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What is the DNA of greatness?  What are ordinary people doing to achieve success?  Can greatness be as simple as emulating those who have been successful and being dedicated to producing quality work? Dan Waldschmidt is the Co-CEO of Edgy Inc, Author of Edgy Conversations, an extreme athlete and elite strategist helping businesses across the world achieve greatness!   Dan shares how he turned his blog into a book but only after shooting down four book deals to ensure his book was the exact vision he wanted. Plus he tells us about his edgy marketing maneuver that paid off in a big way, and why your book needs to be more than an oversized calling card.   Dan uses his energy and edginess to grab the attention of his audience.  How can you grab an audience's attention with your Thought Leadership?
Are you a victim of network disconnect?  Do you go to networking events with the idea of selling your product to people like a cold call telemarketer?  Or do you use those events to make connection, build relationships, and expand your sphere of influence? Our guest is Dr. Ivan Misner, the father of modern networking!  He is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI and author of two dozen books including "Networking Like a Pro" and "Who's in Your Room?" Dr. Misner talks about the various reasons for publishing and which method you should use.  He shares how networking has changed over the years and what has stayed the same.  In addition Ivan and Peter talk about the fear of having your content stolen and if that is a problem you really need to worry about. If you'd like to build a relationship with Thought Leadership Leverage contact us and let us help you build on the foundations you've started.
When you are able to build relevant business content, truly intellectually simulating ideas on top of great platform skills then you can really get noticed in the world of speaking. On this episode our guest is Juliet Funt, CEO of WhiteSpace at Work and premier keynote speaker.  Peter and Juliet discuss the move from keynote speaking to a scaleable business, the differences between working with mid-size and fortune companies, and the need for practice regardless of natural talent.  
Being recognized for your Thought Leadership in multiple ways is important to build you reputation. But when it comes to building that reputation how do you determine who you should connect with and how can you best build your network? Jared Kleinert, award winning author of “2 Billion Under 20” and “3 Billion Under 30”, TED speaker and USA Today's most connected Millennial shares how he has built a world class network. Jared shares how he started his network and looks at the long game of being a Thought Leader. Peter and Jared discuss the need to offer value when building your network, why you need to avoid asking for too much, and why you should not take it personally if you get rejected. In the journey to become a Thought Leader many people make flawed assumptions, but you don’t have to make those same mistakes. Peter has five things you should not assume.
As you progress through your journey as a Thought Leader you always have to be willing to learn and unlearn.  As times change what once worked may no longer work and being able to grow and change is key. Holly G. Green, CEO of The Human Factor and author of "Using Your Brain to Win" shares her advice on how she has kept up with the changes in the content space, how writing, speaking and consulting can feed each other, and why making the highest billable hour isn't always best for the long term.
Have you ever been faced with a decision you have both the talent and experience to deal with but still find yourself unable to make a choice? Being overcome with indecision is  a problem members of the C-Suite can not afford. Our guest Linda Henman, Founder Henman Performance Group and author of The Merger Mindset, Tough Calls, and an expert in helping those on the C-Suite make the choices they can not afford to get wrong. Linda discusses the barriers that form that stop us from making good choices and how we can break through them.  She shares the importance of having a mentor and the need to continually invest in your own development to ensure success decade after decade. Being part of the corporate procurement process involves many big decisions.  If you are going to be involved you should read our survival guide for that process!
Do you know what keeps your clients up at night about the future? Can you offer them the ability to adapt and maintain a competitive edge? Our guest Diana Wu David is a former Financial Times executive, author of Future Proof and adjunct professor at Columbia Business School’s EMBA Global Asia. Diana works with global leaders to enhance their ability to adapt, contribute, collaborate and grow.  On this episode she discusses the circular effect of content generation, helping people in their 2nd or 3rd act succeed, and how you can gather market intelligence. Discovering your client needs is not always easy but having a Customer Advisory Council can help.  Peter tells us what a CAC is and why you might want one.
