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The Scottish Azure Stack team is back in action.  It was good to have Kenny and Darren on the podcast again, we always have great discussions.  In this episode we spend a bit of time catching up when we realise we haven't done an episode for quite some time.  We talk about the work/life/lockdown balance and how we are getting on and then we dive in to the Azure Stack family and talk about some Microsoft Ignite updates.  Azure Stack HCI is the current star of the show, we're all extremely busy working with customers and partners who want to adopt Azure Stack HCI as their on premises consistent Azure Hybrid solution.LINKS:   Azure Arc Jumpstart YouTube Channel -   Azure Arc Jumpstart:  MS Ignite Book of News:  AKS on AS HCI EVAL Guide:  AKS on AS HCI Documentation: ABOUT  If you have any questions for future episodes, let us know here:   Darren is a Hybrid Technical Specialist at Microsoft and Kenny the Senior Manage for Partner Aligned HCI Engineering Technologists at Dell Technologies.     You can connect with them both at the below Twitter handles and Links:  Twitter: @KennyLowe   Blog:   Twitter: @DarrenMSFT   LISA AT THE EDGE LINKS: BLOG:   PODCAST:   BUY ME A COFFEE:   Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks -
Welcome back to Lisa at the Edge.  In this episode I'm joined by Dwayne Natwick, also known as Captain Hyperscaler! Keep listening to find out how Dwayne got the name! We hear how Dwayne got in to technology, his career development and many roles he's had to lead him to his current dream role of teaching as part of Opsgility.  We discuss being part of the community, shout out to Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper for being awesome community peeps!  Dwayne shares how he worked towards his MVP status and we discuss comparing Cloud platforms using a fruit analogy.     Connect with Dwayne:  Twitter: @DwayneNcloud    LISA AT THE EDGE LINKS:  BLOG:   PODCAST:   BUY ME A COFFEE:    Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks -
Happy New Year! Welcome back to the first episode of 2021.  In this episode I am joined by the awesome human being that is Michael Levan. Michael shares his story of how he got in to tech, we both have a laugh and reminisce about World of Warcraft and then we take an unexpected turn. We talk about career development, finding your passion and then have a really honest conversation about mental health and how 2020 affected us. This episode was an absolute joy to record and I am sure that you'll find a lot of value in our discussion. Connect with Michael:  Twitter: @TheNJDevOpsGuy GitHub - AdminTurnedDevOps (Mike Levan) Email - LISA AT THE EDGE LINKS: BLOG: PODCAST:​ BUY ME A COFFEE:​ Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks -
Welcome to Episode 25 and the last episode of 2020 - can you believe it?  In this episode I am joined by an awesome friend and colleague Mike Lamia. Mike shares with us his career story. A born technologist there is nothing else that Mike could imagine himself doing. Although one role and terribly managed server room almost made him consider it. But VMware and virtualisation saved the day and he stayed with the industry. Mike now works in Technical Marketing at Dell Technologies focused on Azure Stack products and loves to 'make tech real' for our customers. We also discuss setting some goals for 2021 and I get a special commitment from Mike! Have you thought about your 2021 goals yet? Let us know in the comments below! Check out some of the awesome content which Mike has produced:  Unleash the value of Data in Azure Stack Hub with PowerScale: OpenManage Integration with WAC - Cluster Aware Updates: Lifecycle Management for Azure Stack HCI: Connect with Mike on Twitter @Evolving_Techie  LISA AT THE EDGE LINKS:  BLOG:  PODCAST:​  BUY ME A COFFEE :​ Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks -
In this episode I am joined by the wonderful Holly Lehman.  Holly is a Program Manager at Microsoft for the Azure CxP Partner Team and absolute Community Queen! In this episode we hear about Holly's career path from opening hotels in Las Vegas to Program Manager at Microsoft.  We talk about why non-techies are needed in tech, our passion for people and community and why you shouldn't fear hearing NO.  Holly also shares with us the reality of working and schooling from home and how supportive Microsoft have been during this pandemic.  We also get to hear about how Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community was born and a true friendship gained. Connect with Holly on Twitter @Lehman__Holly Subscribe to Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community: Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community - YouTube LISA AT THE EDGE LINKS: BLOG: PODCAST: PATREON: BUY ME A COFFEE: Video graphics by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks -
This is the third episode of a mini Azure Stack Family series with Darren Small and Kenny Lowe.  We get stuck in to the Azure Stack portfolio and hybrid cloud and answer your questions.     In this episode we discuss the imminent launch of Azure Stack HCI.  We talk about use cases with a focus on AKS.  Kenny delivers a great explanation of how to differentiate between Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack HCI.  We clarify licensing and commercials for Azure Stack HCI as well as clarify what disconnected and connected mean when applying those terms to Azure Stack HCI and Hub.  Kenny shares his set up for testing Hub with ASDK and HCI with WS labs. Azure Arc of course takes up some of our discussion and we talk about the Microsoft & Dell Technologies Centre of Excellence in partnership with Bordonaro IT in Germany.    If you have any questions for future episodes, let us know here:    Darren is a Hybrid Technical Specialist at Microsoft and Kenny the Senior Manage for Open HCI Engineering Technologists at Dell Technologies.    You can connect with them both at the below Twitter handles and Links: Twitter: @KennyLowe   Blog:   Twitter: @DarrenMSFT   EPISODE LINKS: CoE - Microsoft Azure Stack Center of Excellence powered by Dell Technologies (  WSLab: Jaromir Kaspar (created WSLab):     PREVIOUS EPISODES: The first episode is EP2 where we discuss how to make the perfect chip at home, the Azure Stack Family of products, how the portfolio and messaging has evolved as well as why Scotland is such a hub for technology:    And the second episode is EP7 where we discuss why Azure Stack Edge is a perfect sidekick for Azure Stack Hub, the benefits of a disconnected Hub, what it means to run an appliance in your datacentre, AKS Engine and answer some questions. We also talk a bit about the barriers to innovation and why a culture shift and deep understanding of customer issues is required to reach the potential of this new edge capability:    LISA AT THE EDGE LINKS:  BLOG:   YOUTUBE: PATREON:   BUY ME A COFFEE:   Video graphics,music and editing by the amazing Krist McKenna from Ratworks -
In this Episode I am joined by Ed Baker.  Ed runs his own training and services company, is an MVP, MCT and all round awesome guy.  In this episode Ed shares his journey from Police Officer to running his own business teaching Azure.  We discuss the value of certifications, our feelings on maths, school and apprenticeships and Ed has finally come round to the naming of Azure Stack HCI.    Twitter: @edbaker1965  Blog:   My Links:
Thomas is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focused on Azure and Hybrid and former MVP.  Thomas runs a very successful blog jam packed with useful content on Azure Certification Guides, Windows Server, Azure IaaS and more.  He is a successful speaker and I was extremely lucky to have him on the podcast. In this episode we talk about Thomas's career path from apprentice to landing a dream role at Microsoft.  We also discuss Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud terminology and then get stuck in to hot topic of the moment: Azure Arc. Hopefully you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Twitter: @ThomasMaurer Blog:
At Microsoft Inspire in July there were some pretty big announcements regarding Azure Stack HCI. This resulted in a lot of excitement and a lot of questions. To help get some of those questions answered I pulled together some experts from the community and Microsoft to discuss the announcements and answer your questions. From Microsoft I am joined by Darren Small, John Marlin and Thomas Maurer and we also have MVPs Kenny Low and Jan-Tore Pedersen. I will publish a blog in the next week or so with a summary of our conversation and all of the questions and answers. In the mean time I have included some important links below so check them out!  @JohnMarlin_MSFT @DarrenMsft @ThomasMaurer @Jantorep @KennyLowe For asking questions or reporting issues, you should go to  Think of this as the old MSDN forums.  When you ask a question, please ensure “azure-stack-hci” is the tag as this is what the Microsoft Product Group is searching on. For suggesting new features or improvements, you can go to For more information about Azure Stack HCI, you can visit our Azure Stack HCI page ( or read through the various documentation (planning, deploying, etc) that is available at For the support billing options and pricing, you should be able to get it at  The Premier/Unified Support option is not listed as this is not a specific Azure support offering, however, it does cover Azure Stack HCI.  For opening up a support ticket, you can either call in or use the open a ticket through Azure.
