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Why did Paul create THIS podcast -Life's Learning Curve? A combination of things: A former student named Sean, Paul's daughter Heidi, some fast food and a car's satellite radio service  all synthesized into LLC. It was as if Paul had been rehearsing it for 35 years! Find out why.  LISTEN to this one!'WHISKEY DOCS' podcast appears on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, & almost everywhere podcasts are heard. Thx to Dr. Trace McClintock!Support the show (
Freshman year at a downstate university. Paul’s friends told him how lucky he was to be going away and NOT having to go to a local community college. But something happened, things didn’t turn out like he thought they would. It was 1976, and the mid midwest was headed for its most hot and humid fall ever.  Life threw Paul several unexpected life-changing learning curves which almost took him out for good. -So Life’s Learning Curve packs up their hotplates & mini fridges & travels downstate for freshman year. It’s those unexpected things in life, where you learn to sink or swim. Making changes & adjustments in life are the components of a person's true character.  Support the show (
Explaining Paul’s need for escapism and finding paradise is boldly retold. Driven by films, books and music, finding paradise always seems to be just over there, or just a day’s drive away. But it’s a funny thing, escapism… He discovers that you can go far and wide and can keep moving on and on through places and years, but Paul never escapes his own life. At last Paul locates where his life belongs in a most unusual place. Come along for a little necessary vacation time with Life’s Learning Curve!Support the show (
What happens when a favor becomes a gift? In this episode we hear how a family’s learning curve evolves again & again. This time a cottage on Geneva Lake in Wisconsin is loaned to Paul’s family in 1969. Some experiences are magic, some are tragic. From ghost stories, to music heroes, to the strain of everyday life in turbulent 60s, they survive & move forward. In the end, the amazing power of memories, a strong family unit, and a day of independence come together for new vistas and horizons for Sue, Paul, Shirley & Bob. It's all okay.Support the show (
Paul was just 5 years old when his grandpa was age 64, yet they were the best of pals. They frequently spent quality time with one another and often went on adventures into the real world of a small Illinois town. Retired, Paul’s grandpa was going thru a phase in his life where he had time. He had gone through two terrible wars, a financial depression, & supported his nuclear family, as well as his own family. Now it was his time. He invested that time with his young grandson: Steam tractors, building things, demonstrating honesty & humility, as well as chuckling while drawing silly cartoons. “That’s NOT the man I grew up with,” commented Paul’s mom. So what happened? How did this once stoic, serious & stern man transition into such an Irreplaceable part of Paul’s life?Support the show (    Conclusion   With the help of beer and dolphins, my documentary drastically degrades even more. We attempt to complete our shoot in Key West, but our behind the scenes story OVERTAKES the entire production. At long last, I find a mentor (on site) who makes a reality simple and possible. An amazing story!  Tropical = Still Good.     Turpitude = Even MORE Nefarious.   SHOW NOTES:   The Motivational Documentary mentioned in this podcast can be found at: the show (   Part 1 (of 2)   Tropical = Good. Turpitude = being nefarious.   When I took a crew to remote Key West to shoot a squeaky-clean documentary, the REAL story unfolded behind the scenes. With immorality trying to take the main stage, I begin to understand that former college friends, alcohol and saltwater sometimes don’t mix.  SHOW NOTES:   "Just Spilling it"      podcast  the show (
Our podcast retells stories of ideas & creativity. Almost all of us get our best ideas late at night when our brains are open & aware AND destressed. However, most of us wake the next day and never act upon our nighttime dreams and ideas.  but the dreamers of the day are the crazy ones whose successes & failures have been actualized & made possible. Meet Catherine, Bill, Tom, Clay and all those others whose input helped us make this episode possible. Support the show (
