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On this Land & Legacy podcast, This is a podcast that has been in the making for several months! During this week's, we discuss the common red flags that alert us on property listings. As hunters looking for every edge, we can often fall victim to marketing schemes. This podcast is devoted to making you, the potential buyer, aware of what to look for and be cautious of when buying a hunting property. Titles like "Big Buck Paradise", outdated trail camera images, phrases liken "not been hunted for "X" years", "property has been managed for "X" years, and many more commonly used phrases. As real estate agents and land consultants, we can navigate and see past this to make necessary recommendations for the buyer. Beware of these phrases and what they truly mean! If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
We've all done it, been there, lived it, regretted it, and put it behind us. However, did you learn from it? Did you turn that negative energy into positive energy and become a better shot? This week we share the full stories behind the most prominent miss we've each experienced in the field. However, we share the steps we took after that miss to put it behind us as well. No doubt more misses will greet us down road, but we can stomach them better now! Share with your buddy who misses every season! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
In this week's podcast we devoted our time to review the details of Film 1 and the habitat renovations at the family farm. Prior to downloading the podcast, be sure to watch Film 1 on our Facebook and Youtube page. This film will give the visual for the areas we discuss in full detail on the podcast this week. During scene one, we review the stages of an ongoing renovation project at Adam's family​​ farm. We walk you through the process of turning an abandoned pasture back into an oak savannah that will benefit the cattle and be dynamite bedding/nesting/escape for wildlife. We are maximizing the acres on this multi-use farm. Plus, we cover a recent real estate transaction that takes an over-looked 80-acre property and we provide suggestions to put it on the map! Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
This time of the year is not the time to slack. Many states have closed deer season now, but you should still be in the woods. Trade in the bow for a chainsaw, it's time to give back and put some trees on the ground. Over 80% of a deer's diet is woody browse. Do you have enough woody browse available on your property to keep feeding deer? We are about to enter the most stressful time period for whitetails. Put a hold on shed season and do work that will produce a return for you and your hunting for seasons to come. In this podcast, we discuss the importance of woody browse and other winter-time habitat management projects like bedding area thickets, TSI, dormant season discing, and prescribed fire. Find out how these habitat improvement techniques can make your property more attractive to wildlife! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
This week's podcast Kyle and Frank go deep into the history of trapping and the complex dynamics of predator-prey relationships. Both Kyle and Frank are experienced trappers and actively trap predators each season, from coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, all the way to beavers and muskrats. With their biological research and extensive landscape management experiences, Kyle and Frank settle the argument of the implications of reducing predator numbers to improve game species such as turkey, whitetail deer, and bobwhite quail. There is not a direct correlation to reducing predator numbers and having prey responded with higher reproduction rates as this relationship is super complex. So with these research results, what does a land manager do to improve reproductive rates? The answer is simple, actively manage the habitat! If you want to evaluate your impact and make the largest positive impact on the property you manage, then devote time to habitat restoration practices. Trapping is fun and a recreational opportunity, but to raise more turkeys and fawns each year, WORK THE HABITAT! Enjoy.Learn.Share!  Land & Legacy is Powered by Simplecast
During this podcast, we chat with the minds behind Sportsmen's Alliance, an organization taking a stand for all outdoorsmen. This group is the main force behind protecting the legislative rights of anyone who enjoys the outdoors. There is a real fight from the "other side" to eliminate the opportunity to hunt, fish, and trap as we know it. These groups are well funded and take action daily to attempt to pass laws and bills that could change the way we all recreate and destroy millions of people's heritage. As the fight continues, we and Sportsmen's Alliance ask for participation in sharing the threat we face but most importantly in taking action against it. Education of this topic just like in habitat management is critical! Please stand up and join us in educating others that standing up is necessary if we intend to continue enjoying the outdoors as we do now. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
During the first week of Missouri's turkey season, several longbeards hit the dirt! The Land & Legacy team knocked down 5 birds across the state and captured several of them on film. This week, we recap those hunts and share the tips and strategies we used with each setup to lure these hard gobbling longbeards into range. Each hunt was different in their own way, but each one required a different execution to close out the hunt. Several of the hunts happened right off the roost, these hunts required some aggressive calling techniques as well as the perfect setup for the longbeard to make his approach. Other hunts happened later in the morning and even mid-day! These hunts forced us to move our position and play the patience card several times. Not every setup will work, but stay diligent and use your woodsmanship to make the turkey hunt a success. You will not want to miss this podcast as we share tons of great tips and techniques to finish early season gobblers! This week's action has been hot, we are excited to see if it will continue during the rest of the turkey season! Enjoy.Learn.Share!
