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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Borborygmi - Part 1

Released Monday, 4th May 2020
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How has coronavirus affected education? (3:17)

A shift to virtual learning platforms (4:00)

Teachers are still approaching their work with professionalism and a focus on student learning (6:00)

A potential new understanding of, and appreciation for, what teachers do (6:55)

Will higher ed make adjustments in learning as a result of COVID-19? (8:40)

Immersion in content alongside practitioners (11:05) 

Technology is more than digital (12:00)

Communicate to learn (13:00)

Technology based decisions must be made in service of who is being served and what needs to be accomplished (13:30)

I quit teaching after one year in the classroom (15:10)

Connections between education and work in other sectors (16:35)

Learning opportunities exist in virtually every situation (17:30)

Each student’s potential to learn is not determined by what they know now (18:30)

How has the U.S. educational model changed since the 1980s? Many options for one’s education (19:10) 

Jamie Vollmer - Schools Cannot Do It Alone (20:30)

The increasing scope of responsibilities connected to public schools (21:20)

The chalkboard. A relic? (21:30)

Notes to students - before texting, email and access to photocopiers (23:10)

Public schools or private schools - which is best? (24:45)

Public school - opportunity, authenticity, and diversity (25:30)

Teachers as the heart of the school (27:00)

Preparing for students for whatever next is the key to gauging school effectiveness (27:45)

Public schools as a foundation of our nation’s government and culture (28:30)

Innovation, creativity, and ingenuity (29:15)

Predictive tests (standardized tests) and their inappropriate place of prominence as evaluative tools (30:00)

The sum total of one’s learning (30:50)

What you know, understand, and are able to do (32:00)

Kindergarten as an example of the need for a more authentic process to gauge student progress (33:00)

Test scores or recommendations about work ethic, understanding, initiative, as components of admission requirements (35:30)

SAT and/or ACT - vital? (37:00)

Indicators of a great school (37:30)

Standardized testing and “the practice of”  - finding the balance (38:00)

The inadequacies of a limited bank of test items (41:00)

Engaging with a true practitioner and with emerging mentors (42:45)

Relationships must be a big part of doing one’s work well (45:15)

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