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Episode from the podcastLIFT Your Story

LIFT Your Story with Shaily Hakimian Social Media Sherpa on being on the forefront of being a Social Media Creator

Released Thursday, 28th October 2021
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Shaily.  Energetic, excited about what she does, smiles, and laughs a lot.

Social Media Sherpa.

She also loves to share other people's stories.

Shaily started on Myspace.com.  It's how she started her career.

Shaily was teased, and bullied, and didn't want to be partnered with and she tried to learn social skills to make friends.  She says Myspace helped her to find friends.

We chatted about the old world.   The BBS and 300 baud rate.  And feeling like you could find people outside around the world.  And Shaily said that is exactly how she felt.  She says it was about making connections with people who are like you.  Be it bullied, or nerdy, or having issues and understanding each other and getting it.  And sharing what makes each other wonderful!  Beautifully said, Shaily.

This was before Facebook. :)

And growing older and meeting with people who were bullies?  How different they become.  How different those who have been bullied become.  How different we become as we grow and learn that people are people and some of us connect that we never would have thought from our childhood - through the Internet.

However, if you are present?  Face to face?  Put down your cellphone!  Presence is a present.

This was a lot of fun.  Thank you Shaily.

You can find this beautiful enthusiastic Shaily at https://www.yoursocialmediasherpa.com or find her on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @hakimian45

More about Shaily:

Shaily started doing social media for her hobby community in high school… ON MYSPACE. She didn't realize what she did was doing social media until after college when she saw a question on a job application asking if she had ever managed an online community, and she realized there was something there.

She graduated from Indiana University with a degree and certification in elementary education K-6, and she now uses those mad teaching skills to lead workshops, work with business owners 1-on-1 training them on social media, and has coached 200+ B2B consultants on how to use LinkedIn to grow their business. She guides businesses on how to stay top of mind with their community and referral network using social media. I hold them accountable and boost their confidence in themselves, what they have to offer, and their own social media abilities. She loves live streaming, event social media, live Tweeting, and comment engagement. 

Learn more @ YourSocialMediaSherpa.com.

She is a Persian-Moroccan Indiana University Grad who loves cheesy icebreakers, bubble tea, poker, reality competition shows like Big Brother and Survivor, TEDx conferences, magic, flea markets, the Jewish community, and her sequin closet. Teacher of social media as a tool of empowerment 

Learn more about Shaily on LinkedIn, Twitter, and don’t look too hard for her on TikTok. Social Links: linktr.ee/hakimian45  

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