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Living 4D with Paul Chek

A weekly Health, Self-Help and Fitness podcast
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Episodes of Living 4D

Could plants really be sentient beings who are capable of understanding and communicating with us?Dr. Monica Gagliano shares her amazing life’s journey that nearly led her away from science until “the plants rescued the scientist in me” in this
 How did a man born in the white-bread suburbs of Detroit traverse the world to become a Vedic scholar, poet, a master of Sanskrit and a best-selling author, and do it all in one lifetime?The 75-year-young Jeffrey Armstrong describes his amazin
Are you struggling with becoming healthier and whole in your life and your relationships?Paul shares how you can create real health in your life by having a clear dream, doing the shadow work to begin the process of healing, following his tried
Many have predicted the emergence of scientocracy in our lives and a machine-centric view of the world. How do we turn the focus back on Mother Nature and humanity?Author and painter James Tunney returns to discuss the dangers of scientocracy,
How do you help to facilitate changes in others? Do you treat people like a hardcore drill sergeant or do you consider their consent and work with them more gently?Best-selling author and holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan shares what it’s
Struggling with emotional challenges that dominate your life and harm your health?CHEK Professional Greg Schmaus returns to share the holistic principles he uses to help his clients create the mental space to heal in this very thoughtful Living
Are you planning for a baby in the near future and need some guidance on the best next steps to take?Dr. Nathan Riley returns to Living 4D along with Angie Chek to share some important advice about choosing the right physician, the low interven
Are you ready to wake up, grow up, show up and get involved in the world before the Kings and Queens who own more influence than ever take over?Learn about which archetype represents the life you’re living right now and how to move forward in P
ith all of the energies in the world that harm us, are you interested in learning how to harness a little-known energy to promote and quicken healing? Tom Paladino describes the phenomenon of scalar energy and how it can be used in healing moda
How do you launch a healing practice like tai chi or qigong? What are the benefits or differences between them?Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, explains the differences between doing 99 days of daily practice versus 100 and how your body produces the mos
How does music work within your body? Does music soothe you? Do you look for motivation or energy in music?Immerse yourself in the healing power of music with composer and sound alchemist Ian Morris in this frequency-minded Living 4D conversati
Do you recognize how you recreate your own illnesses from the inside out? Do you have challenges with resisting changes you know that need to be made?Paul talks to mystical therapist and life coach Rachel Fiori about what triggering really mean
More than 100 questions were submitted by Living 4D listeners for this week’s Q&A session on an amazingly wide range of topics.Paul tackles death, post-workout recovery routines, the soul, money and tattoos and reveals the superpower he wishes
How do you communicate your emotional and sexual needs clearly with your partner to build trust and love?Miranda Love and Phil Delaire explain the benefits of sharing your needs with your partner in and out of the bedroom in this intimate Livin
Do the words that come from our mouths express what we really mean, or are they merely robotic responses to the very narrow life we lead?Laurel Airica describes how changing the etymology of words helps us engage with life and the amazing world
We are reminded all the time how much of a guiding force  Paul has been for so many people throughout his life as a teacher, mentor and skilled health practitioner. But who has influenced the mentor of so many people all over the world?Paul cel
How has the successor to the legendary Evel Knievel surpassed the master, and died five times along the way?The incredible Robbie Maddison shares how he confronts his fears by checking in with his soul for guidance before every major stunt as h
What kinds of entities may be helping, guiding or even harming you?Kaedrich Olsen returns to the podcast to discuss various forms of entity possession and some ways you can identify them in this ethereal Living 4D conversation.This week’s Livin
Are you making the transition to parenthood but having a hard time finding a good doctor who will work with you to prepare for this life-changing event?Dr. Nathan Riley sheds light on the state of OB/GYN care in America, why a woman should trai
Did you know some of the most stubborn problems we face may be the result of traumas we’ve inherited across generations?Paul explores the world of inherited family traumas and how we can begin to end that cycle of pain with one of the world’s n
How does someone rebound from a childhood catching rattlesnakes to deadlifting and squatting 1,001 pounds multiple times?World renowned powerlifter Chris Duffin shares his true passions, how he found real strength in showing his emotions and wh
Discover what it means to be embodied and how you can regulate your own personal patterns and states with Mark Walsh in this spirited Living 4D conversation.Learn more about Mark’s work at his Embodied Facilitator website, the Embodiment Podcas
Are you feeling powerless about what’s going on and your ability to make any sort of difference in the world right now?Ben Stewart returns to the podcast to discuss the repercussions to our world spelled out in the book, The Fourth Turning: An
How does science interface with human consciousness? Did you know hurricanes can occur in space?Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, author of Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God, describes the narrowing boundaries between interplanetary science and o
Is the worship of science replacing God in our lives?Author and painter James Tunney explains how the encroachment of science and globalization are harming our world and humanity in this wide-ranging Living 4D conversation.Learn more about Jame
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