This week we are joined by Kingham Johnson who is a current intern with Land & Legacy and our partners. Kingham is meeting his internship requirements through the Kansas State Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise program. During the podcast, Kingham describes the advantages of the program and how it is helping him reach his goals of running a business based on habitat management. We discuss how his opportunities this summer are helping him learn the business of consulting, client relations, habitat management, networking, and much more. Kingham shares some great insight on how to obtain the education and experiences necessary to get started. If you a young individual wanting to learn how to land a job in the outdoor industry, this podcast will help you! Enjoy.Learn.Share!
Matt Ross from Quality Deer Management Association joins us to discuss his thoughts on hinge cutting, clear cuts, and many other techniques for timber management. These practices can have a huge positive impact on your hunting property and hunting success for years to come. Be sure to get a professional help before diving head first into managing the timber. Time to focus efforts on the majority of many properties we hunt. Enjoy. Learn. Share! Adam & Matt
Never give up on a property just because of the size. There are several things you can do to improve the habitat and hunting on small pieces of land. In fact, these farms can offer success year after year if hunted and managed correctly, tune in to find out how! Enjoy. Learn Share! Adam & Matt
Every season offers new opportunities! This fall is no different as we make a big announcement in future. New opportunities is what makes this time of the year so exciting to call yourself a hunter. There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into selecting bucks that make our hitlist. In this week’s podcast we develop our hitlist for 2017 and based on our summer trail camera pictures on two properties we will be spending a lot of time on this fall. When building your hitlist be sure to include all the bucks that you will be happy to harvest. Let’s make hunting and harvests an enjoyable experience for all. In addition, we share some helpful management tips to use on hunting leases. A lease can offer unique challenges, so we discuss our plans on a leased tract of land in Kansas.
Have you ever dreamed of the opportunity to own your own hunting property? Often times 40 acres isn't given enough credit for the offering great deer hunting opportunities. Wildlife Artist, Ryan Kirby just bought his first property near his childhood hometown in IL. We had the privilege of walking the hunting property with Ryan recently to offer our suggestions on how to hunt and improve the habitat. We highlight and discuss 11 different points throughout the property. This property breakdown includes key points like food plots, bedding areas, travel corridors, stand access, pinch points, and terrain features. All of these points are considered when we make these suggestions turning a good 40-acre travel corridor into a dynamite 40-acre hunting tract offering long-term success and attraction. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
Every deer season is a learning experience and for Adam and Chad it's a great reminder of just how far it has come. Not many people are blessed with the ability to have a family farm and a long-term lease next to each other, but it's given them the ability to watch the deer herd change as well as the size of the bucks calling their farm home. Unfortunately it took much longer than expected! Over the years people preached food plots were key, but they found that to be inaccurate. With recent large scale changes to their management they've seen changes happen fast! Managing and hunting a home farm does require different tactics than you may see used on outdoor television. Patience is key, playing it safe and reminding yourself it's a marathon not a sprint. Frustrations and slow hunts could tempt a hunter to want to dive into a spot where they know deer frequent but it could lead to slow hunts the remainder of the season. This is a mindset that will allow your farm to hunt fresh from September to January. One thing is for certain through this podcast. If you're entire property is close canopy forest with little diversity and you're looking for better hunting, it's time to make a change. Food plots are an awesome tool in your hunting arsenal but changing the direction of your deer herd starts with habitat management. #ForLoveoftheLand  Land & Legacy is Powered by Simplecast
This podcast's focus is an outlook on the whitetail season with our friend and Land & Legacy contributor Seth Harker. Seth is a whitetail freak. He is constantly managing his farm, taking inventory, and learning his local deer herd. Over the past few years, a buck he calls Snoop Dawg has caught his eye. We take time to discuss his plans on how to harvest this deer. There are several other deer on the radar as well, but one of the big plans for this fall on his property is to lower the antlerless deer population. He currently has too many deer to feed and needs to lower the deer numbers. In addition to lowering deer numbers, we discuss the topic of "bully bucks". These bucks have a bad attitude, running other bucks off regardless of age or antler size. Seth has watched this over the years take place. Knowing this, there are plans to remove some of the mature bullies and see how the remaining deer herd reacts! Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
