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Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  5: Guest Dane Cook: "Churro Explosion Candid Heroes"
Dane Cook joins Gleib. This week we discuss if Ron Paul is racist, lesbian sailors making out, Iraq, and Churros exploding, Brazil's economy surging, Biden saying the Taliban is not our enemy, and gay coffee. Then Dane joins and we talk about his life, if Dane is a standup comedian, his awkward childhood, dealing with loss, dreaming big, alt comedy, his movie choices, comedian haters and why they hate on him, Louis CK, the story behind his appearance on Louie, a falling out Dane and Gleib once had and how that led to their touring arenas together, and meeting his heroes Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, and Jerry Lewis. Then in the THUNDER ROUND the two of them review 2011: Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Gaga, Rebecca Black, British royalty, celebrity divorces, Justin Bieber, Herman Cain, and Scarlett Johansson. Everything that happened during the LAST YEAR ON EARTH.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  12: Guest Iliza Shlesinger: "Sexy Valentine's Day Special"
Iliza Shlesinger (Winner of Last Comic Standing, Host of Excused) joins Gleib for his Valentne's Day Special to discuss if women should serve in combat, Miley Cyrus' drastic new change, Syria continuing its crackdown, Nikki Minaj and Chris Brown at The Grammy's, the passing of Whitney Houston, people who treat their dogs weird, if Nicolas Cage is a vampire, fans taking sports more seriously than the players, Kim Kardashian's hot lunch date, Sean Hannity saying Obama didn't want Bin Laden dead, a guy getting death threats over a tweet, Obama's religious birth control reversal, colleges selling bathroom stalls, if stimulating your brain improves memory, and hot topless protestors in Russia. Plus a clip from Gleib's show in Edmonton, twitter answers, and THE THUNDER ROUND! Also, The "Don't Be a D*ck" Pledge is up! Sign it at
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  11: Italian Brownies Please, Hold The Racism
We discuss why a million moms hate Ellen Degeneres, a middle school girl selling pot brownies, Romney saying he doesn't care about poor people, a full review of the Super Bowl Ads and Halftime Show, if Madonna can create world peace, if Clint Eastwood's voice is too much, if Obama should be allowed to say Jesus, the craziest man in the world on FOX News, Sex Week at Yale, Black History Month, a man adopting his girlfriend, why racists have low IQ, if we're on the brink of attacking Iran and their willingness to attack Israel and the U.S., Obama changing his stance on Super Pacs, the hottest Italian girl in the world, Susan G. Komen's attack on Planned Parenthood, Harry Potter being drunk, Repubs wanting to ban welfare card use at strip clubs, Russia and China refusing to stop the bloody crackdown in Syria, the importance of Groundhog day, Washington legalizing same sex marriage, the Egypt soccer riot, and Governor Chris Christie fighting with Snooki. Plus, twitter answers and THE THUNDER ROUND. (Don't be a d!ck and subscribe to this podcast on itunes. It's free.)
#187: A Very Trump Thanksgiving
Driving with his parents to Thanksgiving dinner, Gleib, Nate & Ziva talk the outlook two weeks after Trump's election, and stop at 7/11 to buy alcohol.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  115: LWOE Highlights
Solo episode clips from episodes 101-112 and guest clips spankig the full history of the podcast. Including Bryan Cranston, Adam Devine, Ben Savage, Ben Morrison, Jen Kirkman, Neal Brennan, and Kira Soltanovich.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  112: Hipster the Flying Deer
Kiera Knightly does something shocking. Obama takes selfie at Mandela's Memorial. Smarter people stay up late, do drugs, and have more sex. NSA is tracking our movements & watching our video games. GM has a woman CEO. Amanda Bynes leaves rehab. Man lives on bottom of the Ocean. We give historical context to the passing of Nelson Mandela. 2013 is the Year of the Hipster. And a jogger is hit by a flying deer. Everything that happened during the last week on Earth.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  110: Have Some Coke and a Ball
America has coked out leaders too! Iran signs nuclear deal - dont worry its only temporary! Obama gives clinton a necklace. Taliban in flame war on twitter! Senate nukes the filibuster. Putin to have Roman holiday kickin' it with the Pope! WHERE is katie couric gonna do the news??? A man sells his testicle for something you will not believe! EVERYTHING that happened during the Last Week on Earth.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  106: Black Fish Drunk Fish
Ben Morrison Joins Gleib for A Very Odd Halloween Episode, with a tiny live audience in his apartment: Kanye Disses Bruce Jenner. Obamacare All Messed Up. Pope Suspends Bling Bishop. White House Staffer Tweets From Fake Account. The U.S. Is Tapping Our Allies Phones. And World Leaders Phones! Facebook Changes It's Mind On Beheadings. Lisa Kudrow Has Life Altering Nose Job. Plus, Gleib Tells You The Best Place To Be A Woman. Check out for all things Morrison. And follow @bengleib on all social media.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  123: Guest Moby: The Nose Breathing Dragon
