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Released Monday, 10th September 2018
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For more info on the full spectrum infrared system visit: Sunlighten.com
"Alicia has been a health and wellness advocate for over 25 years. She is passionate about sharing the full-spectrum of a healthy lifestyle which helps empower people to live a healthier, happier life. Alicia believes wellness means more than dress size or body weight, true wellness encompasses every aspect of a person’s life from mental health, nutrition, livelihood, physical activity, and dark chocolate."

Infrared Therapy 

Infrared therapy is something that I genuinely believe in especially after I bought a Sunlighten Sauna for home use. There have been many studies that came out attesting to the benefits of infrared therapy. But to talk about infrared therapy in detail, I have Sunlighten’s Business Development Executive Alicia Botyrius with us in this episode.

Years As An Entrepreneur

Alicia Botyrius was initially a customer at Sunlighten’s day spa in Kansas City.  Living in the city for 20 years, her work as an entrepreneur was stressful. But because she was interested in health and wellness, she frequented the day spa to decompress.
Alicia Botyrius was a customer at the Sunlighten day spa for about five years. Reaping the benefits of infrared therapy was something Alicia Botyrius cherished. Going to the day spa was her sanctuary. 
Naturally, her visits enabled Alicia Botyrius to know the products inside and out.  It was also fortunate that Sunlighten Saunas’ headquarters were in the suburbs of Kansas City, so I was a smooth transition to work for the company.

Sunlighten Saunas Experience

Alicia Botyrius felt that doing infrared therapy with other brands felt oppressively hot. The first time she did infrared therapy using a Sunlighten sauna unit, Alicia Botyrius felt extremely comfortable.
“It’s meant to be something that’s enjoyed versus endured. And it has a nurturing feeling. If you’re coming from a stressed state, going to a sauna is the best feeling,” said Alicia Botyrius. 

Stress Buster

Alicia Botyrius didn’t realize how much anxiety and how much tension she had until she started coming to the sauna on a regular basis. She realized to step back and slow down her thoughts. Ultimately, Alicia Botyrius was better off in a calm state before making decisions versus a tired, anxious state.
Alicia Botyrius explains that when you are stressed, your body runs off two systems. You have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems.
“When you are in that sympathetic state, you are stressed and feels like somebody is chasing you. You are nervous and anxious,” said Alicia Botyrius, “And when you go into the sauna, there’s not much you can do. It forces you to step back and relax.”  
She adds, “And as a result, your body switches over to the parasympathetic system which is what you’re in when you’re in a deep sleep. That’s the system where your body rests and recovers. By going to the sauna, you are naturally bringing your stress levels down. You are allowing the body to recover and repair itself. And it naturally brings up endorphins.” 

Recovering From Injuries

Infrared therapy is also a beautiful thing to use if you have any injuries, muscle or joint problems. Alicia Botyrius says utilizing a sauna will burn more calories and help improve your heart, lose weight, and detox toxins.
“It’s getting help on a complete level and not just fixing the symptom. Plus, it’s finding the root issue and helping that as well,” Alicia Botyrius said.

Types of Sauna

Sunlighten Saunas offer three types of saunas.  The far infrared has a wavelength that is going to penetrate deepest into your body. According to Alicia Botyrius, this is primarily for detox and raising your temperature.
The mid-infrared wavelength and near infrared are the two other types. Near-infrared targets improving skin health.
Alicia Botyrius also explains that the near infrared we pulse out in Sunlighten Saunas involves no light and no heat. Instead, it is delivered through LED bulbs in the walls of the sauna. This means you’re not going to get hot, and you’re not going to sweat when using the near infrared.
“The way that it was discovered is when NASA and the Navy Seals hired a scientist. It was to figure out the best way for astronauts to recover if they got cut in outer space because they are out of the atmosphere,” said Alicia Botyrius. “If you go out of the atmosphere and cut your arm, it can be fatal. Because we don’t have the atmosphere to help, your body heal.” 
She adds, “The same thing in submarines. Burned cuts can be a dangerous situation. But 880 nanometers of energy will heal skin. So, it will help collagen production, help heal wounds, and the most effective way to help skin conditions recover.”
Some other health conditions that the near infrared sauna can address are fine lines and wrinkles, wounds, sunburn, acne, psoriasis, and some types of rashes.
“Near-infrared focuses on the skin but still goes under your skin. So, when the energy goes through there, it’s going to help a lot of areas like a whole-body treatment. It also helps reduce inflammation,” Alicia Botyrius said.

