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LOUNGERS its my Birthday Month. I love it and I love this feeling. on this episode I talk about The month of May, Salsa Legend Willie Colon, Britney Spears, poetry, and my usual banter that will make you smile, laugh, or say this bastard is crazy! Who else is happy Spring is here. I look forward to the rest of this month. Also Poetry is back at the lounge on this episode. Allow me to Entertain you on this episode and reach out to me on Twitter @LosLounge or on Instagram @loslounge_podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Doors are open and I am sitting in the corner in time out. My  hot topics are associated with Wendy Williams and Joseline Hernandez,  Police Accountability and the impact in Black Families etc. The Cover Story in todays episode is my public Apology to My brother and best friend "Dini" -Pronounced DEENEE Accountability is everything and This is my Love letter (I know that sounds "how u doin" LOL ) to my brother and sister Lady V I am not worthy. I fuck up too. Its all in the episode and I hope you know my heart Dini. This is my homage and apology and I love you. I am who i am in this day partly and hugely because of you.  #mybestfriend #Imsorry #Iloveyou #Ivebeenabadboy #changedbehavior #growth #forgiveme --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
I HAVE A NEW MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!! Its fucking awesome. Thank you @Podcast_studios on Instagram. Health is wealth so in todays episode I dive into my health journey as of late including my recent surgery. STOP HATE! I am sickened and saddened and have had enough of people killing people, COPS not being held accountable. I salute all my beautiful Black and Brown Sisters and Brothers. My Asian friends I support you and stand with and my Trans Community. I am with  you. I support you and we must recognize the senseless murders in the Trans community especially the black Trans community. To be silent is to  complicit. Lets just be kinder can we? We must laugh a little so I invite you today to hit play and laugh a little with me, get into good conversation and reach out to me let me know your thoughts on these issues or if you enjoyed or disliked the show. Twitter @Loslounge Instagram @LosLounge_podcast  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Loungers Get Ready to get turned on and informed by my hottest guest cohost ever. My fave  Gay Adult Film Star Antonio Biaggi. Sex Dreams do come true. On this episode my Brooklyn Boricua Brotha and I  discuss Porn, Sex, Music, Dance, Comedy and provide many laughs. I can't thank him enough you know he is the absolute hottest and you must check out biaggivideos.biz or follow him on Instagram @BiaggiMelecio. If you on my Instagram @Karlos_in2020 you can watch the full interview.  As always Please rate and review and follow me on IG@loslounge_podcast or on Twitter @loslounge --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Hello To all my loungers around the Globe.  On this episode my Buddy E.J. comes on the show to discuss his music, his art, LGBTQ culture, mental health and have the ultimate laughs with me at the Lounge. Please support his music as it can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify, Itunes.  I enjoy hanging with my boy we have great laughs and both love Madonna. I support anyone who is using their platform and hope you can check  him out on his IG @ So_Hypnotc  As always follow me on Instagram @LosLounge_podcast Twitter @LosLounge --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
It has been close to 1 month since my last episode. Like All humans even I had to take a break from certain things and really regroup, reprogram, ReLease and then SHINE ON. On this episode I go into Mental health awareness and therapy and my journey with this process. I have been personally on a new rebirth journey. I also have the first lady of the Lounge Jazmine on as we discuss recent tragedies IE: Police reform, Duante Wright etc in the media and the recent passing of Hip Hop ICON DMX. This episode will have laughs and honesty as always.   This episode began recording on 4-4-21 then 4-11-2021 and finally on 4-14-2021. It has taken me some time to reconnect with my passion of podcasting and my purpose of Communication and what not. Depression and anxiety and trauma can affect one's mind and mind and energy. It's important to know that you have Purpose and with self work and and hard work you can get back to form. I am BACK TO FORM. I love Me and life and never stopped loving myself and life however lifes events can take a toll can't they? But Im BROOKLYN STRONG and "No weapon formed against me shall prosper" Isaiah 54:17 Twitter: @Loslounge     Instagram@Loslounge_podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
My beloved audience How are you? Twitter @loslounge    IG @Loslounge_podcast Reach out and connect. The first lady of the Lounge the Madame if you will... Jazmine E is in the building via Facetime. I wanted to discuss recent pop culture news and more importantly the topic of TOLERANCE. I offer my support to the ASIAN community in these trying times in the USA. As always hatred and violence and evil tongue will get humanity NOWHERE. Black LIVES STILL MATTER and TRANSLIVES and latino and LGBTQ+ and women deserve EQUALITY RESPECT AND TOLERANCE.  In my opinion It's been long overdue when is the HATE going to stop? Lets talk about it. Its light though on the show I know this reads heavy.  You know we gotta keep it light but With THAT ASSURANCE OF WE SAID WHAT WE SAID AND WE MEANT IT. Ya dig?!  Its all at the lounge. Please follow me on social media and show your support and thank you for always coming back.  nasUsP14oG6Scw9ekYYN --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