Moby joins Gleib to discuss what love is, if gangsta rap keeps people down, what kind of girl he likes, trusting your instincts, Facebook buying drones, why he quit drugs and alcohol (as Gleib tries to get him to to give it another try,) the dumb-ing down of people, nose breathing, the decline of books, how the government pulls off conspiracies right before our eyes, how welfare programs helped him, orange juice, toads, and much more. Follow Moby on Twitter at @TheLittleIdiot
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  118: 118: Feel the Heat
Gleib explains how to control your body temperature. The Pope loves the internet. 5 mistakes you're making in the shower. Another victory for gay marriages. NFL considering pot use. Mexico legalizes vigilantism. Plus an interview with definitely not the real Morgan Freeman.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  68: Burning up for your Meat
Everything that happened last week, including knives now being allowed on planes. Bin Laden's son being brought to the U.S. Rand Paul's 13 hour non-pee filled filibuster. Obama taking 13 Republicans to dinner. The bible's popular new app, and the start of the Papal Conclave. The untimely demise of Justin Bieber's hamster. Facebook selling likes. Chris Brown getting poetic at a club. Roger Ailes calling Obama lazy. Tina Fey and Taylor Swift still battling. The cause of Chavez' death. Harry Styles on Jennifer Lawrence. If the Republican party is finally becoming more progressive. Whole foods deciding to label GMO's. North Korea threatening the U.S. with a Sea of Fire. Why processed meat can kill you. Burlusconi sentenced to prison in Italy. What Jessica Simpson really really loves. NY's soda ban overturned. A virgin bachelor, a hot robbery, and much more. Follow @BenGleib on the great video social networking app Viddy, free in the App Store or Google Play.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  63: Blast into Space Stupid
Ben Morrison joins Ben Gleib to discuss if Adele's dad is invisible, North Korea appearing on Google maps and threatening the U.S., Catherine Zeta Jones nipples make Royal cameo, Republicans call each other stupid, Iran launches monkey into space, Obama and Hillary's joint interview, 10,000 crocodiles going missing, Sarah Palin out at Fox News, Apple loses top spot, Obama appoints a controversial chairwoman to the SEC, John Kerry confirmed as Secretary of State, and danger in Libya. This and much more during the Last Week on Earth. Plus a special gangster ending. Please support our sponsor Viddy. Download and enjoy the free video app right now. It's Instagram for 15 second videos.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  62: Gun for the Moon
Everything that happened during the last week, including Obama's second inauguration, if condom sex is good sex, Congressional Republicans compromising on Debt Ceiling, imaginary girlfriends football controversy, Lance Armstrong admitting everything, Obama's new gun legislation and 23 executive orders, Dreamliners grounded, women now allowed to fight in combat, animals being not that great, Americans held hostage in Algeria, Lena Dunham called fat, Obama's second term agenda debated, tips for improving your sleep, Apple's possible trouble, Google giving our info to the government, Hillary gets heated at Benghazi hearing, Facebook's new graph search, 18 human heads found at airport, why Lindsay Lohan can't dance on TV, sending art to the Moon, and much more. Please support our new sponsor VIDDY. The killer, free video app for your phone. It's like Instagram for 15 second videos. Follow me on Viddy @bengleib
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  61: Guest Adam Devine: Tickets to the Show
Workaholics star and creator Adam Devine talks cheating, the Golden Globes, his mom catching him looking at VERY WEIRD porn, Lance Armstrong admitting to DOPING, singing for his starring role in Pitch Perfect, why The White House is talking about a DEATH STAR, Lindsay Lohan caught CHEWING out her costar, Comedy Central buying his show, Controversy with Chuck Hagel's nomination for Secretary of Defense, getting a teacher demoted, CHEATING all the time, the meeting of PORN and comedy, the Django N-word controversy, the spreading flu epidemic, a sperm donor getting screwed, Clarence Thomas finally speaking and not being an abolitionist, the secret to Damon and Affleck's BROMANCE, Bieber and Gomez news, Sandusky to appeal, if Coldplay lead to safe driving, Adam's WORKAHOLICS costar jumping off a roof, Coca-Cola's new obesity ad, is Taylor Swift a prude? Jodi Foster sort of coming out, Celebrity diaper quotes, Cali being colder than Boston, Alex Jones of Infowars melting down on Piers Morgan, Rebels seizing Syrian airbase and Assad moving to a ship, GUN legislation moving forward, Olivia Wilde engagement news, Brtiney non-marriage news, Timberlake and Destiny's Child's upcoming music comeback, and if we should lick our plates.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  51: Bonus Pod: "Pre-Election Debate Style"
In this 3 part bonus pod, Gleib debates conservative comedian / Romney supporter Travis Cohen, for 1 hour 40 mins, covering almost every issue in this campaign. YOU DECIDE who won. Then Arrested Development writer Chuck Martin & comedian Matt Ralston join Gleib at a BAR to share their opinions of Romney and make election PREDICTIONS. Then comedian Christine Little takes a drive with Gleib to discuss why she doesn't care who wins, and he tries to convince her it actually matters. Follow Christine Little @Christine_lil
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  100: 100TH EPISODE
This is the 100th episode, so we cover the news, do an extended Twitter Answers, and Gleib is joined by two surprise guests.
