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Episode from the podcastKondwani's Reflections on Self Discovery

Poetry reflections: Who Rescues Superman

Released Thursday, 26th November 2020
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Written in December 2018 as I sailed the dark storms.

The poem titled Who Rescues Superman reflects on how at times we have so many responsibilities, social pressures and expectations from the world, and yet when we face our demons and are sinking, there is no one to turn to, no one to fight for us, because the world already expects us to be better off and fighting for it.  Superman or Woman is anyone that is a leader in any form, for example, the parent, the firstborn, the boss, the pastor, the role model, the breadwinner, etc.

We are constantly superheroes during the day and an average Joe at night when the world is not watching. The dear fellow lightworker, remember to be authentic, explore your God-given gifts, be yourself even if most will reject you because society doesn’t approve. 

Dear soul seeker,  be strong but also remember it is okay to be weak sometimes. It is okay to cry, real men cry, a real man knows that bottling up pain and sorrow never did any justice to anyone.

Dear traveller, on this journey, may you never feel alone or die in silence, never feel like the man of steel as sometimes your rescuers may not be superheroes, it could be a Mr nobody or the man on the street. But still remember that your inner shadows, kryptonite, will need you to rise and conquer them. 

May we continue to empower each other, share good vibrations and be lighthouses to those passing throw the toughest storms.