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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Dale Rogers - School, Industry, School - Always a Teacher

Released Friday, 12th June 2020
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My favorite principal, Mr. Ed. Worley (3:05)

Fairly smart until eighth grade (4:00)

Drafting class with applied geometry led to thoughts of being an educator (5:00)

Collaboration with colleagues as a goal, in the service of student learning (5:30)

Leading edge of technology? (7:00)

You need to understand the basics before tech is useful (7:50)

The county’s first 3-D printer, in 2013 (9:30)

STEM, first used as a term in 2001(10:30)

STEM described for students, parents, and others (11:00)

Student competitions – robotics, plus (12:15)

Teaching students and teaching teachers – professional career goal realized (12:30)

Frankel students coming off of a first-place finish in 2019 (14:15)

2020 competition cancelled due to the coronavirus (15:10)

Technology evangelist (15:45)

Moving from the classroom to industry (17:40)

Developing teacher-made video tutorials – years before YouTube (19:15)

Developing video tutorials for employees on the manufacturing plant floor (20:00)

Human Resources becomes yet another role (20:15)

Skills gap resulting from the push for all high school graduates to attend college (23:00)

Creating an initiative to incentivize the pursuit of a manufacturing career (24:00)

The Kalamazoo Promise concept leads to the Tribar Promise (24:45)

Connecting learning institutions and industry for mutual benefit (25:30)

The host puts words in the guest’s mouth – Ha! (26:55)

Society’s view of what teachers do (27:15)

Respect for educators (27:45)

Teachers’ challenged with 30+ students in a class are now tasked with designing work in a new way (29:00)

Technology resources need to be used and we need to support teachers in the transition to new tools and learning formats (30:15)

Stepping up to the plate with technology and generosity, to help during a time of crisis (32:15)

An expected “no” turns into a “yes” and accelerates production (35:30)

Navigating school guidelines and timelines, and intersecting with others to assist medical providers (36:00)

Guest blogger on Education week (37:30)

Inspection vs. quality processes (38:00)

Consider changes to core components of the teacher preparation structures (38:30)

A shout out to some great teachers (39:00)

Acknowledgment matters, greatly (40:30)

Relationships matter more than rules (41:30)

The 40-40-40 concept (42:45)

Getting to know one’s students and allowing one’s students to know you (44:45)

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