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Candy, vitamin or painkiller? Which one of these best describes your practice? In my experience most Chiropractors are positioning themselves as a "vitamin"... Good for you, but nothing urgent or overly important. You can live with it, you can
How would you like to send a simple email, less than 15 words, to your list of subscribers, and have 7 replies back for new patient appointments? No spinal screenings. No arm twisting. Just replies like these: "Yes please" "My number is 519-X51
When I started my practice, I was 1000% convinced I would never lose a patient. Call me naive, many have before... I assumed if I simply taught them "what I knew, they would do what I do." Every other Chiropractor had it wrong. I had it right.
Struggling with your marketing? Crickets when you post a video to social? No one is visiting your website? You've created the world's greatest lead magnet... And not a single person has opted in? It must be your market. Really, it's the only lo
When a patient says no to our recommendations, we assume it's always something we said or didn't say, something we did or didn't do. That is the case sometimes, but far too often much of the information we could add to aid the decision making p
Hard bone on a soft nerve? Foot on the water hose? How do you communicate chiropractic in the 21st century? There have been, and still are, some incredible minds in Chiropractic. Kent, Gentempo, Chestnut, Minardi, Murphy, Haavik and many more I
Who wouldn't love a steady stream of new patients coming directly from your existing wonderful and engaged practice members? While new patients are the lifeblood of your practice, referred new patients are the cream of the crop. How are you gen
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom. It was the... You probably get the idea. In "Chiro" world, the preached purpose is to see as many people as possible and create a subluxation free world. That means
I love Reggie Gold. If you don't know who this person is, and that's becoming more and more possible, you need to expose yourself as much Reggie content as possible. The one caveat, and I may rub some chiropractors the wrong way with this state
Have you ever caught yourself making this statement? "It's always something!" Typically it comes at a time of stress or overwhelm, a time when you're ready to throw your hands up in the air and give in. The sentiment is, of course, a negative o
I don't know many people who enjoy being rejected. Me included! In my experience, that fear of rejection is even more pronounced in Chiropractors. Unfortunately, that was likely a bad career choice for many as Chiropractic is rejected on the re
One way to stack the deck in favour of the highest quality sleep experience is to craft the perfect restoration routine. A routine is a series of actions done repeatedly. Not all routines are helpful, or move you towards a predetermined goal, t
Does everything matter? As far as my practice goes, I once believed that it did. That was until Mike stepped in to save me from myself once again. That belief was causing burnout, stress and frustration. It was an impossible standard to achieve
Standard fare among Chiropractic Coaches is the spousal invite. Do you invite the spouse? Do you make it mandatory? What if they decline? What if they agree, but show up alone? In my world four ears are much better than two and having a spouse
It's not just your practice. It's everything! If you take stock from every time... You've failed. You feel scared. You think it's "too hard". You assume your market is so different, unique and abnormal "it" just won't work. What is at least ONE
It's been a wild year! I have a simple question... Did you learn anything? Anything that can be used to grow, to develop yourself or your business into a better version of what it was when the world took a tumble? I did. Today's episode of Life
It's a common trend among health care providers to allow December to become the weakest month of the year. Less profitable and more stressful...essentially mailing it in and already looking ahead to "better days" come January. It doesn't have t
When you understand the nature and intent of this question, you're faced quickly with a reality you're excited about or one that twists a knife deep in your belly. Ultimately, it will also depend on the goals and purpose of your practice but in
Every chiropractor wishes for a constant stream of new people knocking at their door. I'd even say the entire practice psyche revolves around seeking out the next new patient in the vast majority of clinics we consult with. No doubt, new patien
One of the biggest fears business owners, entrepreneurs and chiropractors alike have about email marketing is how often to "hit send." It's common to be worried about spamming your people, your leads and your community... it's because you care,
We've been staunch proponents of building and cultivating a lexicon for years. All great brands have their own language... The tall, grande and venti from Starbucks being an obvious example. There are times in the development of your lexicon th
Will you survive or thrive in a crisis? This is an important question for any person, let alone a business person to ask themselves. A Recession A Health Crisis Staff Leaving Personal Crisis A Pandemic! Insert crisis "here". Regardless of the s
There's three categories of people and you can be grouped by "what people WOULD say about you if asked". That's not to suggest we care completely about what others say about us, but for the sake of this example, it's worth exploring. Story One
"I've been doing everything possible with social media marketing for years and it's not working for me." "It's different in my market than it is yours." "Not a single new person has come from my social media marketing!" Are these statements you
What happens when a "troll" leaves negative remarks about your business or practice online? You celebrate. WTH? The fact that someone cares enough about what you said or did to leave a negative comment is a tremendously positive sign for your b
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