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The Startling Truth Behind Value: Who Control's It?

Released Wednesday, 23rd July 2008
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The Startling Truth Behind Value: Who Control's It?
Managing Your Own Self-Worth 

How do you assess your value? Whether it’s for a romantic relationship, a leadership role, etc.: the value you place upon yourself will greatly impact your life!
“We have to decide the value of anything, but what we do is we give our value away… so the truth of the matter is, anything is only worth what we are willing to pay for it. Now when we talk about personal value, we let other people set our value, and this is something we are trained to do from being very early children.“ 

“You can not let anyone else set the value. You have got to know what the value is for everything you do, and you’ve got to know the value of yourself.” 

In this episode of the Mind Mastery Podcast, Dov Baron is joined by guests: Scott Paton and Shane Jeremy James as they discuss self value and giving your value away. 
James is the founder of Shane Jeremy Media, Branding Talent and Actions of Compassion. In addition to being a critically acclaimed author, he is a board member of the of Volken Foundation and has developed numerous programs and coached thousands of marketers world-wide on leadership and marketing.
Paton, an executive producer and co-host for over 35 podcasts, is an internationally renowned speaker and currently teaches courses in strategy, management, relationships and more for students in over 190 countries via Udemy. In addition, he is currently a podcaster with Life Enthusiast. 

To find out more about Shane Jeremy James: https://www.facebook.com/shanejeremyjames 
 To hear more about his books: http://amzn.to/2BZZetS
To find out more about Scott Paton: https://www.facebook.com/scottapaton

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