Don't be afraid to take a risk and create content without worrying about perfection! Roger Brooks from American Real joins Peter to talk about content creation, audience segmentation, and finding your tribe. If you are a thought leader creating content online, this is an episode that can't be missed. Roger shares his experience learning about podcasting, video creation, and then passing his skills on to others on American Real. Roger shares how he got over his perfectionism and committed to creating content that is exceptional and accessible - skills that will help anyone build their brand in the modern content landscape. 
Your model is the skeleton that your content needs to anchor it. This week, Erica Dhawan joins Peter to discuss model building, content development, and business growth. She explains how she shaped her assessment tools with a data driven mindset and translated that data into targeted sales strategy.  If you are looking for strategies to establish a lean and powerful sales funnel, check out the episode. Erica's strategy and tips would have a powerful impact on any thought leadership business. 
Connecting skilled writers with unique voices is a day in the life of our podcast guest this week, Dan Gerstein, President of Gotham Ghostwriters, joins Peter to talk about discovering voice, creating content, and building the relationship to create your next book or speech.  Dan shares insights on how writing a book is like being CEO of a pop-up business and bringing in a writer is like hiring a Chief Product Officer. If you're looking to maximize the impact of your book, this episode is required reading. 
If you're looking to position yourself as an authority, grow your audience, and market yourself as a thought leader, do not miss this episode.  From the hosting chair on ForbesBooks Radio, we're joined by Gregg Stebben for this week's episode to share his insights on the world of podcasting, publishing, and interviewing. Gregg's experience as a successful author has led him to join the Forbes publishing group and help other thought leaders achieve success in publishing and marketing their next book. His experience is invaluable for a thought leader looking to market their next book project and the episode is full of great tips. 
Check out this electrifying conversation with customer experience expert and veteran thought leader Shep Hyken. Shep and Peter cover everything from customer experience, diversifying and managing a complex product offering, and finding a niche in the industry. Filled with great tips about content marketing, customer experience, and essential skills needed to grow a thought leadership business.
Peter is joined by The Trusted Advisor Charles H. Green to discuss the power of trust and how to create it in business and how building trust translates to more sales, improved relationships, and better clients. Charles explains why he shares so much of his content for free and how it pays dividends to his business as a thought leader. He also explores how to successfully license content for long term success and what he has learned licensing his own content. There are tons of great tips on building a brand, producing great thought leadership products, and qualifying your customers. 
Listen in as Peter is joined by the multi-talented speaker, author, and coach Stever Robbins for an engaging conversation about the essential skill that every thought leader needs - expertise. Stever's wide array of talents and his extensive podcasting experience are showcased as he shares stories, tips, and learning!  
We have so much data available to us, how do you know when it's okay to make a choice that isn't based on data, but on your intuition? Our guest Jennifer DiMotta, is an Ecommerce specialist, speaker, and trainer who uses her expertise to transform strategy and forge new leaders! We talk with Jennifer about the overwhelming amount of data available, how to analyze data, and most importantly take action based on understand the data. She also shares with us how she uses speaking as a vehicle to drive business and how you can develop leadership skills even if your company doesn't offer training. Learn how Thought Leadership Leverage uses data to create a visual case study.
We are celebrating our 100th episode of Leveraging Thought Leadership with Peter Winick. Over the last year we have had the honor of having some of the biggest and brightest Thought Leaders, Authors, Publishers, Markets and content creators from a wide variety of industries. In a retrospective we look back at just a few of our favorite guests and some of the best advice they've been able to provide our listeners. Chester Elton highlights the need to build relationships and build content. Juliet Funt shares her expertise in Keynote speaking. Stephen MR Covey talks about various modalities and how to align your profit with your mission. Allison Shapira tackles price vs value and the various audiences you might work for. Chip Conely dives into marketing and refining your client avatar and last but not least Daniel Pink discusses his experience with publisher and agents and how they have been a big part of his success in the book industry. We thank all of our listeners and ask you to continuing tuning in, sharing our content, and helping us make the next 100 episodes even more successful.
