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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Dr. Lana Camiel - Rx for Health, Living, and Learning

Released Tuesday, 3rd November 2020
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The many hats of Lana Camiel (3:20)

Lover of dogs (3:50)

A dog’s joy of snow leads to a life lesson (5:30)

Pharm D or Registered Pharmacist? (6:15)

Herbalist or? and? pharmacist (8:05)

Two valid paths to wellness (9:00)

Exploring herbal solutions to address a significant situation (9:15)

Prevention is an important component of quality of life (10:00)

Integrative medicine is closer than the horizon (11:00)

A wise combination of approaches is “good medicine” (11:30)

An immigrant at the age of sixteen (12:25)

Computers, medicine – a shift in interests (13:05)

Great-grandmother – homeopathic pharmacist in Kiev, Ukraine (13:25)

Great-grandfather – conventional pharmacist (13:40)

Childhood memories of remedies administered by mother and grandmother (14:00)

Pharmacy school’s demanding coursework (15:00)

A hot August afternoon and being overwhelmed (15:30)

Anxiety attack (16:00)

Success, but with questions (16:25)

An awareness of the need for self-care (16:35)

Seeking out mentors with an interest and understanding of natural medicines (17:00)

Experimenting and creating personal experiences (17:50)

Maintaining a pharmacist’s mindset and practice - adverse effects, indications, interactions (18:00)

Herbal medicine is a living medicine (18:10)

We are here because of plants (18:25)

Grandmother taught Russian language and literature for fifty years (19:10)

Have to look for solutions – as a teacher or in survival mode (19:45)

Being generous with others is a big part of living a good life and a long life (20:10)

Curiosity inherited from grandmother (20:30)

Chernobyl explosion, relocation, earthquake in Moldova (20:50)

Plants where you might not expect them (23:15)

The resilience of plants and their medicinal benefits – weeds?! (23:50)

Disturbed soil and disturbed environments mitigated by plants (24:30)

Plants as aids to digestion and central nervous system issues (26:50)

Peter Rabbit and herbal medicine (26:25)

COVID-19, stressors, and advice for these difficult times (27:30)

Need more emphasis on vitamin D, physical activity (28:30)

Medicinal mushrooms and the immune system (29:05)

Plants can help deal with stress (29:45)

The best way to learn is to create experiences, focus on how things go together (31:10)

Experiment to learn (32:00)

Apply learning to your own life (33:00)

Curiosity is a main connection to learning (34:00)

What do you want to learn? What is your passion? What are you trying to solve? (34:30)

The first step in learning must be incredibly meaningful (35:15)

PlantLoveRadio.com – deep and wide content (35:50

Aging gracefully, stress, chocolate, sleep, city living, vegetarianism (36:15)

Medicine making, clinical use, cooking and eating (37:00)

Herbs as adaptogens, cognition boosters, wild remedies (37:45)

Herbs can enter your life in many ways – tea, spices (39:15)

Smuggling herbs into your life – a free downloadable guide (40:00)

Favorite teachers and mentor - grandmother – kind, giving, community (41:00)

Another favorite teacher and mentor – simplify, early wins, build (41:35)

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