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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Dr. Felicia Mayfield - A Class Act: Lessons for All of Us

Released Monday, 6th January 2020
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Clark Atlanta University, one of 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the nation (3:05)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. attended college on this campus (3:25)

Social mobility through education (5:05)

Three times a Panther (6:05)

Identified as a future leader in DeKalb County Schools (7:00)

Year 45 and counting – a lifetime dedicated to serving others (9:00)

A court order and Felicia’s first teaching position (9:20)

Nearly a dozen languages spoken in the school (10:05)

Seven years, seven years, seven years… (10:25)

Too many principals of color in some schools (11:05)

Education as the most noble field (12:45)

Teachers perpetuate democracy (13:15)

A child of civil rights (13:50)

A fabulous childhood, in a mission (15:05)

A southern midwestern accent (16:35)

There is something bigger than you (17:15)

The Wallace Foundation, Gwinnett Public Schools, and the Principal Pipeline (18:00)

A teacher’s impact is significant (18:45)

The leader must have the big picture (20:00)

Even when you think big, there’s something bigger (21:20)

Leveraging power to impact a community (22:15)

1953, heart of the civil rights struggle, and a segregated community (23:30)

The “mission of the mission” was pushed by the black aristocracy (24:20)

New Orleans, Dubuque, and Memphis (25:20)

The common enemy was never based on someone’s race (25:50)

The good, and the evil, that is colorless (27:30)

Skin tone, or something else, as a core issue? (28:30)

Are you here to contribute, or are you here to take away? (29:40)

It was right in the middle of a housing project (31:10)

This was definitely a bifurcated community (32:20)

Fathers and mothers were paying attention to a lot of things (33:00)

Happy to be able to be an ambassador for my race (35:00)

Had to prove myself, and I had to make all A’s (35:30)

Segregation was about capacity (35:45)

These women were very progressive (36:20)

We need to make sure that everyone has a voice (37:30)

My mother wanted me to go into education (37:50)

Overwhelming sadness (38:35)

The haze as the sun was setting was orange (39:35)

Our home received a phone call (39:55)

Lessons learned from the civil rights struggle and Dr. King’s assassination (41:20)

There is a significant price paid when one person advances at the expense of another (42:25)

What gives birth to civil wars (43:40)

Educator-leaders are in the middle to mitigate our struggles (44:00)

The risk of forgetting (44:45)

Faith and hope that we will continue to do well, learn, listen, and improve (46:20)

Understanding the human condition, everyone has a voice, and emerging from oppression (47:00)

We are learning on a broader screen (48:30)

Working to harvest the best gifts (48:55)

Empowerment, respect, and using the best of what people have to offer (49:45)

History of women’s needs not being met (50:55)

Outcasts, outsiders, and social responsibility (51:15)

I have a responsibility to share what works (52:30)

This is a wonderful time, with so many rich examples of leadership (55:45)

We know what goes into being successful (54:30)

You can “get the call back” after a mistake is made (55:00)

A leader will not make a perfect call every time (55:35)

Systems theory and vision – long-term and right now (57:25)

You must have an undergirding of service to others (58:10)

Personal care shows–in your face, your countenance, and your productivity (59:40)

Don’t work out your inadequacies on social media (1:00:00)

To lead means that you are giving your best self (1:02:10)

Social justice defined as advocacy (1:03:10)

Dr. Moses Norman - insert yourself into a dark place and turn on the light (1:05:00)

I want my experience to be of benefit to someone else (1:07:30)

Leadership and popularity (1:08:20)

The benefits of the earlier harvest (1:08:50)

Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly (1:10:00)

Retirement just keeps moving away from me (1:10:40)

Dr. Fidel Turner and Barbara Hill providing leadership at CAU (1:11:30)

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The History of Black Catholics in the United States https://www.amazon.com/dp/0824514955/ref=cm_sw_r_c…