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  95: Guest Steve Hofstetter: Oxford Comma Spying Trashcan
Can a waffle taco save America? Can trashcans track your every move? Does Al Qaeda have a Legion of Doom? Sydney Leathers gives tips on how to seduce a politician. Can a baby be a Messiah? Should we use an Oxford Comma? Man sues bank for credit card terms he invented. Dad and son live in jungle for 42 years! Is marriage ever good? Gleib asks an actual married person. Are drones dropping beer now? EVERYTHING that happened during the LAST WEEK ON EARTH. Follow @BenGleib on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, and
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  94: Guests Gleib's Parents: "Mom and Dad Save the World"
Gleib's Parents Return! Terrorists & Lindsay Lohan on the loose! World's 1st Lab created burger is eaten! What makes a happy marriage? Has the U.S. reached peak soda? Should Israel have been built where Israel is? Should we bring fast food employees out of poverty for just 22 cents? Edward Snowden given asylum in Russia as more surveillance programs are revealed. Follow Gleib's dad on Twitter @natedogdodger and Gleib on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram @BenGleib
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  87: She's in Hot Butter
#143: Okay Diane!
What do penises and potholes have in common? Bruce Jenner is becoming a Kardashian. Chinese Models pretend to be homeless. Hey Baltimore, how about a little Balti-less? Bloods and Crips make a truce. Dr. Oz refuses to not promote garbage. New Zealand’s Prime Minister gets grabby. Are Aliens Real? A Fox makes a sandwich. Oh, and more! Follow @bengleib onPeriscope #begleibers
#163: Bikini Clad Muslims: Guest Ben Morrison
Ben Morrison returns to discuss what it’ll be like having just Hillary against Trump, if Trump actually makes any sense, if Bernie’s plans are plausible, why Bernie’s political revolution should become people demanding Hillary choose him as her VP, things Trump could do if he loses, and if a coma can lead to swearing and cheese. Follow @benthemorrison on the socials. Watch Gleib’s hour standup special “Neurotic Gangster” on Showtime June 3. #lwoe @lastweekonearth
#3: Guest Andy Dick: "Naked Drone Sheep Mouth" - Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib
Andy Dick joins Gleib to discuss Alec Baldwin, US spy plane crash in Iran, if Jen Aniston is the sexiest woman ever, Obama's Bieber fever, Republicans sucking oil through a pipe, Lindsay Lohan naked, the Russian President's filthy mouth, Charlie Sheen pulling a Weiner, what kangaroos are like on heroin, and somehow, much more. Plus Andy shares some VERY personal stories, and gives out his phone number.
#1: Sea Of Fire, Angry Tampons, and Our Guest Blake Griffin - Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib
NBA superstar Blake Griffin joins Gleib for his debut episode, where we discuss Kim Kardashian's idiotic fans, people being attacked with pepper spray and tampons, if J Lo lied to us, Romney's deceitful ad, Herman Cain bangin' everyone, partying at the revolution, if George Clooney is too handsome to live, and one very hungry hippo. Pretty much everything that happened Last Week on Earth.
140: The Bens fight about the News
Ben Gleib and Ben Morrison fight about... Gleib's glued fingers THE ISIS CRISIS. white house fence jumper. Both Bens got the iphone 6. miley cyrus' friend's house hollywood's box office woes (tears) celebrity hacker photo leaks the continued implosion nfl
Last Week On Earth with Ben Gleib  131: Ben Morrison Playhouse Flow
Starting with a freestyle news rap, Ben Morrison & Gleib flow down at Morrison's pad about the events of the last week. With his girlfriend Christine and 2 random Israeli dudes in the background.
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