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Real estate investing is highly risky, and most people just can’t make it work. Management and maintenance expenses eat up all the profit, and everything costs more than you expect. But today’s guest has built a real estate empire by applying h
We’re under a lot of stress these days. We’re facing financial uncertainty, health risks, a changing social structure – and it’s affecting us more than we realize. Fortunately, there are powerful therapies and principles which can turn our chal
This interview is all about Medicare. You probably know that something happens when you turn 65, but maybe you don’t know exactly what. So much about this government-run insurance program doesn’t make sense to most people. It’s very complicated
The classical education system that gave us great minds like Newton, Locke, and Plato is based on the individuality of the student and most importantly, their ability to develop as a person in stages. But today’s popular system is based on a fl
We like to think our justice system is the fairest in the world – but is that actually true? Is Lady Justice blind in our country? Or do federal prosecutors actually commit perjury, doctor transcripts, and unfairly target innocent people? Why d
Teresa recently sat down with fellow Bank On Yourself advisor, Kristin Colca, for another Living Wealthy Financial webinar – this one to destroy the myth that the average rate of return advertised for a given savings vehicle equals the actual r
Sleep isn’t typically something we put a lot of emphasis on, but it has a huge impact on our productivity and health. And sometimes, all it takes is a little extra comfort and support to help us relax and drift off into deep and revitalizing sl
Are you interested in cryptocurrencies or precious metals? Are you wondering what the meteoric rise of Bitcoin means for gold or silver? These are exciting times for investors in both traditional and digital coin, and it pays to understand the
Our guest today, Rick Sapio, is a long-time strategic partner and dear friend of Teresa’s. Rick is the CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance and a serial entrepreneur who started his first business – a bicycle repair shop – at age 13, shortly after th
This interview tackles the dire new reality in which we find ourselves in a COVID-1984 world. Who would have thought just a few months ago that going to work or not wearing a mask could land you in jail? It didn’t seem to take much to plunge ou
Today’s talk gets to the absolute heart of the problem. We’re talking about the way people save or invest and prepare for retirement today vs. 50-100 years ago. And by now, if you’ve been listening, you know that Teresa advises clients in a low
Our world is under assault from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and it’s affecting everything about who we are. Our men are becoming less masculine and have less vitality. And women are suffering as well. We lack energy, we’re overw
Could you use more power of persuasion in your professional dealings? Do you sometimes feel like it’s not easy getting a potential client, employee, or partner to say ‘yes?’ No matter what area of life – from personal relationships to investmen
If you have money troubles or wish you could stretch your income just a little bit farther, you might be surprised by how simple it can be. Over half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with no significant savings to fall back on. But
This talk is a somewhat brief but rather meaty, philosophical discussion about what the libertarian model of government would look like and mean for our society. Most people don’t realize just how fundamental violence and coercion are in the cu
Our bodies are almost entirely made up of water, yet most people don’t drink nearly enough to truly rejuvenate their muscle fibers, brain cells, and organs. And the truth is, the water we do drink is often tainted with toxins and impurities tha
Do you sometimes feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and not making a significant impact with your life, whether at work or in your relationships? Do you ever wonder what it would take to have more of an influence with your friends and l
Teresa recently sat down with fellow Bank On Yourself advisor, Kristin Colca, for a Living Wealthy Financial webinar. The goal was to discuss the many misconceptions and myths surrounding homeownership. Is a home really an investment or asset?
In today’s interview, we ask a pretty serious question: is the United States the best country to live and do business in? If you think it is, why do you think that? Could it be, we don’t objectively analyze the country we’re born into? What if
In today’s talk, you’re going to get a real wakeup call about what is coming for this country and perhaps the world. There is a massive exodus occurring as people realize big cities are not the place to be when the chips are down. With all of t
The US government is essentially arguing that you as an individual don’t have a right to your own body, and that anyone who helps your immune system using only your own cells is somehow administering a drug. This cutting-edge process can drasti
This is an autopsy of American culture, and a deep dive into the spiritual and philosophical problems that are behind our nation’s decline. But this interview doesn’t start out that way. It starts as a conversation about overcoming your demons
The money issues you face on a regular basis really extend to a deeper emotional level. How you think about money absolutely controls how you interact with money. So, it goes without saying that if you can correct the root thoughts that drive y
Today, we have a very special guest who really needs no introduction. A former member of Congress and 3-time presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul has been one of the leading voices for liberty, peace, and prosperity in our time. He has dedicate
Does success come from working harder and digging deeper to build your career? Or is there more to success than how well you do in business? Many people THINK they are focused on the right priorities – spending time with family and all that – b
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