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Improving your Spanish pronunciation is an important part of your language journey. Not only does speaking clearly greatly improved your chances of being understood correctly, but it will also help you sound more natural when you speak and help
Puerto Rico is an incredible place to visit, but what is it like to live in “La Isla del Encanto?” After three years of living on the island, we share our thoughts about the pros and cons of life in paradise.Links:Living in Puerto Rico: 17 Thin
From Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster, mythical creatures have been a source of intrigue worldwide for millennia. Are there creatures that exist just outside of view? In this episode, we explore the ever-evasive chupacabras, a creature that has
Ever learn something new in Spanish, only to find what you “learned” has gone out the window the moment you try to use it in a regular conversation? Who hasn’t!? If you’re like most people who don’t automatically remember new concepts or vocabu
Did you know there are almost 70 languages recognized as “National Languages” in the country? But that’s not all, it’s estimated that there are around 364 languages spoken all over Mexico! For our second episode in the series about Spanish-spea
Hispanic Heritage Month was established to recognize what Hispanic and Latinos have brought to the world in terms of culture and history, but it isn’t without its critics. Often such holidays that are meant to honor different groups of people b
Spanish is difficult to learn for a number of reasons. Not only are there differences in word order and accents when compared to English, but you also need to keep track of which words are masculine and feminine. In this episode, we talk about
Street animals are a common sight in many Spanish-speaking countries. And it seems no matter where we go, we either find them, or they find us. We’ve both helped to foster and find forever homes for many animals over the years, and in this epis
Travel is an exciting opportunity, but it’s not risk-free. Scammers have come up with clever ways to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors abroad. Unfortunately, running into someone who’s looking to take advantage of you is a matter of when,
Do you know when to use Hispanic or Latino? What about Latinx or Chicano? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Even Latinos get confused! In this episode, we take a deep dive into what these different terms actually mean and when to use them. But th
Puerto Rico is fascinating place with a complicated history and unique culture. For whatever reason, it’s not often a topic that’s covered in schools in the U.S… even though it’s a U.S. territory. As part of a new “country overview” series on t
Nothing says “Mexico” like tequila. In this episode, we talk about the origins of this quintessential Mexican drink, where it’s produced, how it’s made, how it compares to its cousin mezcal, and more. ¡Salud!Links:“Traditional Drinks You’ve Nev
Are you superstitious? If you’ve ever gone out to shew away an owl or flipped a saint figure up-side-down, you just might be Mexican. As a skeptic myself, I was shocked by how superstitious Mexican culture can be. Many Mexicans go out of the wa
Shamanism isn’t just lore from thousands of years ago–it’s still practiced today in Mexico and in many other countries throughout the world. In this episode, we talk about four of the most prominent modern shamans from Mexico, what they were kn
There’s a common path for becoming skilled and knowledgeable for practically every profession. Usually this means a degree from an accredited University. But what if you could learn anything you put your mind to on your own?In this episode, we
In this episode, we take a look at some of the culture shocks of experiencing Mexico as a foreigner when it comes to observing life from the streets. Learn about topes, pedestrian right of way, J-walking, and much more.Level up your Spanish wit
In this episode, May and I pick up where we left off in talking about May’s journey towards becoming a US citizen. After years of going through the various stages of immigration, this episode details the conclusion of an eight-year process. So,
Maybe you don’t think of local markets as places full of culture and history, but Jim and May are here to change your mind.This week, they chat about the definitions and differences between Mexican “mercados” and “tianguis,” which basically are
Jim and May, who have travel down to a science, share their tips and advice with others who might need a little help planning a big trip!Sure, we all can agree that the first step is to decide where you want to go, but when do I buy flights? Wh
This week Jim and May cover an interesting topic, Jesús Malverde, better known as a saint of the narcos, or drug traffickers in Mexico. Malverde, who many people pray to, is not in fact recognized by the Catholic Church like most saints, but a
Ok, so you’re having a conversation in your target language. What's the most necessary component of conversation?Having an extensive vocabulary? Understanding how grammar works? Perfect pronunciation? Or maybe….comprehension!Jim and May agree t
Although some of us are with the times and know that being a digital nomad is completely possible, picking up your living and traveling the world - all while making money on your time, a lot of people don’t have a clue where to start!This episo
Most of the time, we think of people moving to the US to see their “American Dream” fulfilled.But more and more, people are leaving places like the US and Canada for countries with a lower cost of living. Like Mexico!We figure that if you’re le
Cinco de Mayo is upon us yet again. Do you have plans with your friends to celebrate at your favorite Mexican restaurant with mountains of tacos? Or possibly at home with lots of margaritas and maybe a sombrero or two?May 5th commemorates the M
This week Jim and May take on a topic that isn’t discussed enough - the long, stressful road to American citizenship!Join them as they reveal the beginning half of their journey, from May, getting tourist visas and eventually her green card in
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