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Today’s story is a continuation of episode 48. How do you know when too much is indeed too much? What do you do to take care of yourself? I recently pulled a hamstring muscle. It was my warning sign for trying to do too much. The injury has cau
Are you exhausted? It may not be due to lack of sleep. It may be this thing called emotional overwhelm. Emotional overwhelm happens when too much changes has impacted you too quickly. It’s too much to keep up with. In American culture, it happe
It breaks my heart to watch people stuck in self defeat. It also hurts to hear them speak in ways that are so hard on themselves. “Stop being so stupid, what’s my problem, and I can’t believe I did that!” are common sayings from people that are
Are you getting tired of people saying they are so grateful because how they say it sounds so fake? American culture is heading in that direction. They are getting really good at faking gratitude. People are learning how the practice of gratitu
When your mind wanders, you put yourself at risks far greater than you could imagine. Today, I share two stories. Each one includes an experience of a personal accident. One could have been prevented. And the other saved my life. Each one was a
  They say less is more and that is one truth that I believe in. I have a very demanding full time day job. I have not been exercising. I have been working nights and weekends to share interviews and stories that hopefully influence changes for
Dogs can do it all: they lift your Spirits when you’re feeling down, they can help you relax when you’re anxious, they can be your companion, and they can save your life! Today on Life Changing Stories, hear two stories of how our furry four le
“You cannot hope to be a scholar, but what you can do is to curve arrogance. What you can do is to rise above pleasures and pains. You can be superior to the lure of popularity. You can keep your temper with the foolish and ungrateful. Yes, eve
2014 was the most difficult year of my life. Career challenges and financial strains negatively impacted my self worth and belief that it was all happening for the greater good. Though I did work with life and career coaches, I also did a lot o
Reverend Corbie doesn’t communicate with Spirits to tell you what to do. She communicates with your guides to give you options. The power to choose is yours. It always has been and always will be. Empowerment is healthy. Corbie Mitleid is a Cer
If you traveled to a foreign country, would you put yourself in situations of sleeping in parks or other exposed places? How about doing that with your mother?! Master’s student and world traveler, Ladan Jiracek, did and shares some cool storie
“A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.” One day Jenny Jones was doing her thing- homework when all of a sudden the all to familiar FB message notification pinged her. She thought it was a friend of a friend asking a random question. But
Shared from Alysha… “Today I am just a typical stay at home mom of three, blogger, writer, and wanna be inspirer. About a year ago I relocated from the west to the east coast. It’s been a huge transition but it just feels right. I suppose I sho
Ask the Universe for a sign and you shall receive… Greg Archer wrote a book called Grace Revealed. It’s an amazing story of the experiences of his Polish ancestors who were victim’s of Stalin’s deportation. It’s also a story of his personal tra
“Community transformation comes from individual transformation” according to Alex Coley, Co-founder and Principle at Hallmark Partners, inc. And when a public space is built to foster authenticity and well-being, the community members benefit i
Do you eat poorly, smoke, and drink because you don’t know how to deal with your inner issues?  Mario did. And he nearly killed himself from it. But God gave Mario a 2nd chance and he stepped up to make the changes necessary to live in good hea
What does a commitment to meditation and personal growth actually do for you? Today’s guest, Kristi Lee Schatz shares her story of transformation, from the time she felt not good enough, to now living in effortless flow! Listen to Kristi’s insp
Mary’s stroke of hard luck with her own mortality has helped her understand both the importance of gratitude for things we usually take for granted, and also the Spiritual connection to ourselves and others. Listen to Mary’s inspirational short
Vinnie has a great life. He fitness trains big time Hollywood actors. He is an advocate for health consciousness. But when Vinnie got the news in 2007 that he was a long shot to live longer than 6 months because he had Leukemia, that changed ev
Alexandra carried the burden of shame for way too long. She thought her father took his life because of what she did. When she started story telling, she realized how much it helped heal her shame. But the moment she learned her stories helped
In his first ever Yoga class, Reid Peterson knelt down in child’s pose, hid his face in his hands, and asked a question out of desperation. “Is it meant to be?” he said internally, hoping for some sign of an answer. What he didn’t realize was w
Michael faced a critical moment of either self medicating or self supporting. Instead of doing drugs he chose to go for a run. That was the moment he committed to doing whatever it takes to live with joy and happiness. Michael shares motivation
What would your outlook on life be if you found out you were married to a schizophrenic, lost an infant daughter, declared bankruptcy twice, and nearly died when you were getting surgery for prostrate cancer? Bruce looked at all the hardships a
At an early age of 7, Gina taught herself to never feel again. It got her to embody a super hero personnna and she achieved professional success. However, her relationships suffered. What her hardest lesson was that what suffered most was the r
Jonathan was faced with a critical decision: stay in his marriage and be unhappy or leave the relationship and be more happy. After worrying about what was best for his daughters, he realized what mattered most was what was best for him. Jonath
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