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Do you chase bright shiny objects? With so many ideas and opportunity is it hard to stay focused on your direction? Do you find yourself running all over the place to get it all done and at the end of the day realizing you did not get any of th
Helping people find peace and purpose in a chaotic world.  Corie Clark is an author, educator, and creator on top of being a wife and mom.  She is sharing her story and her mission to help people step into their God-given purpose. Check out all
Kathy Taranto of Mint Aesthetics shares her story of creative adaptability.  Her journey that has led her to where she is today, required multiple pivots.  From changes in the economy, partnerships, and more her relentless spirit continued to a
The journey of working and raising kids can be a brutal climb.  The mom guilt can be so real. Talking about my journey through my guilt and the lessons learned along the way!   Thank you for listening to Learning to Leap.  Follow me online for
Talking with the founder of Just Like You Films, Jen Greenstreet about her powerful mission that led her to leave behind her successful law career. Just Like You Films is a nonprofit organization the creates films to educate their audiences (of
I am talking to the founders of Bee Organized, Kristen Christian and Lisa Foley.  They had a passion and a dream, so of course they built it.  Bee Organized is a national franchise providing professional organization services to homes in commun
Can you literally regrow tissue, muscles, organs within your body? The future of medicine is being redefined in a big way! Regenerative medicine is doing amazing things and we are learning all about it with Dr. Adam! Thank you for listening to
We are all guilty of being too tired to make a decision. Where to eat? what to wear? How to respond? What to do with our life? On average we make 35,000 decisions every day. Your brain is a muscle and it gets exhausted. What can you do to keep
What is the deal with collagen? Why is it so amazing?  What is it anyway? Can it actually help us to look more youthful? We have the creators of Doctor K Collagen joining us to teach us all about collagen and why we need it in our lives…..like
What is our packaging? Why do we sometimes get so consumed with it that we forget that the contents inside are the most important part? We are a constant work in progress and the product on the inside is where all the magic happens. Thank you f
We are talking with Rich about being who you truly are raw, open, and uncut. Rich is an author, speaker, TV Personality, and Vlogger of Enrich Your Soul. He talks about just putting it all out there and learning through all of your embarrassmen
Are you stuck in analysis mode? Talking about making a decision and moving out of analysis and into action! It’s time to just start!!! This podcast is for the person standing on the edge ready to face their next leap! Whether it’s a new busines
Are you struggling to get inspired? Are you stuck needing to start a project, work, etc… Learn to find your fire and run!!! This podcast is for the person standing on the edge ready to face their next leap! Whether it’s a new business, a new ca
What is fasting? What happens to our body when we fast? Should it be a part of our lifestyle? What is this magic gold stuff everyone is talking about, Bone Broth? What are ketones, ketosis, and how can it miraculously change the way my body fun
Has your soul been whispering to you?  Is it time to take a leap and do that thing that you have been dreaming about? Are you too scared? Is something holding you back? Is it time to get off the sidelines and get into the game of your life? Thi
Kat shares tips and tricks to finding your brand and sharing it with the world. She talks about opening up your story and sharing the trials along the way. She shares the story behind KES Studios and what she is working on now. Find Kathryn Sne
It takes some serious courage to do what may not be popular, especially when it may cost you customers. Listen to Hailee’s fascinating story as she listens to her heart whispers to do what’s right no matter the outcome. Hear about her viral Goo
Leaving behind a very successful career to set out a new path of fulfillment. Be who you came to be! She talks about how the universe served up her message: Be Who You Came To Be. Living life with meaning, purpose and fulfillment. We talk with
Building a business while playing collegiate sports, and driving for hours to go back home and make product for his business, Jacob Walters was and is wise beyond his years. From asking for a wood lathe for Christmas at age 15 to spending years
Command central of the body…..your gut! Today we are talking about gut health and the benefits of bone broth. Another tool for your tool chest as you may be leaping into elevating your health to the next level!! Links to my favorite bone broth
How do you dream, create, and build a business then sell it for $365 million? Start selling product before it exists! Hear the story behind how Freightquote was built by founder Tim Barton. Tune into podcast show, Learning to Leap, by @jillmint
Listen to the fascinating story of growing up in baseball in the Dominican Republic, recruited by the MLB, traveling to this crazy place called America, and all the lessons learned along the way as Jose Pena shares his untold stories. Tune into
How does a small-town KS Farm boy build and sell a business for $100+ Mill in four short years?  Hear the fascinating story of gut, grit, and grind from Toby Rush founder of EyeVerify.  He shares the moments it could have all fallen apart, but
Hear Jeremy Jones’ fascinating story of chasing a dream and making it into the MLB. He shares his difficult decision to make the leap, leave the MLB, and launch a business in a barn. He tells the stories of coaching baseball (and life) to young
Who is that cheerleader in your life? Who is going to always be there with you forever to pick you back up and tell you to keep going? Who has the most powerful voice in your life? Find your cheerleader and coach her well. Thank you for listeni
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