When my father passed a few years back, I thought about all the love, work and care he and my mom put into raising my sister & me, I realized I didn’t need him like I used to need him. It was NOT because of his age or time. I still sought him out to listen to his direct, carefully measured  appropriate advice. It was then I realized he had parented & mentored me so well, for so long, I felt I knew which way to go. It was as if I could hear his voice helping me. Do my children listen or hear me? It is inevitable. They might not realize it now, but someday I would be honored to be a source for either one of them.Support the show (       Society has rules. Some people chose to VAGUELY support these rules. ENTER ...  Hanx and the eloquent and distinguished Mrs. Dorothy Tucker who will make life's molehills into mountains as fast as Korea 4G services in Seoul. (innocent simile) Meh.Support the show (    Are mischief & prankishness necessary? Yes...Well sometimes. Shenanigans is the theme of the podcast as Paul remembers innocent, yet effective childhood shenanigans. (See Jim Halpert)Support the show (
In First Grade, Paul's perspectives and behavior become altered for the rest of his life. -We all can become better people by adding just the right people to our lives. Paul enters reading groups, encounters a first year teacher and is forced to sit next to Jimmy, a class misfit, who cannot control his outbursts. A mentor is used to smooth the waters of 1st grade. From that moment, Paul's perspectives and attitudes were changed. So...  What happened?? Support the show (      Summers' possibilities are retold as Paul recalls his years at age six. Due to his family being given a surprise summer pass to a new country club, the Summer season defines its seasonal magic and the stories are synthesized through all five senses. Scary, fun and full of adventure, Paul discovers, swimming lessons, lifeguards and the abundant tasty crab apples. Support the show (     Like-minded people, mentors, a teacher and many others saw something in the small boy from PA. and a career writer was born.  -Author & businessman Clay Greager shares his ride up the mountain of life. He swaps stories with Paul based on his experiences writing and publishing from Key West, Florida. What a ride!Support the show (       As we saw our childhoods coming to an end, the feeling of innocence returned because of a vacation destination in California. Through fuzzy memories we retell about a 1968 vacation which presented adventure, sunburns and discovery. During the west coast's decade of peace, color & unrest, there was an unusual imbalance of protests and the feeling of all is well; despite the Vietnam War.Support the show (
His past made Vaughn push harder and harder until he found himself playing guitar and singing his heart out in small venues. Now in his mid 20s, he continues to evolve; writing, mixing and mastering original music. "No one works harder at this than Vaughn. He IS focal to the creative community and makes us all better."  -Mark EskenSupport the show (
Sometimes it’s NOT the journey that makes an adventure, it’s the people you meet along the way that might re-ignite your life’s passions. Paul retells experiential stories of the gruff and angry unsheltered homeless, stories of the dry wit and comedy of FBI Feds, to stories of an arrogant and self-absorbed west coaster. In 2000, Paul migrates from analog editing to digital editing by taking classes from coast to coast. These classes DID help him migrate to a digital world, but as time has passed, he recalls the diverse, funny, scary and creative people he met along the way that shaped that summer of the year 2000.  -Hey, have you ever been locked out of your hotel room all night in the dank, heavy, humid summer heat and been a meal for mosquitoes and no-see-ums??? Paul has!      Life’s Learning Curve begins SEASON THREE!Support the show (
Alternate title: BURNS MALTS…. Paul remembers being told:  ‘It’s a nice day outside. Why don’t you go out & enjoy it?” He heard this phrase throughout his years as a child from local pharmacist Milt Burns. Burns Drugstore made the world’s BEST MALTS and people of all ages flocked there to taste the thick, ice creamy goodness in a tin. Milt Burns seemed to not fully understand or appreciate the money-making power of his soda fountain within his own pharmacy. Also luring people inside were sundries, prescriptions filled, hot roasted peanuts, 10 cent candy bars and comic books, Yet Milt shuffled kids out of the store before they bought anything at all. Was it that Milt hated the soda fountain, kids, or something else? The answer is finally revealed in today’s episode. Also: Keep an eye out for a padlocked park named old Maroon Field as well… A kite flier’s paradise! SO, WHY WERE PAUL & HIS FRIENDS CONSTANTLY BEING SENT OUTSIDE OF THE LOCAL DRUGSTORE? Here at LLC podcast we like to take a look back on our lives and discover how we became the best version of ourselvesSupport the show (
