real Deal Wanted Something Tangible/Behind The Scenes Of KOTD Championship Battle26:05 - Defending The Title/Pat Stay27:09 - Real Deals Father28:32 - American Work Ethic29:44 - Pittsburgh Work Ethic/What Pittsburgh Is Known For/Cities In America Are Very Different31:33 - What Americans Know About NZ32:22 - Real Deal Hates People Asking Him About Trump/Real Deal’s Scotland Story35:45 - Trumps Run For Office Was Hilarious37:12 - Getting Into Arguments On Social Media/Real Deal Rates Eminem Over KRS-One41:53 - Arguments On Social Media Affects Your Mental Health44:05 - Poor Analogies45:28 - Real Deal Wants To Do Stand Up Comedy/Acting48:23 - Battle Rappers That Don’t Make Music/Expanding His Brain50:02 - Real Deal Loves Pittsburgh/Real Deal Schools Reece On Pittsburgh52:29 - How Real Deal Ended Up Competing In Line Em Up53:47 - Real Deal Wants More Opportunities For NZ Battle Rappers/Reece Explains Base Of Hip-Hop In NZ55:18 - Australian Hip-Hop/World Domination56:50 - Organik Approaching NZ Battle Rappers Would Need To Be Justified59:03 - Oxymirron Battles Numbers59:32 - Opportunities For NZ Battle Rappers/Battle Scenes Coming And Going1:01:58 - Battle Rap Likes Drama/Real Deal Hates The Drama1:04:25 - Real Deal Couldn’t Get Battles Because He Was To Good/Politics Behind The Scenes1:08:35 - Battlers Real Deal Wants To Battle1:10:19 - Real Deal Wants To Battle Overseas More 1:11:23 - KOTD Contractual Obligation/Perks Of Being Champ1:14:07 - Organiks Point Of View/1:16:00 - Disaster Competing Overseas/Different Leagues Hand Business Different1:17:53 - Real Deal’s Son Does Impressions1:20:00 - Real Deals Son ’Trevor Weller’ Social Media To Follow1:20:50 - Real Deal’s Social Media To Follow
Tyson Tyler is a veteran NZ/Aus Hip-Hop artist and considered one of the greats during its peak in the 2000s SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram - @tysontylergramTwitter - @TysonTylerYoutube - Tyson TylerSpotify - Tyson Tyler TIMESTAMPS 00:47 - Vibe In Brisbane/Gold Coast01:55 - Why Tyson Moved From South Auckland To Brisbane03:35 - So Many Kiwis/Polynesians In Brisbane04:50 - Collab With Mareko05:40 - Convincing His Boys From South Auckland To Move To Brisbane/Making Money From Music06:51 - Everything Changed For Tyson When He Became A Father07:45 - Creative Arts Is A Hard Industry08:39 - Tyson Is Always Writing09:30 - Tysons Process Of Writing11:25 - Collab Process13:00 - Battle Rap/Tyson Battling/14:59 - Line Em Up Tournament/Sobr/Vega17:59 - Podcasting/Tysons Podcast Time 2 Kill20:33 - Knowledge You Can Get From Podcasting/Audio Books22:19 - Education Needs To Evolve/Parenting In The Age Of Phones & Social Media24:00 - Social Media Is Data Surveillance25:50 - Music Contracts/Loyalty/Lawyers30:37 - Advice Tyson Got In His Early Career32:00 - Cyphanetiks Advice To Tyson34:07 - Rappers In NZ Nowadays/Dial Up Internet/History Of Hip-Hop37:23 - Why Tyson Changed His Name38:52 - Dealing With Fame41:51 - Tom Francis Stories48:28 - Carlos Hicks51:00 - Reece Is Contemplating Moving To Brisbane/Girls With Covid-19 In Brisbane53:01 - Tysons Thoughts On Covid-1953:52 - Winston Peters54:19 - Jacinda Ardern/People Not Responding To Reece’s Requests56:45 - Tyson Was Anxious Of Doing Gigs And Music Videos57:21 - King Cass/Reece Talks About Different Podcasts58:52 - The Art Of Running Podcasts/Tyson Gives Props To Kiwi Talkz 1:01:22 - Kodak Cameras1:02:37 - Tysons Plan When He Came Back To Australia1:03:35 - Drill Scene/Newer Rappers Are Not Distinctive 1:05:10 - Tysons Dream Collab/Drake1:06:50 - Bone Thugs/Dirty Sesh1:09:26 - Tyson Tylers Top 5 Emcees1:11:00 - Reece & Tyson Talk Favourite Nas Song1:11:59 - DJ Premier/Timbaland1:13:33 - Yorell1:15:22 - Tyson Tylers Top 5 NZ Emcees/Kiwi Rappers Are Better Than Aussies1:17:56 - NZ Accent/Kiwi Rappers Having American Twang1:20:08 - Cultures In Modern Day/People Not Knowing Fijians Are Fijians1:23:50 - Tyson Tries To Convince Reece To Move To Brisbane1:24:32 - Where To Follow Tyson Tyler
David Van Horn is an NZ Actor who is well known for playing 'Derek' in Sione's Wedding and being in the Pineapple Lumps Ad. He also had a very small part in Avatar  SOCIAL MEDIA  ACTOR BIO - - @thevanhornet  TIMESTAMPS 00:35 - David Remembers Reece As A Kid01:07 - Acting Industry As A Result Of Covid-1902:46 - Lockdown/Productions Shutting Down04:49 - NZ Has Always Been A Good Place To Shoot/NZ Crews05:56 - Kumeu Film Studio07:06 - David’s Role In Avatar08:12 - How David Got His Role In Avatar12:44 - What James Cameron Is Like15:32 - James Cameron Is A Genius16:33 - Avatar Sets/Green Screen17:22 - Transformers Set/James Cameron Showing Michael Bay David’s Scene18:21 - Life In Sydney19:50 - Getting A Job Is Like Being On Holiday21:18 - You’ve Got To Be Diverse To Work In NZ/Theatre24:27 - Zombie Theatrical Show/Video Games/Last Of Us28:40 - Commercials29:20 - Pineapple Lumps Ad31:08 - Voice Over For KFC Story/Sky Sports Now32:57 - Clarity With Voice Overs34:27 - How David Got ‘Derek’ Role In Sione’s Wedding40:08 - Memorising A Script/David’s Process44:20 - Crying On Cue/Key To Cry In A Scene46:40 - Kiwi Actors In Australia/Acting Audition In Sydney/Kathmandu Voice Over50:14 - Living In London/Time In Spain/Zombie Show54:08 - Accents/IDEEA Website/Australian Accent57:33 - Directors David Would Want To Work With/Diversity58:50 - Taika Waititi/David’s Experience With Taika1:00:53 - Flight Of The Conchords1:01:11 - Celebrities That Are Normal & Divas/Kanye West1:03:20 - David’s Advice For Creative People1:05:08 - Confidentiality Agreements & Keeping Them Secret1:06:47 - David’s Instagram
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