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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Debbie Reynolds - Diving into Data Privacy with the Data Diva

Released Tuesday, 30th March 2021
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Accomplishments and learning to cook (3:30)

Chicago, Illinois - Gary, Indiana - parents valued education (4:50)

Mother’s reading of a book led to initial interest in data privacy issues (5:30)

Personal interest and “hobby” is now a career (6:00)

The Nazi’s practices gave rise to the undergirding principles of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (7:00)

GPDR – EU’s first law that could impose large monetary fines on corporations (7:30)

Privacy as a fundamental right – EU and the US (7:55)

More details about GPDR’s connection to events of World War II (9:00)

High school or college coursework and connections with current events (10:10)

Drama courses and the significant impact on life and career (11:40)

“A right to be forgotten” (13:10)

The GDPR covers individuals when they are in the EU (13:25)

An individual’s GDPR rights travel with their data (13:50)

What should students learn about data privacy? (14:50)

At what age should students learn about data privacy? (16:10)

Any tips for parents? (16:20)

The need for educators to be aware of data privacy issues (17:55)

Avoid the co-mingling of your personal and professional work online (18:45)

Use multiple browsers, avoid clicking on links, keep software up to date, reboot your computer regularly (19:20)

Passwords, password managers (20:30)

FIDO – accessing information without passwords (22:05)

Differentiating awareness, information, and detail based on client knowledge and need (24:10)

Collect only the data you need (24:45)

A teacher who could demystify for their students (26:10)

Attention commands attention (26:25)

Debbie’s journey to become the Data Diva (27:25)

Speaking in the Big Mac room (28:20)

The law follows the technology (29:45)

Apple’s iOS14 – impact on advertising (30:30)

Apps reading your clipboard, including passwords (31:10)

Debbie’s mentors and colleagues - Dawid Jacobs, Pia Tesdorf, Emma Lindley (33:00)

Fake identities, digital twin, bias in algorithms (33:40)

How educational organizations be prepared for the next digital change (35:40)

Temperature data, archived information, schools and businesses, transparency (36:00)

Facial recognition, bias, false positives, mistaken identity (37:00)

Computers only do what the programmers tell the computer to do, industry standards (38:40)

People, not statistics – the ripple effects of error rates (39:40)

Favorite teacher -high school drama (40:10)

Communicate, convey information, and learn how to move through the world (40:30)

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