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Episode from the podcastLIFT Your Story

LIFT Your Story with Karen Chaston, Author, Speaker and Life Coach Specializing in Loss

Released Thursday, 7th October 2021
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How do you deal with one day you wake up and you find out your child has left you?  Going out in your backyard to have an evening with your husband and there lies your child.  And forward, they announce what no parent wants to hear.

Karen went back to work, immersed herself in it, and she says, drank too much,  then realized it was not the right way.

Karen states " Dan is with me.  I actually spend more time with Dan than I do with his two brothers and his sister.   He's guided me the whole way, he's guided me to write my books. Everything that I wasn't doing before, where I was playing small, he's really got me to 'come on Mom, you can do it" and he's constantly around me".

Karen says although what she does is Grief Counselling, it's more and different.  There are 40 different types of grief.  Death, divorce, job loss, alienation, COVID separation.  We may not always define some of these as "grief" but they are.  And how do we bounce forward?

She speaks to gifting losses.

This is a very profound episode and amazing information that Karen shares.

Karen also speaks to her child that she adopted out at the age of 16 during the "lockdown".   What an amazing story from start to end.

So many more interesting conversations about Freedom of Speech and such.  And the connection with those who have "left" yet are still here with us.

Thank you, Karen.  For sharing all your stories.

You can reach out to Karen by going to www.karenchaston.com

More about Karen Chaston:

Karen ran on the corporate treadmill until the day the world came tumbling down on her head.
The constant effort of juggling work, family, the big house and cars, and the stress created by all that was taking its toll on her even before tragedy struck when her son Dan (27), suddenly and very unexpectedly died at her back door in July 2011.
Straight after Dan’s funeral, Karen went straight back to her Chief Financial Officer’s role at a Publicly Listed Company, working more, drinking more, and eating more. Using all her coping mechanisms to just carry on and succeed at that level.
Karen now knows that Dan’s passing was meant to be her wake-up call. So the Universe decided to show her that death comes in many ways ~ death of a loved one, a marriage, a job, a partnership, a pet, your health, and/or your wealth.
Her second death came 15 months later in the form of redundancy when her company merged with another. This was the greatest GIFT.
That is when she started on the Journey to Becoming Her Own Best Friend. 
From there they created the Gift of Loss programs which demonstrate the correlations between loss and people and profits for both individuals and companies.
Her motto: “Life is too short to be suffering from any kind of loss, unwrap the gift this has brought and then design a life that you live and love.

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