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Diversity, equity, and inclusion, all sound like wonderful ideas, except that they have become tools to control schools, government, and businesses. It's the kind of soft power that creeps up on a country, sort of the like the proverbial frog b
Will Thompson, director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Tokyo, doesn't personally know gymnast Simone Biles, but knows what a great problem for elite athletes like her can be, making your sport your identity. The pressure to succeed at a
There are many people of faith that believe the Boy Scouts of America has lost its way. Where once the organization was almost a rite of passage for boys on the way to becoming men, today it is not just about boys or affirming their strengths.
Dr. Michael Guillen - physicist, astronomer and mathematician - lays to waste the old debate about whether science and religion get along. Not only are they compatible, but it is because of science that he became a Christian. In fact, it was th
The question for all politicians-- and the politically engaged-- who also claim to be people of faith, is: Does your faith inform your politics, or does your politics inform your faith? It doesn't matter from which side of the aisle you ponder
America is 245 years old! Happy Birthday! We've come a long way and become a great nation and a great power. But with great power comes great responsibility. And America could be at a defining moment in history. According to historian Os Guinne
The media have been in an uproar over the U.S. Bishops' vote to create a document on Eucharistic consistency. That phrase basically means the faithful should be consistent concerning what they believe and how they conduct their lives. Sounds si
Michael W. Smith's greatest cheerleader in life was his father, Paul Smith. He supported him in his passion for music, even though his own talents were in sports. What a unique relationship that is. A father who not only lets his son find his p
Before our Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence... and before any Bill of Rights... there was the Mayflower Compact. It was a covenant between a group of religious castaways from Europe and an Almighty God, the God of the Judeo-Chri
As "woke ideology" makes its way through the secular culture, one author Noelle Mering says it's actually on a collision course with Christianity. In the fall of 2020, at Loyola Academy, a tony Catholic prep school outside of Chicago, parents b
It may seem like two totally different topics, Memorial Day and scientific discoveries. And for the most part they are. But for Memorial Day it's good to remember what this holiday really means. And also, when Historian William Federer writes a
On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Voddie Baucham talks about the 'critical' challenges now facing the Christian Church in its quest to be racially compassionate, and that evangelicals are teetering close to denying the authority of S
There's a crisis in the world today; the rise of angry protests and the primal scream of politics are evidence. Yet, while it's easy to identify the problem, it's difficult to find a solution. Ah, but the solution has always been with us. It's
Boston College philosophy professor Dr. Peter Kreeft, is well known for his candid approach to Christianity and culture. He's an octogenarian who has his hand on the pulse of today's younger generations. That's because he's been teaching them f
So you'll have to wait to the latter part of the podcast to get the answers to "Who Made God?" and whether aliens have anything to do with the origins of life. But it's well worth hearing anything Hank Hanegraaff has to say in the meantime. Han
When you think of victorious women in the Bible, the one that's usually NOT brought to mind is Eve, as in Adam and Eve in the Garden, as in the one responsible for the Fall from Grace and all the tumult that that unleashed on the world. Well, d
Christianity and Judaism share a great deal of history and faith. Just look at how many times the dates of Passover and Easter coincide. It's because Jesus's Last Supper in the upper room, was in fact the Jewish Passover meal in which He makes
We are living in some of the most fractured and contentious times where religion has morphed into politics and politics has become a religion. And this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, is a living reality of that fact. Let me explain. On Ea
Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; it is the cornerstone of Christianity. But what's more, it's what gives Christianity its power, 'incomparably great power.' For too long many Christian churches have treated the
March is Women's History Month, so what better time to talk about the women of Bible. Popular culture would have us believe that the Good Book treats women as second-or third-class spiritual partners of their male counterparts. But the truth is
She has the voice of an angel - an Irish angel that is. Actress Roma Downey grew to fame on the TV series "Touched by an Angel," telling millions of viewers each week that "There is a God, that He loves you, and wants to be a part of your life.
Author Jonathan Cahn has written a string of novels based on biblical prophecy, and has yet another warning for America: we are doomed unless we return to God. Cahn, whose sequel book "Harbinger II: The Return," speaks at a frenetic pace detail
A new left-leaning Christianity helped Joe Biden win the White House for the Democrats. And now some Christian leaders like Dr. Frank Turek are accusing the Democratic Party of trying to mold the faith into its image, in the likeness of the Dem
George Weigel is one of those intellectual giants whose brain bandwidth gives him the prowess to say something profound on just about every topic. However, his specialty is the Catholic Church, Christian Doctrine, The Vatican, The Popes (any of
The Black Church is unique to America. Born in the tumultuous years of slavery, nurtured in the fight for freedom and civil rights; it is a political and spiritual powerhouse of shared cultural experiences of a community that has suffer the wei
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