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Garrett Lane reviewed this podcast on May 18th, 2019
"Great show on my 3rd listen thru of the back catalog, got me thru some rough times"
SallyRide reviewed this podcast on Mar 12th, 2019
"I've listened to LPotL for about 3 years now, and I still listen to every new episode as soon as I see it in my feed. "
chromakey reviewed this podcast on Mar 12th, 2019
"A wonderful mix of humor and true crime education. You learn a lot about murderers and conspiracies along with humor that has genuinely made me laugh out loud in a public space. I usually hate podcasts that are just friends bantering, but this is my only exception. Not only that but they put tons of effort into researching their topics"
stevejets85 reviewed this podcast on Sep 22nd, 2018
"This is my go-to podcast. Whenever there is a new release it is a must listen. Dark, twisted, and black comedy - I understand if this isn't for everyone. The hosts are veterans of this media, polished, with excellent chemistry - you can tell they enjoy what they are doing. Highly recommend."
Blunderbuss reviewed this podcast on Sep 24th, 2017
"Great commute podcast "
NinaGabrielle reviewed this podcast on Aug 7th, 2017
"What I would do/give to be able to sit in on the recordings of this podcast, and hang out with these hooligans on the reg. LPOTL is such a amazing mixture of fact, fiction, controversy, theories, and hilarious shenanigans! I literally listen to it all day. First thing I do in the AM, turn on LPOTL and brush my teeth. I listen in the shower, and when I walk my dogs. I listen to it in the car on the way to work, and when I grocery shop (which is actually becoming a problem bc I forget I'm in public and often LOL while feeling up various fruits and veggies...) Thanks so much to Marcus, Henry, Ben and their team for my very real addiction. Love you guys!"
Piercedecourcy reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"Superb. Funny. Well researched. Can require a strong stomach. Not for religious people or the easily offended. I love it"
Ellavemia reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"I fell in love with the L. Ron Hubbard series and have since listened to every episode. The guys are raunchy and the topics can be morbid, but you can feel the closeness between the hosts, who really seem to be genuine friends. The reenactment/ voice acting is hilarious. If you don't mind a bit of vulgarity, this show is a must-listen. "
Farmer reviewed this podcast on Aug 4th, 2017
"If you like creepy stuff, dark humor, and laughing your **** off while learning about serial killers, aliens, and conspiracies, this is the podcast for you. Hail Satan!"
Squaralyn reviewed this podcast on Jul 27th, 2017
"I have a high tolerance for inappropriateness and morbidity, so this podcast is definitely up my alley. You get the feeling the three hosts are best friends, and that you the listener are the fourth member of their little tribe of disgusting humans sitting in a sweaty room somewhere. If you can make it through hearing about the worst people that humanity has to offer, you'll also hear nuggets of sweetness from the guys, like Ben's perpetual search for a wife and family, Marcus' innocent but bizarre childhood, and Henry's.... I don't know what's sweet about Henry, but when he breaks character and talks about what monsters the heavy-hitting murderers are, I always dig it. He loves and supports his sister, so that's sweet. Anyway, the hosts put on these characters that are offensive and prof…"
Qwortec reviewed this podcast on Jun 30th, 2017
"I like the concept here but the comedy portion is a bit too forced and the episodes get drawn out. If you like the comedy stuff though you'll probably dig this."
Drucifer reviewed this podcast on Jun 30th, 2017
"For those into the darker side of things, this podcast is a wonderful venture into that territory, The three guides in this venture do a great job of conveying the weight of the subject matter presented while at the same time keep things light with humor at the absurdity of it all. "
TuesdayWildfire reviewed this podcast on Jun 27th, 2017
"I'm really enjoying working my way through the back catalogue of this. Be warned though: the humour can get very inappropriate at times, so be prepared. I get the feeling you either love or hate this kind of thing"
CPX2400 reviewed this podcast on Jun 12th, 2017
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