Hugo Barona is a Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Pluralsight Author.   Hugo kicked off the Cloud Lunch and Learn initiative which is aimed at providing free lunch time learning sessions focused on all things Cloud.  In this episode we find out more about Cloud Lunch and Learn and the future plans as well as discuss the importance of community support and sharing the knowledge.  LinkedIn: Hugo Barona Twitter: @HmsBarona Twitter: @CloudLunchLearn Website: Cloud Lunch & Learn Github: Cloud Lunch & Learn LinkedIn: Cloud Lunch & Learn YouTube: Cloud Lunch & Learn
In this episode I am joined by Ihcene Cheriet. Ihcene is a PM at Microsoft working in the Azure Stack team focussed on the Marketplace within Azure Stack Hub. In this episode Ihcene shares her story of how she graduated as a Software Engineer, did some pretty cool internships and found her passion for the PM role within Microsoft. Then we dive in to a discussion around how powerful the Marketplace is within Azure Stack Hub for ISVs and for customers.   We cover three customer personas:  ISV - On-boarding their Solution to Azure Stack  Developer - Azure Hybrid Model  Operations - curating the Marketplace to achieve Governance  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did and a massive thanks to Ihcene for sharing her knowledge and insight with us. @icheriet1 Links discussed in this episode:  Marketplace items available today on Azure Stack Hub : ISV technical publishing guide for Azure Stack Hub : Azure Stack Partner Portal at the Edge : (Forboth ISVs and Sis interested in bringing their solution over to Azure Stack Hub or Azure Stack Edge) For disaster recovery scenarios to have data protection for operation backup and restore. You can have a backup on Azure and a backup on the Azure Stack Hub Commvault  Veeam Backup & Replication Networking: VPN services, Load balancing services, Firewall services or for centralized management Palo Alto VM-Series Next Generation Firewall FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Control Center Check   Point CloudGuard IaaS Single Gateway f5 Big-IP Virtual Edition Hidden Gems: Bitnami released recently : GitLab Community Edition Cloud-based Git repository and version control system TensorFlow Serving for machine learning models
In this episode I am joined by Barbara Forbes. Barbara is an IT Consultant at SCCT in the Netherlands and also a MVP.  Barbara gave a talk at Ignite in 2019 before she was an MVP about how to Automate as a team.  The talk was so popular that they added another session. However the talk was only 20 mins long so Barbara has joined me to share more on this topic. We also discover another ‘how I got in to IT’ career story! How to protect you and your team  Identifying where things can go wrong  Culture & mindset  Making the time for education  Yolo scripting & lots more! Twitter: @Ba4bes Website: Ignite Talk: Automating as a team | THR1001. m7bj9BGU6JYyQyelbr5n
Shannon Kuehn is a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft focussed on VMware on Azure. Shannon shares the story of how she got in to tech with us. It started with a move to Chicago to chase that DJ life and then she found her calling. We discuss VMware on Azure, why MSP years are like dog years, that your experience is valuable in the world of cloud and we touch on diversity in tech and the female dynamic. Be aware there are bloopers in this episode. I debated editing them out. In fact I stressed about it for two weeks thinking they were worse than they were. However, I've always said this podcast is about keeping it real and this is as real as it gets. Lockdown is taking its toll, I've been working more than I should and it's beginning to show but this podcast has been a life line during the last few months and I want to thank you all for listening. Enjoy this episode! I have four more for you then Lisa at the Edge will be taking a break over the summer and back with a bang in Autumn. LinkedIn: Shannon Kuehn Twitter: @shankuehn
In this episode I am joined by the awesome April Edwards.  April is an Azure Advocate and Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft and has the most fascinating story to tell when it comes to how she found her calling in a career in tech after almost going down a few other paths.   We discuss transitioning from Ops to DevOps, impostor syndrome, the importance of being you, getting comfortable with not knowing everything in tech and we confirm that you are Dev/Tech enough!  April also shares her thoughts on Work Life Balance vs Work Life Integration when we discuss how Covid-19 has impacted her role and day to day life as well as how she is surviving lockdown.   @TheAprilEdwards  
In this episode I'm joined by my two team mates Jayanth and Janaka. Jayanth and Janaka are Azure Stack Engineering Technologists covering APJ.  As we know Azure Stack Hub is a co-engineered product between Microsoft and a few select OEMs. In this episode we talk through some of the Dell Tech differentiators and the value we bring to Azure Stack Hub. I hope this episode interesting and if you have any questions after listening please reach out to me and the team. @lisaattheedge @YkJayanth @JanakaRangama
In this AWESOME episode I am joined by Steve Buchanan.  Steve Buchanan is a Director, & Midwest Containers Services Lead on the Cloud Transformation/DevOps team with Avanade, the Microsoft arm of Accenture. He is an eight-time Microsoft MVP, and the author of six technical books. In this episode we discuss:  Evolving your career as technology evolves  How to transform your IT department to Strategic Business Partner  Containers 101 -  Diversity in Tech  Steve also flips the table and asks me some questions which caught me off guard.  I hope you enjoy this honest and open episode as much as I did.  Twitter: @buchatech Blog:
In this episode I am joined by Mark Scholman.  Mark is a Freelance Microsoft Azure Consultant - Microsoft MVP - Working on #Azure, #AzureStack, #AzureStackHCI - Speaker & blogger - @azurestackblog Mark travelled the world providing training to HPE in 2017-2018 when Azure Stack launched and has recently created his own courses and virtual learning offering.  The courses sound awesome and I think they will provide excellent value.  You can learn more about the courses and take the free Azure Stack Family course here: Azure Stack Learning  Twitter: @MarkScholman
With awesome guest Chris Renda -  Director of Engineering for Azure Stack at Dell Technologies.  In this episode we discuss Dell's approach to co-engineering Azure Stack Hub with Microsoft, where we look to add value, building a team to integrate tech and people and what a monthly engineering cycle looks like including our approach to Agile and the release train! Twitter: @ChrisRenda1 Dell Technologies Cloud Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub Dell Technologies InfoHub Azure Stack
In this episode I am joined by Aaron Buley. Aaron recently transitioned within Dell from Global Director of the Engineering Technologist team for the CI & HCI BU to Director of Product Management for Data Centric Workloads and Solutions In this open and honest conversation we cover personal brand, leadership, social media presence, mentoring and leaning in to challenges. Good luck to Aaron in his next role and hopefully he'll join us again to share more about his career development. Twitter: @AaronBuley Twitter: Tech Breakfast Podcast Podcast: Tech Breakfast 
In this episode I am joined by Martyn Coupland.  Martyn is the DevOps Technical Lead at Virgin Atlantic.  I first met Martyn a few years ago at a user group and was blown away by his infrastructure as code skills.  Martyn has just launched his own podcast called DevOps Squared so be sure to check that out.  In this episode we discuss what is DevOps and surprisingly don't mention any technology. I ask the questions 'Is there such a thing as a DevOps engineer?' and is 'DevOps only for the public cloud?' Twitter: @mrcoups Twitter: DevOpsSquared Podcast: DevOps Squared
In this episode myself and Kenny Lowe Senior Engineering Technologist at Dell Tech and Azure MVP are lucky to be joined by Jeff Woolsey Principal Program Manager at Microsoft looking after Azure Stack HCI, Windows Server and all things Hybrid cloud.   This episode is the result of a threadzilla on Twitter where there was a hot debate on Azure Stach HCI's naming convention.  Is it just a marketing ploy? Does it mean something more? Is it a sign of things to come? So of course I address this topic with Jeff.   We also discuss Azure Arc, Windows Admin Centre and Azure portal and the use cases for each.  We go in to a bit more depth on Azure Stack HCI use cases and we get a cheeky glimpse of what is to come for Azure Stack HCI!  I look forward to having Jeff back on Lisa at The Edge when he can talk more about future announcements.  You can find Jeff on Twitter at @WSV_GUY
In this episode I am joined by Darren Small Microsoft Azure Stack Global Black Belt, Kenny Lowe Azure MVP and Senior Engineering Technologist at Dell Technologies as well as a super special guest Dino Bordanaro, Azure MVP and owner of Bordonaro IT in Germany. We discuss why Azure Stack Edge is a perfect sidekick for Azure Stack Hub, the benefits of a disconnected Hub, what it means to run an appliance in your datacentre, AKS Engine and answer some questions. We also talk a bit about the barriers to innovation and why a culture shift and deep understanding of customer issues is required to reach the potential of this new edge capability. @Dino_Bordonaro @KennyLowe @DarrenMSFT
On this episode I am joined by Will Rowe.  Will is a leading specialist recruiter in the Azure space, author, speaker, occasionally cracks a good joke and all round funny guy.  In this episode we discuss how to engage with recruiters, how to approach the dreaded salary discussion, the different types of recruiters and how specialist recruiters can help you long term in your career development.  We also chat about personal brand, being authentic, using video content to reach your audience and of course have some banter!  Twitter: @MSFTRecruit LinkedIn: Will Rowe
Welcome back to another episode of Lisa at The Edge  Today I am joined by Community Hero Isidora Katanic.  Isi is on the board of Switzerland based Microsoft Partner Make it Noble and organises Experts Live Switzerland and Europe.   Isi is a true community spirit who is doing a lot of amazing things right now to keep the community together in these tough times. In this open and honest episode we discuss how Covid-19 is affecting the event world and the community and share our personal feelings on the situation. I want to say a huge thank you to Isi for joining me and inspiring me. Twitter: @IsidoraKatanic #cloudfamily
Hey Everyone and welcome back to Lisa at The Edge.  In this episode I am joined by Sarah Lean. Sarah Is a Microsoft Cloud Advocate, STEM ambassador, co-founder of the Glasgow Azure User Group and all round awesome person.  We discuss Sarah's role as a Cloud Advocate and how she never imagined herself in this role.  We talk creating content, whether surviving a pandemic should be seen as a productivity contest or not and I hesitantly share my thoughts and feelings on 'Woman in Tech' events and it turns out Sarah feels the same.   Tune in to this honest and fun episode.  Find Sarah on:  Twitter: @TechieLass Youtube under the name Techie Lass and check out her videos.   Here is the link to Sarah's video on getting started in IT
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