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Believing in yourself and in your abilities is important to make things happen for you and to be great in life. Having a genuine desire, a good purpose and good company, people who will help you as you walk through life along the way, is the pa
Every one of us is put in this world to contribute and make a difference to the world in our won unique way. When you're seeking to make a difference in the world, you lead and follow what inspired you the most. "Everybody has a mind and heart,
"Know your body is wise" Jessie Lucas www.embodiedmovementtraining.com Email:[email protected] Website: www.lifesashuffle.com 
When you follow where the energy flows and focus on that energy, you start to change the world around you.  Your attention goes to what you want in life that has purpose and meaning behind it. "Learn to do things right and do them right every t
"Know that your body is wise" Jessie Lucas www.embodiedmovementtraining.com Email: [email protected] Website: www.lifesashuffle.com 
"Know that your body is wise" Jessie Lucas www.embodiedmovementtraining.com Email: [email protected] Website: www.lifesashuffle.com 
"Know that your body is wise" Jessie Lucas www.embodiedmovementtraining.com Email: [email protected] Website: www.lifesashuffle.com 
Losing your self-worth and living in survival mode too long makes it difficult to rebuild your inner strength and confidence. That can be changed by bringing in presence in your body and clarity in mind. "Know that your body is wise" Jessie Luc
When we've drained all of our motivation, willpower, interest, and continue to press forward without reservations, it will catch up to us. We get tired and sometimes we don't even want to look at the things we absolutely love to do.  Once in wh
Growing up with a multicultural upbringing has it's challenges of living different identities and trying to belong, but it also has unique opportunities to see life from varying perspectives. The experience can positively influence their outloo
You were born with wings! You were born with potential and is unlimited. Spread your wings, learn to use them and fly. This will allow you to take chances to pursue and live your life with purpose. Start achieving things you are designed for. J
If there's one thing that inevitable in life, it's change. Life's changes come in all shape and sizes. It can be happy and exciting as well as complicated, but change is not a bad thing. Change is not only inevitable, it can lead to beautiful o
Life never stops moving and demanding our internal growth. We outgrow each phase, and each role with time. As with the most things in life, it's important to learn to let go if you're going to move on with you life. Create space for what you re
We all can be hard on ourselves sometimes. Our mind can find a million reasons why we should not be happy in the present moment. You get to decide if you want your mind filled with negative or positive thoughts.  “You are the steward and capt
When you focus on self-love and self-compassion you can form healthier, happier relationships with yourself and others…it also shows others how to love you. Loving yourself can be one of the hardest, yet most important things you’ll ever do.  “
There are moments during the process of transformation when we feel high on life. When we go through life we go through 2 identities…who society wants us to be and who we want to be. Join our facebook group: Life's a Shuffle Email: lifesashuffl
When you’ve lost a sense of who you are you recognize that you are just going through the motions instead of being who you want to be.  Reconnecting with your authentic self and getting on the path of finding your true self is most definitely a
Navigating life with epilepsy. Epilepsy impacts the social and emotional lives of the people with the condition and their families. Most people with epilepsy wonder if they’ll ever lead a “normal” life. Well, a “normal” life is possible. “You c
"A commitment is not there to scare you but a commitment is there to empower you towards what you want." - Maxwell Nee Join our facebook group: Life's a Shuffle Email: [email protected] www.lifesashuffle.com
When facing abuse, many people eventually adjust their self-identity to accommodate the abuser. It leads to a loss of your sense of self. You can feel lost and empty. Live life with more peace, freedom and love, not just surviving it. "You will
When all the things you think you have to do and be are externally defined by society, family and culture, then you're not in charge of your life. Taking charge of everything about your life is being true to yourself and life purpose. "You have
The most important thing that we need to do for ourselves is to be more elevated human being. We can have a better view of our lives. We can see clearly and have a better sense of how to do life. Even when it seems impossible to look on the bri
Judgment is a part of our human nature. It can be so easy to judge and be judged. People will constantly judge us. No matter what we decide to do in our life, whether you go after your big dreams or just do nothing, either way we will be judged
Our bodies and minds go through changes, many of which can leave us feeling frustrated, uncomfortable and just plain weird...if we let them. Join our facebook group: Life's a Shuffle Email: [email protected] www.lifesashuffle.com #lifesas
The nature of life is, wherever you are, you want to be something more. There is something within us that is constantly longing and searching for fulfillment, but we are looking externally.  Look within yourself…what you are looking for lies w
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