You may be wondering what does monoculture mindset management mean? This is a big title to simply discuss the flaws and long-term failures behind having a mindset with one focus as we prepare for hunting season. The bulk of this podcast is devoted to discussing what the future holds when hunters and land managers focus all season long on one specific buck. This seems harmless, but down the road, this focus or mindset can change the whitetail herd dynamics. Does are passed continuously and the dynamics of the population can rapidly change, stress levels increase within the herd and antler sizes decrease. As hunters preparing for the hunting season our goals should be broader than just focusing on one deer. Today shape your mindset to look at the overall herd in the area. Focus on harvest goals with greater influence than just continuing to focus time on a single buck! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
We've made a change, will you? With recent changes and developments in CWD research, things are changing and changing fast. Penn State recently released information that confirms CWD prions were found in active bait sites, 9 of 11 actually. This staggering information should raise red flags and result in a change in management and mineral placement regardless if your state regulations have changed yet. This podcast is not to argue if CWD is real or a "conspiracy", rather provide you with alternative ways to inventory your deer herd when regulations regarding baiting and mineral/salt blocks become illegal in your area. With that, we provide our insight on how and where to place trail cameras to document and inventory the local deer herd. Ready or not, things are changing and you will want to be in front of the curve rather than behind! Enjoy.Share.Learn!
Being our on the road a lot during this time of the year, we begin to see many different habitat types that are struggling and begging to be managed in a better way. During this weeks podcast, we discuss the recent observations from the field. We cover states like Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, and Ohio. In addition, we pose the question, what if we only managed for big bucks. What would the landscape look like, what would be the priorities of our time when on the property? How would this affect the overall health of the property? Would the land increase in diversity or would it diminish as we begin to fear working the land? We answer all these questions and continue to support why managing for diversity and managing for plant communities rather than for specific plants is far more rewarding and healthier for the land. We hope you enjoy and share with someone new this week! Enjoy. Learn. Share!  Land & Legacy is Powered b y Simplecast
On this podcast, Matt interviews returning guest Todd Watts to share in detail the transition of The Hogan property to new owners. It is not uncommon to have many listeners call in to ask questions regarding recreational land real estate questions. Since Todd was the owner of a stellar property in Ohio that just went through real estate transaction process it was only fitting to bring him back on the podcast to discuss getting the most out of the recreational land you own. This property was on the market for two weeks, showed once, and received a full price offer. This is the type of real estate success we want to share with you. With any type of real estate, every buyer wants a deal and every seller wants to get the most out of there property. In this podcast, we share with you how to setup a recreational property to make it stand out when it hits the market. There are key features that these type properties need to have, while some less valuable features can be forgotten. It is important to offer a wide range of recreational opportunities, show before and after photos, and market the features of the property better than anyone else. If you want to truly increase the value of rural land, you have to create opportunities that buyers have never seen before. World-class habitat and property layout makes buyers not want to walk away. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand Land & legacy is Powered by Simplecast
We are live this week recording from the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, TN. With the assistance of Pure Air Natives, we hosted a get-together with listeners attending the convention to discuss land and habitat management topics. After the seminar, we opened up the mic and invited attendees to join in on the live question and answer podcast. We had people from Minnesota to Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee represented at the After Hours Event. During this podcast we discuss how to get rid of herbicide-resistant weeds in food plots, management timber stands, increase the native cover on properties, step by step instructions on how to prepare for native plantings, and the history or evolution of Pure Air Natives. The owner Jon Wingo took some time to discuss with us his history of managing and restoring prairies across the country. Jon has been doing so for 31 years and is a wealth of knowledge in all things land management. There are several great tips and techniques shared throughout this entire podcast on how to establish, maintain, and hunt prairies. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