For any thought leader looking to use podcasting as part of their business development and branding, listen in to this week's episode. Peter is joined by author, speaker, and podcaster Andy Paul and their conversation covers the essential skills needed for podcasting as a thought leader.  Andy's deep understanding of the sales process and brand building provide an excellent template for thought leaders who are looking to make a splash with their content and bring it to market using podcasts as part of their branding. 
Consulting is a problem solving business. Those problems are changing. The modern consulting landscape needs to change too. Futurist, author, and thought leader Thomas Koulopoulos joins Peter to discuss the ways that thought leadership and consulting businesses can adapt to the challenges of today and tomorrow.  From the overall strategy and product design to tactical decisions and deployments, the conversation covers all aspects of thought leadership business and gives a clear idea of how to plan for success when planning future products. 
Today’s guest is Becky Robinson, the Found, and CEO of Weaving Influence, a company that helps authors and Thought Leaders build online influence. Becky gives us tips on looking at the bigger picture when focusing your social media to promote a book. How you can leverage the larger platforms of people in your network, and why you should be giving your book away for free! Three Key Takeaways: How to measure the success of a Thought Leader’s book. Why you might expect larger sales of a Thought Leadership book in year 2 than year 1. Why you should focus on a single platform for your Thought Leadership.
Today we sit down with Anthony J. Algmin, Founder and CEO Algmin Data Leadership and author of Data Leadership:  Stop Talking About Data and Start Making an Impact! Anthony shares his journey of starting his company and writing his book.  We discuss reasons to revisit your own book now and whether you should hold back your IP or make it fully accessible. Three Key Takeaways: ·         Why Thought Leaders should make their IP accessible. ·         How revisiting your own book can give you a fresh look at your own Thought Leadership. ·         Why Thought Leaders need to understand the data they have available to them.
This week sales and technology expert, Phil Gerbyshak, brings a fresh take on the keynote speaking engagement - why you should consider giving it away for free and how your business can benefit from capitalizing on the audience in the room.  Phil shares his expertise on how to manage relationships and generate more meaningful contacts and concrete leads using your network. Phil discusses how to produce engaging and exciting video content for your target market. 
Ask anyone and they will tell you education is a top priority for their children and loved ones.  Yet the young in America continues to fall further behind in global rankings.  What can we learn from how other cultures systems and help give the next generation the edge they need. Our guest Teru Clavel is an education expert, public speaker, and author of World Class. Teru shares her story of having lived around the world with her children and getting to experience the education system of other cultures first hand and how returning to the states opened her eyes. Learn how Teru got her book published by breaking all the rules! Don't miss Teru's appearance on the Today Show! If you want to join the movement for better education don't miss this episode! Learning can come in many forms.  Learn how the old standard has changed and what Micro Learning is from Peter!
Acclaimed author, speaker, and innovator, Stephen Shapiro joins Peter to discuss the rewarding path he has forged for his business as a successful speaker and thought leader. Stephen shares his strategies for growing his business beyond speaking engagements and finding partners to license innovative products and properties. They conclude with a great discussion about the role of speaker's bureaus and tips for new thought leaders looking to make an impact. 
Businesses want to sell as much directly to the consumer as they can, but you can't ignore the online outlets.  How can you use data to tackle the problem?   Our guest Dr. Stephen Kraus is the Head of Digital Insights at "Jumpshot", the author of "Selling to the New Elite" and "The New Elite" and one of the world's leading experts on consumer insights and digital trends.   Stephen tells us how people are drowning in data but starved for insights.  He shares how we can use data to tell stories that connection emotionally with our audience and how the broader forms of consumer behavior can inform specific marketing actions.   With access to so much external data it can be easy to not look internally.  Have you given yourself a diagnostic check up lately?
When the old methods of leadership no longer work what do you do?  Are the old practices so ingrained in your business that you can not see they are out of date?  Outdated systems and methods are just a few of the reasons big companies fail and disappear. Marcia Daszko, is catalyst for strategic leadership, transformation and innovation and the author of "Pivot, Disrupt, Transform".  Marcia shares her experience bringing the transformation needed help companies rise above, why the numbers might not be the first thing you should be looking at, and what has changed in leadership over the years.
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