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Bonus Episode: 5 Daily Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity Levels

Released Monday, 29th February 2016
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We're entering the third month of 2016 and I wan to ask you...
How are you doing with your goals?
Do you still has as much energy and enthusiasm?
In case you don't, I want to help you increase your productivity this week and have more time to reach your goals.


Because, I'm obsessed with high performance and helping you hit extraordinary levels of clarity, success and influence in life.

So before the week gets crazy, listen to this episode and try to do these 5 things and you'll be 30% more productive (and energized) this week.

I've proven these five things can get anyone 30% more energy and effectiveness in just one week.
What else could you be doing to perform at elite levels, to reach your full potential, to move your life forward with dramatic progress? 
What else are you missing? What science don't you know? What can be distilled from the world's leading CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs, strivers?
That's what I'm teaching in my Be the Change Movement.

It's for A-players and people who want to become extraordinary. It's mastery-level training - stuff only the world's most successful people even know about or do.
Are you ready for a stunning amount of energy and progress in life? 

Are you ready for reaching your goals and create the life you want? 
That's what high performance methodology, habits, and tools give you.

Let's take it to the next level,