Grab your over and under, box of shells, chaps, and bird dog, it's quail time! We have a big annoucement to make on for the bobwhite quail, Land & Legacy is expanding into a new field by bringing on two of the top quail researchers and hunters in the country to our team! Both Kyle and Frank who have been guests in the past will be working under the Land & Legacy name to provide top-notch upland habitat management consultations across the country. These two guys have spent many years studying and mastering the management of upland ecosystems to allow game birds like bobwhite quail, pheasants, and greater prairie chickens to prosper. We are very excited to bring you all the additional information on managing upland prairies, shrub lands, native forbs, in an annual setting. The management techniques are similar for deer, but the intervals of disturbance and spatial distribution drastcially change for quail. Kyle and Frank will break this down into simple terms on how they address these issues on farms from Texas to South Dakota all the way across to South Carolina. This is a big step for us and we cannot wait to see these guys in aciton. If you know anyone interested in quail management, please feel free to reach out through email at To hear there previous podcast, click here and click here! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
During this podcast, you will be exposed to a unique opportunity we have the privilege of being apart. The 5th annual One Shot Hunt in Virginia hosted by the Virginia Wildlife Foundation. This event that is open to the public has many purposes, two of the biggest include fundraising as well as hunter recruitment. The event brings the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, landowners, turkey hunting guides, and sponsored hunters all together for a weekend of networking and turkey hunting. We speak with the Executive Director of the Virginia Wildlife Foundation, Jenny West to get her perspective on the event as well as the future of our hunting heritage. Jenny is enthusiastic and encouraged by recent events and the direction of the hunting culture, especially in Virginia. We also catch up with Ashton Dye, who was a volunteer guide for the event. His role over the past 5 years has been to help facilitate new hunters with outdoor experiences. Lastly, we chat with Caroline Hollandsworth, a new hunter! This event was the first time she took to the woods after any game species. She shares her story and how being a new hunter can be intimidating as well as exciting. Be sure to catch these stories! We hope you find this podcast engaging and encouraging knowing state agencies are working to promote hunting and joining landowners with new hunters. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
QDMA Module #2 is in review this week, it's all about antlers! We discuss at length many of the crazy characteristics with whitetail antlers including age, nutrition, and genetics. These amazingly unique features grow in just a few months time, shed velvet, display dominance, and then shed completely within one year. In addition, we share how science debunks several of the common myths that float around many hunting camps. Many times the summer months are often overlooked in the productivity and quality of work that can be completed on a property. Matt and Adam share several habitat management tips that can be accomplished during the summer months. These hot and occasionally dry months are a great time to be monitoring past habitat projects while improving soil management and fertility. Don't miss this podcast, there are tons of great insights! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
Welcome to a new way to own land. We are excited to bring you an opportunity to learn more about The Hogan. This property is a 550-acre recreational property located in Gallipolis, Ohio. This farm is being offered to 5 member-owners for the first time ever! This farm has been developed over the past few years to create a dynamic habitat and wildlife-rich property. All this development comes at a cost. The value of this offering and property stretches out the cost across several member/owners making the dream of owning a 550-acre recreational paradise feasible. The work has been done and the enjoyment is waiting for your family to be a part of this unique opportunity. If you have dreamed of owning incredible hunting and fishing property, but don't have the time or knowledge to develop then The Hogan is for you. Shared Ownership is a new structure, but one that offers premiere land at a fraction of the cost. Show up and Enjoy!
Adam and Matt discuss the Missouri turkey season opening day hunts as well as the preparation they’re going through to prepare for spring food plots. Listen up to hear the professional ideas and opinions on what to plant in your food plots! Don’t think of your food plots as just forage opportunities, keep an open mind for ways to improve many features of your land by selecting the right species! Enjoy.Learn.Share! Adam & Matt
Yes, we went there! This is without a doubt a highly debated topic among bow hunters. We've all been there and missed chip shots cause the deer seemed to "jump the string". After years of filming countless deer hunts and studying footage both successful and unsuccessful shots, we've got the answer. Luckily for you, it doesn't require any more practice or the purchase of new equipment, simply an awareness of a deer's body posture will make you more successful. We provide you with the shoot and don't shoot situations. Since discovering this, misses from deer jumping the string have been removed from our hunting situations. Consider the advice and save yourself the frustration of dulling broadheads, breaking arrows, and using "naughty" words after an easy bow shot! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand
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