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#099: E-mocracy

Released Sunday, 27th May 2018
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Today there is talk of oblivious Apex predators, centrifugal force in the bedroom and a declaration for a new American Constitution.
I am going to create a crowd funded development project for an application that gives every American a honest vote. Together we will be able to decide where our tax dollars actually go with digital receipts down to the last dollar. We should be able to choose who and how many people are delegating responsibilities in our society without question that they are our best candidates. Absolutely anything we the people choose needs to be put to an immediate vote will be, and will also be taking place in real time.
This app would be able to do a side by side comparison of what is truly important to the people and what is actually being done by OUR government. If there is discrepancy we will know with out doubt that there is corruption. This could potentially be the spark that we need to create real change and to update our system.
We will need a master coder to develop a platform with the strongest firewall known to man. It can be done. Free Wi-fi for all is a given, we can afford that shit.
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