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LIFT Your Story with Stephen Brooks Pop-Up Retail Expert

Released Thursday, 23rd September 2021
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The first question asked to Stephen was "what is a Pop Up Retail"?

Stephen explains they have been around since the beginning of time and were previously known as markets and bazaars.  So they are short-term activities in parks and common areas.  Flea markets would also be considered as Pop-Up Retailing.

Stephen explains they have become more sophisticated.

Traditionally a Pop-Up Retailer was three to six months.    Now there are companies like Sook that create micro pop-ups, such as three to four hours.

The success of modern-day retailing is about integrating technology with the core foundation of retailing which is customer service.  Not just good or okay customer service, you have to wow them.  Stephen also said that 78% of people still want to touch feel and engage with a product before they buy it and 64% will come back and seek out that sales associate for their authenticity and genuineness.

Stephen also touches on pop-ups for fundraisers, and also for coaches!

You can learn more about this through Stephen by reaching him at www.thepopupexpert.com

More about Stephen:

For over 35 years Stephen Brooks has been immersed in all things retail. His career has taken him to 57 different countries, working with retailers, landlords, e-commerce, and retail affiliated businesses big and small. Stephen is an author, speaker, and TV commentator for the TD Ameritrade Network as well as the co-host of The Popable Podcast. Stephen is passionate about the future of retail and works with his clients to navigate through the complex issues that they face in an ever-changing consumer-driven world. 

How To Be Successful In Shopping Malls
Pop Up Retail For Beginners 2021 Edition by Stephen Brooks
Email Stephen at [email protected]

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