My guest hosts this episode are the funny and incredible Fellas over at GARABATOS PODCAST. Ig: @Garabatos_podcast Also They have their YouTube channel as well and that's where the party is at.  I was so excited to part of their show and the Lounge was honored to have them here. Garabatos Podcast is a 413 native podcast show geared towards the Hispanic and Latino community but obviously welcoming for the world to watch and listen. However it is their humor, their  banter and their funny conversations on each episode that always has me laughing.  If you don't understand Spanish please relax and hit play because I can  assure you this was a  lot of SPANGLISH in the House. I had a great time recording this episode with the fellas and encourage podcast listeners to  support their show. Thank you to all the Loungers Listening and for your continued support. Gentleman of Garabatos Podcast You guys rocked it! Thank you! Twitter @LosLounge  IG @losLounge_podcast  IG @garabatos_podcast -(don't forget their YouTube Channel as well) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Ladies and Gents of the Lounge, He's Back!  HARRY AKA DINI Elder stateman here at the Lounge and my best friend is back at the Lounge  to express what he has been up to and also we reconnect as we have not seen each other in a Month and A Half.  That's too long. We have both been on different paths yet same frequency. The bromance Chronicles continues with our   reunion all caught on Mic just for you. Enjoy our conversation which as per usual will go from point A to point Q in no time.  Twitter @LosLounge Instagram @losLounge_podcast  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Doors are open again here at the Lounge, Have a seat and let me just talk to you about what's on my Mind. Categories are: -The memory of my departed best friend Johnny Cobbins the 2nd -Growing up with Strict Parents (Sneaking out the house) -Spring is coming (Manifestations) -Quick Chat with the First Lady of the Lounge Jazmine. -Poetry -Shout outs I want to thank all the subscribers and listeners who follow me and show their love. Twitter @LosLounge, Instagram @LosLounge_podcast  Email: LosLoungepodcast@gmail.com  Reach out and please rate or review or recommend the show to your friend --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
On this episode my loves we are chatting it up with My Brother from another MUTHA since the 6th grade (93), Mr. Gary Freeman. Man Listen this is a heartwarming conversation with my friend about culture, mental health, memories and more. Gary is a student of fashion, art, design and life. He is a stylist and an Icon in my head. Gary knows the core of me as a human and I am so happy he was able to finally  come to the Lounge. Tune and enjoy our conversation and as a bonus I included the next day conversation live from the restaurant we were eating  at which included great margaritas for me and damn good food.  Follow Gary on Instagram @mariahGary and follow me on IG as well @karlos_in2020 or @loslounge_podcast Twitter @Loslounge as always rate and review the show. Your voice matters as well. Please reach out on social media and also stay tuned for more episodes coming soon. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
I have been doing my best in mental self care and emotional. Id like to discuss a little about Trauma Triggers Triumph. Also On this episode I pay homage to the "Control" album upon its 35th anniversary. I feel old. LOL I also dive into a little bit of my own self care and progress as earlier mentioned. One of the major things that has happened was my appearance on Garabatos Podcast. On this episode  you will hear 2 Great clips from their show and you can watch it in full on their YouTube Channel. Poetry is always a release  for me and I am happy with the piece I wrote for todays episode. I needed to stay busy today and this is what I came up with.  I hope that it resonates with you in some way shape or form or just makes you laugh a little today. I know the "Garabatos Podcast" segment is in Spanish mostly but I implore you just sit tight and listen.  As always please review the show and leave a rating.  Twitter @LosLounge Instagram @LosLounge_podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Well it's obvious I cannot make up my mind when it comes to this season. Welp! this was intended to be a bonus episode. It has evolved into a Blooper reel, b-sides audio snippets, ridiculousness and I update you on how I am doing and chat it up a bit with you, my audience, My fellow Loungers from around the GLOBE! I guess I still have more to say and with a growing audience Why would I stop. I can't; So this beat GOES On and On. Hit play and also please check out Garabatos Podcast on Anchor, Apple etc. and also their episodes are on YouTube which you will find me featured on their latest episode called "Charlie En la Casa". They will be at the Lounge very soon with me and I look forward to it. Also please rate and review the my show and follow me on Twitter @losLounge Or Instagram @LosLounge_Podcast @Karlos_in2020 where you can also watch clips on the RES episode and clips of my appearance on Garabatos Podcast. Stay Safe #LosloungePodcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
