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One year later! It has been a ride this year! As we celebrate a year of Lifting the Lifters, I am sharing what I have learned.  I will share 5 quotes to live by that pretty much sum up what this year has taught me! You can apply these to any and every aspect of your life, whatever you are doing. Listen in to find out the 5 lessons! Go to for show notes!
Shellie Thornley is the creator of the guided workbook Distinct and Different, she runs the Instagram @youdeservetheword, and she is a good friend of mine. In this interview with Shellie we discuss body image and some strategies and tools we can use to work on our relationships with our bodies. 1.  Be aware of your thoughts and how you talk to yourself. 2.  Understand positive body image is an inside job. 3.  Fight for a good relationship with your body! It's worth the fight! Listen in to find out more and visit to get show notes and information.
Overall health and wellness plays a big factor in living our best life. We get to be the ones to be in charge of that health and wellness! This is part of loving ourselves, taking care of our health! In today's episode we talk about caring for our mental and physical health. We discuss ways that we can do that, tactics I use to help me, and why it is important: so we can love our neighbors too! Listen in to find out more and get details on the upcoming giveaway! Go to for show notes and episodes!
The two great commandments are love God and love thy neighbor, but many of us skip of the last part of that love thy thyself! This week we are going to talk about what loving thyself means and what that looks like. It may be different that what you think! Join in this episode as I walk you through acceptance and compassion for yourself and how to process emotions! Then lastly, talking nice to yourself, as if you're talking to that neighbor or family member you love so much.  Visit for more!
Love is an emotion that we can experience any time.  It is a gift that we give to ourselves! This week we talk about loving feelings. We dive into more details about the model and why feelings are so important! They drive ALL of our actions! Listen in as we discuss what feelings do for us, why loving feelings are self-serving, who I try to emulate who is loving and HOW to generate these feelings of love the month of LOVE!
In every good book or movie there is a good story with lots of drama. Twist and turns, adventure, suspense. Just like there is drama and a story in a movie or book, we have the same go on in our minds.  In today's episode we continue to discus the topic I taught last week: The Model. Circumstances Thoughts Feelings Actions Results We will go into detail about the Circumstances and the Thoughts. This is the Math and the Drama. Listen in as I give MANY examples to help you see that the problem is never the Circumstance, it is the thoughts we are having about the Circumstance. Gaining awareness on this will help you, as it has for me, in so many situations! See for show notes and other episodes!
This year is shaping up to be a great one with my word for 2021: Creator.  Join with me in this episode as I teach you HOW to create what you want using the model.  Circumstance Thought Feeling Actions Results This is what I use to help my clients and also help myself when I'm stuck, and when I'm striving to reach my goals. Thoughts become things and when we choose intentionally our thoughts, we can create some pretty amazing things!  Visit for more!
Do you pick a word for the year? This is a practice I have done for a few years. Last year my word for the year was "Enough." As I kept this word on the forefront of my mind, I have seen it pop up in many different places. It has provided many opportunities for me to learn and study. Join with me in this episode as I discuss what I've learned this year about "ENOUGH." 1.  It’s not a one and done deal 2.  EVERY PERSON has this underlying fear of Not Being Enough 3.  Your being enough does not come from outside of you. Worth is different from Value. 4.  Operating in not enough NEVER serves us. This is a great episode as we conclude a year of "Enough" and get ready for next year's word! Visit for episodes and show notes.
Many times we have the desire to set a goal then want to move straight into the ways to accomplish our goal, but don't look into HOW to set the goal so it sticks! In today's podcast we're going to do that. Dig into HOW to SET your goal, to set you up for success when taking the day to day actions. We will have a visit with our present self, our past self, and our future self. We will get clear on our values, see our own awesomeness, and then expect that our goal is as good as done! Listen in for details and one of the goals I am working on this year!
Happy New Year! With the beginning of the new year comes all of the desires and commitments to set goals and resolutions.  I love to set myself a goal to work on, but first I like to understand WHY? In this episode I discuss reasons to set a goal.  1. To learn to trust yourself 2. To give your brain a job 3. To EVOLVE 4. Just Because Listen in as I give details and personal experiences with each and every one of these. I will also give details to the Get It Done in 2021 Program open now for enrollment.
Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! In this episode I share our Christmas Card in appreciation and gratitude for YOU! Thank you! I love you! I also share a message about Saving and Loving. A wise woman told my mom, "It's not your job to save, it's your job to love." In this episode we dig into that. What our roles are and what they are not. How to let the Savior save, and how we can love. When we drop the role of Saving our Loving explodes. Nathan Mitchel Interview Savior Complex Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton
Giving to others is part of the Christmas season and traditions.  It is a way to express our love to the people in our lives.  We can give any time to any one, and did you know that when you give you also receive? In this episode we talk about an experience he had with a customer where he learned the difference between giving because he has, or having because he gives.  We also discuss what it is that we WANT. Guess what the answer is....GIVE! Tune in to find out more! Wake Up to a Happier Life by Amanda Dickson Pete the Cat Saves Christmas by Eric Litwin Love begets Love by Elizabeth Bourgeret Opportunities to Do Good by Henry B. Eyring    
It's Christmas Time! With that comes the season of gift giving.  In this episode we talk about Secret Santa. Who he is, what he does, and my life goal to be Secret Santa! Then, we talk about being Secret Santa NOW! We don't have to wait for a time, money, or anything else for that matter.  We can be Secret Santa now.  In this episode we talk about two ways to be Secret Santa now.  First, believe you are the gift. Second, go get them with your love. That's it! Listen in to get some specifics and some details! Turning Enemies into Friends by Sharon Eubank Choosing Clarity by Kim Giles East Idaho News
In this episode of our Interview with a Lifter: Jeff Brabant, we conclude our interview.  We discuss how he coaches and parents with expectations, leadership, communication, building relationships, and so much more.  There is so much wisdom and truth from this interview! He ended with 5 points: 1. Be You. 2. Build Relationships 3. Be better today than you were yesterday. 4.  Make good decisions every day. 5. The problem is never the problem. If you didn't listen to Part 1, go there first, then come back! You won't be disappointed! Miles Community College
Jeff Brabant is a professor and the head coach of the Miles City Pioneer Baseball program.  I got to know Jeff this year when our oldest son Dylan decided to join their program.  He is a "Lifter" not only as a coach, but as a mentor and friend to the boys on his team, but to the parents and many other's he comes in contact with. In this interview we talk baseball, what is a BOAC, and so many other topics! The entire interview was too good to edit down, so listen in today and next week for the rest!
We have to do a reset on many of the devices that we own. TV's, computers, heaven forbid, our phones! This reset is for the device that is typically stuck to get "unstuck" and start working again.  Sometimes we are given opportunities in our lives to do a reset, and sometimes we choose to do them on our own. Listen in to todays episode as I discuss a reset, regroup, and reroute to help us move forward with a purpose.  For show notes, episodes, and information  visit
Can you feel it!? The holidays are coming! I LOVE this time of year! The beginning of the holiday season is always fun and exciting, but as the planning and preparing go on over the next few weeks, we can sometimes get overwhelmed. In today's episode, I am going to teach you a few things about Holiday Prep.  Strategies and tips I have done to help me in the past and strategies I am going to implement this year.  Listen in and learn how to constrain, plan, calendar, and stick to your plan to create the EXACT holiday experience you want!
Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. Contentment is an emotion. It is a choice! We can choose contentment now. We don’t have to wait until we reach something. One of the best ways to feel content, practice Gratitude! What a perfect topic for the month of November! Join in this podcast as we discuss contentment, gratitude, wanting what we have, and the difference between being content and complacent.  The Incredible Power of Contentment The Unmistakable Freedom of Contentment and How to Achieve It Thanks for Gratitude 15 Daily Habits Practiced by Incredibly Successful People Episode 12: Sisterhood
Fear has been a big topic this month. There is so much to learn about and understand what goes on in our brains when we are afraid. This episode focuses on what to do when we are afraid and why we would want to do anything. When we are afraid we can pause, recognize our fear, then replace it with excitement or put it in the back seat, as Elizabeth Gilbert would say. Why do this? Because on the other side of fear is freedom. Freedom to create, have experiences, and progress. On the other side of fear is faith, hope, and love for ourselves and for others. Listen in for more details! “Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson “Fear Not” BYU Devotional Address by Kevin Worthen Elizabeth Gilbert, “A Letter to Fear”
Today's episode on Fear: the nuts and bolts. I discuss 5 facets of fear and get into some details. First, it is an emotion. Second, although most of us don't see it this way, it is a gift. Third, it exists in the future. Fourth, it is a tool of the devil when it is misused. Lastly, it is something each and every human being and species experiences. Join me today's episode as we go into the details and discuss some real life experiences.
October and Halloween brings about all things scary! Witches, ghosts, goblins, haunted houses, straw mazes, and scary movies.  For whatever reason, we like to be scared this time of year. Fear is an emotion that can be helpful, but also harmful.  Join me in this episode as I discus some of my fears. One of them being rejection, and what affects and results this can have.  I share a story I love about Sheri Dew and her experience with fear, and also my personal commitment to not "play small" to overcome fear. "Fear Not" BYU Devotional by Kevin Worthen
Celebrate you? Seems like kind of a silly thing, doesn't it? But it is key to getting the results you want. Our primitive brains are constantly scanning to move to the next thing. It moves so quickly that we forget to take a minute to bask in our accomplishments and who we are and are becoming! Listen in to this podcast to learn HOW to celebrate you and WHY! The Life Coach School Podcast Episode 309 Notorious Blog Post: Lifesaving Tips for a Mother of Big Families
Oreos, jelly filled donuts, stuffed crust pizza, these all have one thing in common: the filling in the middle, and it is oh so good!!! Our lives and experiences are a lot like this. They have a beginning, and ending, and a middle part. This middle part can be tricky at times. It can be full of excitement but also sorrow, but also MAGIC! Join me on this episode as I discuss the Magic in the Middle! You may find some magic in whatever middle part you're in at the moment!
Last Episode we discussed our reason for feeling rushed and in a hurry. Our thinking is driving all of our actions. There's an underlying thought that in there.  It has taken me time and a conscious effort to try to overcome this. List in to this episode as I describe the method to slow down, process your emotions, find those thoughts that are causing the problem, and examine them!
Last Episode we discussed our reason for feeling rushed and in a hurry. Our thinking is driving all of our actions. There's an underlying thought that in there.  It has taken me time and a conscious effort to try to overcome this. List in to this episode as I describe the method to slow down, process your emotions, find those thoughts that are causing the problem, and examine them!
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