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L.O.R.D: The good fight, in an ugly world.™️

A weekly Society and Culture podcast
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Episodes of L.O.R.D

Just bullshitting, letting you know a lil more about me. I’m inviting you guy’s on my journey, which I don’t be doing. I like to keep my life to myself but something inside is like, girl, you need to speak up. So yeah, hope you enjoy and spread
Mental health. I’m talking about my mental health and experiences. Why I focus and work on my mental health and myself. I want to make space that is healthy and comfortable for people. My spaces are always safe
I’m freeing myself and bloodline, I hope I can be some assistance to you and yours. I’m over being ashamed of the hand I was dealt, why aren’t the people who dealt me the hand ashamed? I didn’t give up, they did. Let’s speak the truth between u
Some thing’s are near and dear to my heart. So it makes it extremely hard for me, if not impossible to stay quiet. My experience won’t allow me to shut the fuck up. I don’t know a lot but what I do know, I stand on. I don’t care who likes it an
Let’s examine what we’ve been taught and by who. What is your definition of evil? Do you spread evil in the name of religion? What are your thoughts on spreading evil in the name of religion?
Tough love is in this episode. I didn’t even really want to make it but I’m going to be more consistent in EVERYTHING I do. I’m tired of asking why me. I’m just gonna put the weight of the world on my shoulders and roll, as Nipsey said....
What’s up, love’s?! Hope everyone is doing good, if not. I get it. It’s been a while since I did one of these but I thought I would chat a little with y’all. I know it’s been weird and emotions are high. Sometimes we need to talk with someone w
Sometimes life happens and we can’t do anything but accept it. Even if it isn’t ideal or how we planned. All we can do is be in control of ourselves and how we produce our energy back into the world....
I’m tired and forgot this was my first episode of season two, LoL. That sounds about right. Thank you for listening and caring. It’s a learning process....
I’m ending this season on a high note. Life is coo, new, but coo. Thank you, for taking an interest because I’m interested in the Human experience. Which YOU are a part of....
Just some positive energy and vibration's being put out into the world. From me to YOU. Love you....
It's not just for the homegirls because I don't like excluding other's but I am talking to all my ladies, specially. I think we need more spaces for Women to talk and feel safe. Not be catty with each other, and support each other.
Sometimes I feel like people just need something positive to listen to and to relate to. I really hope I'm a breath of fresh air in a society that ALWAYS tries to suffocate you. I'm doing this for US. It's SOOO much bigger than me. I LoVE YOU.
I've been gone but I hope you're doing good. If not I get it and I'm here. I just want to help where I can. Thank you for listening. Let's chat more. Hit me up through email or message me on social media. Let's stay connected.
I KNOW who I am but I wanna know who you are. What kind of person are YOU in your daily life? What are YOU doing to contribute to your community and society? I'm not talking about money either. Anyone can donate, and big up's to you for doing s
Just want to say I LoVE YOU, you’re NOT alone and I’m rooting for you....
I love y’all, more than you could ever know. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this. I hope everyone is getting something out of what I’m doing. If not, HELP ME, help YOU....
Had to get some thing’s off MY CHEST. Ain’t no ego but I do feel like I have the right to speak on topics that are important to me & my community. NOBODY ELSE is doing it, so I gotta do it....
No plan. Just wanted to talk, so y’all can get to know me a little better. It’s been three months and that’s kinda a big deal. I mean if I’m giving time then I care and appreciate you. Time is something I don’t waste on bullshit because I can’t
Because you can’t be evil and pushing negativity/hate but then hide your hands when you catch the heat from other’s for your action’s. Then ACT like you’re a good person because GOOD PEOPLE and ENERGIES don’t act like that. Remember NOT EVERYON
Seen & experienced. Life experience’s have taught me A LOT. Especially, how I should conduct myself with other’s and in group settings. Other’s speak from their ass and about things they don’t know about, to make themselves feel better. That do
What’s your breaking point going to be, or are you going to walk around here like a zombie? When are you going to stand up for yourself, kid’s, and people? This is going to take a group effort. I’m speaking on it because NOBODY ELSE IS. I can’t
Just talking about myself and what I’m doing to be a better person. Giving my insight’s on MYSELF and Society. In the most loving way I know how, through TRUTH & HONESTY....
Let’s start taking responsibility for who we are and who we’re raising our children to be. Because remember your kid’s are going to learn from you, then go into society and teach other’s what they learned. We’re ALL connected, whether you like
I’m just wrapping up my story. I shared it because I want to help. I want other’s to know life isn’t perfect, and that’s okay. Everyone always want to put on this fake facade for the internet. That just ain’t me. I’m a realist and I keep it rea
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