In studio 502, join our guest Heidi Hardt and Paul as they weed thru some of the best parts, of arguably, one of the worst tramatic years in US history. From quarantining while working at home, to making creative uses of free time and blogging, Heidi maintains a strong sense of humor as she shares some highs and lows.        In our podcast's two year run so far, our purpose has been to use storytelling to help us find and pin down the best us we could be. Today’s episode Found Value: 2020, is different. The past 10 months have left many of postponed, locked down, quarantined and id’ as non-essential or essential workers in our careers. That right there is a psychological evaluation in the making. Will she find value in this mess???Support the show (
On this episode:  Steve, Paul’s college friend, shares the accomplishment he and his family felt when taking a whitewater rafting excursion overnight in West Virginia. After Steve retells a few rafting adventure stories, Paul and Steve realize that the elements of the rafting trip might easily synthesize into a motivational video from the perspective of living your best life ever. Plans begin for Paul & Steve to return to West Virginia and shoot a video at the same place Steve had his unique experience. However, communication became hinky and, the motivational video remote began to appear unstable. Paul reflects on why MENTORS and like-kind people are essential for diversity and career advancement. Mentors can actually make your life ‘jump’ and move up to another staion in life. Did Paul actually use his mentors for advice? Once again THANKS to my current mentor Clay Greager!Support the show (
Same time each year it happens: Paul goes in search of his “other me.” The one from decades earlier that dreams, writes, produces, makes effective use of time, creative projects and self-evaluates. -Many years ago, Paul set a course for himself, his destiny and life goals, but something got in the way…Life. Day to day life happens to all of us and usually steers us off of our desired course. Unwilling to let go of his dreams from decades ago, this podcast shares Paul’s stories about the importance of stopping, stepping aside, stepping away and having that self-renewing chat with yourself. Find your other me.    season 2      episode 35Support the show (
When introduced to ‘drifting,’ -car drifting- in his late teens, Tristen realizes a passion for the sport. On this episode, Tristen, now 21, heads down life’s roads discovering personal & financial responsibilities. Learning never ceases. In Tristen’s world of diverse vehicles, he shares his ongoing dreams, passions & goals & a few great stories. Life’s Learning Curve heads to the southwest in New Mexico to interview & swap stories with guest Tristen Malakowsky. Webcast on you tube...Malakowsky Motorsports:'s Learning Curve  -Visual podcast of this show: Support the show (
Our Guest, Erik Iverson shares stories from his upcoming book titled “If Only I’d Taken Roswell.” NEWS & SPORTS broadcaster Erik shares a few of his television & radio broadcasting experiences in the mid Midwest markets. From a sour station manager to positive qualified mentors, Erik shares his experiences. Note: A creepy & diverse assignment editor asks Erik to spend a few nights in her eerie & mysterious house. Although he feels grateful for a positive career in broadcasting, maybe Erik Iverson’s broadcasting career may have gone in another direction if ONLY he had taken the Roswell, NM job.  Support the show (
When Paul is asked to shoot a commercial for a local retired millionaire named Hal, things never gelled at all. Easily triggered, Hal is braggy, manipulative, dismissive & constantly dissatisfied with Paul. Teased by a chance to shoot video from a helicopter, Paul begins to understand he is being lured & intimidated by a man with control & bad debt issues.  -True story as always.     “You can’t write this stuff.” -Ken NordonSupport the show (
Freshman year at a downstate university. Paul’s friends told him how lucky he was to be going away and NOT having to go to a local community college. But something happened, things didn’t turn out like he thought they would. It was 1976, and the mid midwest was headed for its most hot and humid fall ever.  Life threw Paul several unexpected life-changing learning curves which almost took him out for good. -So Life’s Learning Curve packs up their hotplates & mini fridges & travels downstate for freshman year. It’s those unexpected things in life, where you learn to sink or swim. Making changes & adjustments in life are the components of a person's true character.  Support the show (
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