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Episode from the podcastLead. Learn. Change.

Julia Roland - An Artist's Audio Self-Portrait

Released Wednesday, 20th October 2021
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SCAD (3:30) – Savannah College of Art and Design

Introduction to art via one’s environment (4:30)

Art Direction as a career option (5:00)

Deciding to be an artist (6:15)

A fine arts magnet school experience (6:30)

Presenting one’s work at an early age (7:15)

Garrison Middle School and Savannah Arts Academy (7:30)

Painting? (8:00)

Varied interests and art opportunities (8:50)

Access to materials as a factor for the pursuit of art (9:30)

Why keep learning? (11:00)

How is college different from high school? (11:45)

Basketball with no high school team (13:00)

Turning point moments in art (15:45)

Believing in one’s potential, plans, and possibilities (16:15)

A parent’s support (16:45)

COVID’s impact on schooling (18:00)

A high school principal’s generous act (18:30)

An unexpected benefit of the changes resulting from the pandemic (19:15)

Greatest influencers (20:30)

Artists inspiring others (21:00)

José Lucio (21:20)

Julia’s ongoing affection for the worm sticker (22:00)

The beginning of requests for art from friends and family (23:00)

Commissioned work for the Taste of the Junction Festival in Iowa (24:15)

From a shy child to speaking with others about her art (25:15)

Make art, local recognition, meaning, and impact (26:00)

Rafiki (26:45)

Parents’ wedding portrait (27:30)

The lobster’s interview (28:30)

Self-Portraits (29:45) 

A great teacher, Margo Ecke (32:30)

The learning needs to connect to the student and the teacher (34:45)

Julia Roland on Instagram


Esther F. Garrison School for the Arts


Savannah Arts Academy


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)


SCAD Atlanta


Margo Ecke


America’s Team


Jose Lucio

http://www.joselucio.com/ and [email protected]

Taste of the Junction Festival, West DesMoines, Iowa


Music for Lead. Learn. Change. is Sweet Adrenaline by Delicate Beats

Podcast cover art is a view from Brunnkogel (mountaintop) over the mountains of the Salzkammergut in Austria, courtesy of photographer Simon Berger, published on www.unsplash.com.

Professional Association of Georgia Educators:  www.pageinc.org

David’s LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-w-reynolds-5a5b0…