Solo Sauna

Sunlighten Saunas offer many unit models. Alicia Botyrius says the solo sauna is one of her favorite products because it is so effective. And so many people can use it. The solo sauna is also something that is portable and a space saver.
“You just lay it on the floor. It comes with a mat if you want. There’s an infrared heating pad that you would lay on that’s a memory foam,” said Alicia Botyrius. “You’re getting those wonderful infrared heat from the whole backside of your body radiating up. So, all along your lower back and down your hamstrings are tight.” 
On top of you are these domes of infrared that are so nurturing and gentle. It is exceptionally healthy and great for detox. And it is considered an ultra-low EMF of 0.6. Furthermore, the fabric the company uses is a carbonized bamboo, which is completely non-toxic.
“I am creating a very strong foundation by making my body as healthy as can be. I feel like I’m coming from a really strong place to go get it,” said Alicia Botyrius. 
She adds, “No matter what you do and what lifestyle you have, you can’t get rid of the toxins that are in our world today. And the deep sweat you experience in our patented infrared heaters allows you to get rid of all the garbage that you don’t need. And hold on to the things that are essential in your life.”


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Alicia Botyrius thinks it’s crucial to add EnergyBits into your health program because it is lead-free. Starting with taking Chlorella at night, Alicia Botyrius slept deeper and was more zestful. Waking up, she felt restored and sharper.
Her feeling of being alert and awake felt so natural. Even when she exercised in the morning, she stayed alert all day. A few weeks later, she added Spirulina in the morning as an energy aid. Alicia Botyrius also found out that it helped curb her hunger. 

Sunlighten Saunas Testimonies

Some so many people have reaped the benefits of using Sunlighten Sauna regularly. It helps improve mobility and flexibility in people. Alicia Botyrius also says that as people get older and unsteady on their feet, this is something that can help them get stronger and become more stable.
“All of our clinical studies are on the website. Sunlighten Sauna’s infrared heat had a statistically significant difference in people’s blood pressure,” said Alicia Botyrius. “The study was based on using the sauna 3x a week for 30 minutes for six weeks. That’s dramatic when you consider how many drugs people use to manage their high blood pressure.” 
She adds, “By gently warming your core, it is helping your circulation improve. And as your circulation improves, you get so many benefits downstream because of that. It also improves heart health, helps reduce inflammation and lessens brain fog.” 
Alicia Botyrius cites one story about a firefighter injured on the job. He was horribly on a high dose of pharmaceuticals. But thankfully, he incorporated holistic treatments, one of them being a regular user of Sunlighten Saunas. Today, the man also works for Sunlighten Saunas because he believes in it so much.

Sustainable Wood

Sunlighten Saunas are made of all-natural wood. They use a water-based finish on the outside. Alicia Botyrius says there might be some imperfections on the wood. That’s because the company prefers it to be as natural as possible without any chemicals.
“Any time you have a resin, glue or paint, then you heat it up, and you are in an enclosed environment, you’re breathing in those elements and gases. And that is not healthy,” Alicia Botyrius said. 
She adds, “We use sustainable wood. So, from an eco-perspective, we work with farms that believe in reforestation. We make sure it’s wellness for mother nature as well as wellness for people who use it.”
Alicia Botyrius also says that the company also offers units using two other kinds of wood that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy

Sunlighten Saunas also have an audio system from So Sound. Alicia Botyrius explains that it’s a specific frequency that’s been clinically proven to help bring down stress levels and return people to a state of calmness.
The So Sound music plays through the speaker system and provides a subtle vibration sound healing, like a musical massage.  It is best paired with the Chroma Therapy, where you can choose the color of the light to make you feel more relaxed.

Financing Options

Sunlighten Saunas offer great packages that are flexible and easy on your budget. They also help you find people to install your unit and have an excellent customer support team on standby to answer your inquiries.
For home use units, the company offers a seven-year warranty for residents where your unit will be replaced for free if there are any defects. On the other hand, a five-year warranty is offered for commercial use units. Many hotels and top professional sports teams have Sunlighten Sauna units.
Either way, Sunlighten Saunas are meant to last decades. They also offer free shipping and have excellent bamboo carbon towels, which are super absorbent, fragrance-free, organic, and available in their natural color. So, make sure to inquire about that. 
“As technology improves and knowledge improves, we always want to stay ahead of everybody else. We make something that makes us stand apart from everybody else, and we’re very proud of that,” said Alicia Botyrius. “The sauna that you get today will not be the sauna that we have in 10 years or that we had ten years ago.” 


Alicia Botyrius, Business Development Executive at Sunlighten, has been building brands and businesses for 20 years. 
Before Sunlighten, Alicia Botyrius started her career in a large telecommunications company and then spent 12 years as an entrepreneur in the fine art industry by running a business called Signature Canvas. She achieved many successes throughout her career, she landed the first and only co-branded television commercial in the telecommunications industry, grew and managed a worldwide start-up business and created various marketing campaigns and self-published a poetry book. Her success is attributed to the relationships she built with each person she worked with and her belief in servant leadership. 
Alicia Botyrius has been a health and wellness advocate for over 25 years. She is passionate about sharing the full-spectrum of a healthy lifestyle which helps empower people to live a healthier, happier life. Alicia Botyrius believes wellness means more than dress size or body weight, true wellness encompasses every aspect of a person’s life from mental health, nutrition, livelihood, physical activity, and dark chocolate. 
Alicia Botyrius holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting from King’s College and an MBA from the University of Scranton.

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