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Legends of Welkin

A daily Arts, Performing Arts and Religion podcast
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Episodes of Legends of Welkin

In the season 4 finale, Seth, Jenna and Pirate Sid set out to capture the Apollonia, the ship rumored to carry the gold of the dragon.Support the show
Seth and Jenna book passage on a ship headed to Quarless to save Billsby.  Unbeknownst to them, the most famous pirate in all of Welkin has other plans in mind for them.Support the show
Seth, Kreyvex and Jenna accompany Borro Cain to confront Count Dracula, while Anjelica faces Tercer in a battle to the death.Support the show
Driven by hatred and revenge, Simeon and Tercer Dawn have captured the Tarragon. Support the show
Seth, Jenna and Kreyvex confront Borro Cain...who is somehow alive...and also a vampire.Support the show
In this episode, Billsby the Bard is on trial for his life, the Provost and Anjelica run into the Alchemist, seeking revenge for what he did to them at Mt. Zinar, and Ursula returns with an offer that the Provost cannot refuse.Support the show
The Dark Rider and Sindell escape the Nine Hells, Billsby the Bard is up to his old tricks and the Tarragon fights for her life.Support the show
A villainous Arch Mage hires a rogue, a disgraced former Paladin and the Provost to kill the Queen of Finn. Support the show
The Provost and Anjelica go after the Witches of LayRo Palm, who (until recently) were condemned to live out their days trapped in a pit of lava. As they figure out their next move, the Provost tells Anjelica (and Useless) the story of how the
Having survived his first mission, the Ghost must now face his greatest challenge; can he kill someone he loves? Support the show
The most feared bounty hunter in Welkin is born, trained under the cruel tutelage of 1000 Years and then sent on his first mission - a mission to kill a demon of the Nine Hells.Support the show
Priest James speaks to the villainous Witches of LayRo Palm. Will he survive the encounter and save his goddaughter?Support the show
The Provost and Anjelica go after the Witches of LayRo Palm, who (until recently) are condemned to live out their days trapped in a pit of lava.Support the show
Kreyvex, Lyssa, Kumara, Thad Bannon, Achilles, Clan Thamro and the Myrmidon's try to hold off the siege of the royal city; and, at long last, in the Nine Hells, Seth Thamro, Jenna Kiss, the Provost, the Tarragon, Billsby and Anjelica take on Ur
Anjelica and the Provost encounter the Tarragon, who hungers for revenge. Meanwhile, Seth, while wandering the Nine wounded from his battle with Sindel, runs into Dagon. Will our heroes even make it to Ursula?Support the show
Anjelica and the Provost arrive in the Nine Hells, but find themselves a good ways from Ursula's lair. They must receive a boat ride from Hell's infamous Ferryman. But can they trust him?Support the show
Seth Thamro, powerless and terrified in the Nine Hells, remains on the run for his life from the Tarragon, Dagon and Sindel. Support the show
Thamro and the Tarragon are on the run from demons, Jenna and Billsby are running from Ba-al Khan, and Useless has to warn the Queen about the bewitched armies headed to destroy Finn.Support the show
Thamro, Jenna and Billsby remain prisoners in the soul caravan of Sindel and Ba-al Khan. Upon arrival in the "Torso" of Hell, however, we learn that Orion - the god of the Torso, has specific plans for Seth.Support the show
The Ghost returns to Widowmaker Temple in search of his wife. Unbeknownst to him and the Agents of Thorn, Anjelica, the Provost and Thad Bannon are also coming there. Many truths get revealed in this action packed episode.Support the show
The Provost and Anjelica arrive on the shores of Queentis, seeking audience with Elyon. What they find instead will change their lives forever.Support the show
Thamro and Jenna, still prisoners in Sindel and Ba-al Khan's soul caravan, make an interesting new friend. Introducing Billsby the Bard, the Greatest Bard in All of Welkin!Support the show
Anjelica and the Provost arrive at Echo Village to collect the magic dust that they need. What they find instead causes Anjelica to grieve and reflect on a moment from her past.Support the show
The Provost and Anjelica discuss their options now that Ursula has turned on them.Support the show
Thamro wakes up in the Nine Hells with Convergence sticking out of his chest. Jenna, the one who stabbed him, has a lot of explaining to do.Support the show
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