I've only been waiting since 2002. In 2001 I fell in love with the music and the woman behind the music (how Vh1 right). Shareese Ballard respectfully known as RES, released her first debut album in 2001 but it was the third single "They Say Vision" that captivated me and helped that album take off. The entire album is CLASSIC. It screams VIBES It demands Attention, It liberates the listener and give you an eclectic  Body of Work that will command "RES"pect. in 2002 and it became a number hit song on the Billboard Dance charts with it's Incredible remix that I remember requesting at the Gay clubs. My dear friend Gary said GET HER ALBUM NOW and so I did. What I didn't expect was an album to connect and liberate me as many have had in my life. When you're 19 the view of life is different. Your different. "How I Do" was released with much critical success. In 2009 She released "Black Girls Rock and an EP in 2013 called "Refried Mac" a tribute to Fleetwood Mac" as well as 2014 single release for "Hollow". In 2014 I found Res on Instagram. I instantly  jumped with joy and hit follow. I even DM'd her many times to offer my gratitude and she kindly accepted and even forged a genuine artist to fan relationship. I saw Res and Myra Flynn in May 2014 at RockWood Hall and was blown away that night. She even dedicated my favorite song of hers to me "Tsunami". I cried like a bitch. It was worth it.  20 Years later upon hearing "How I Do" I have had the honor of reconnecting with Res since 2014 and her being as gracious to want to come to the Lounge and do an exclusive interview. Res then to Res now and everything in between. This is the Season 1 finale that if you would of told my 19 year old self was going to happen later in life. I probably would of said to you. WHY WAIT I WANT IT NOW DADDY. DADDY I WANT THE GOLDEN EGG NOW. Thank you Ms. Ballard aka RES for your contribution to MUSIC! More over than you for your contribution in my life. I'm with you until my last breath lady. I am proud of you and may the world either RE-discover or Discover your talent and music. Res has an online performance coming up Feb 19th 2021@5pm and Feb 20th, 2021 tickets are available now at vip.the1res.com Also please follow Res and I on social Res is on instagram and twitter @the1Res and I am on Instagram @karlos_in2020 where you can also watch the INTERVIEW on my IG. it's 3 parts but it's there. Or at @loslounge_podcast. I also am on Twitter @LosLounge.  Thank you for being with me all season 1 Season 2 is in the works and won't be too far away I promise you that.  I thank you to all my audience. Please recommend this show to the world and I'll be back in just several weeks. SEASON 2 IS COMING...... --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Hello my Incredible and loyal Lounger's. Welcome back and into EPISODE 49  Season 1 is almost over. 1 more to go. Over 13,000 Streams thus far in 5 months and I cannot thank you my audience enough. How are you? It's been a lil while now and we are now in February. Freedom February YEAH! Ok Listen here's the menu. I certainly play catch up with you my audience. It's been a healing and rebirth era that is still a work in progress but  progress is being made. Its a game of catch up and  I wanted to express this episode has taken time.  Also I welcome 1st time special guests:  Carmelo, Alex and Carlos who joined several weeks ago and we had a great time post dinner with drinks and started recording.  So I hope you enjoy our conversations and laughs. 4 Guys 4 Mics 4 Voices 1 SHOW With that said. I always mention self care and I have been grateful for taking a little time away and will so from recording.  Just a lil break. The process includes me time and putting devices away for few weeks  and really continuing to reclaim my zone and self so that I can come  back for season 2 with a bang and deliver my best.  the Season finale EPISODE 50 will feature recording music artist "RES". Follow Me on Twitter @LosLounge or on Instagram @LosLounge_podcast @karlos_in2020 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
The GRINCH stole more than JUST CHRISTMAS. he stole my love trust friendship and wasted my 2020 and I feel like my entire year last year was a sham. That shit hurts I fell in love hard for the first time in so long with someone Who checked off all the boxes. Yet I was not enough or worth it and pretty much he not only ruined the holiday season for me but he walked out on the end of time when I really needed him not only that but the find out the person that you sleep next to has been on grindr since June and hooking up. Yet wont touch me. He threw me in the trash. You don't do that to people This the The BREAK UP EPISODE or the Uncovering of All my partners lies, secrets .disrespect  behind my back and Try to run and hide from all his secrets. This person totally stole my joy. This is my truth (with receipts saved)  and my story. I held back a lot of others personal details and info in some areas I left out in respect. I have no shame in my game. I live in my truth, Do you R? clearly not. Homie if you ever read this you should really be ashamed of yourself for what you did to me That's the Going High not Low Part. BELIEVE THAT.  Check out musical artist "Res" Instagram @The1Res who will be my final guest for season one at the Lounge. Please purchase and stream her albums "How I do, Refried Mac, Black Girls Rock". One of my true favorite artist of all time will be chatting with me on the season finale of Los' Lounge.  Rate and Review please  Twitter: @LosLounge Instagram @LosLounge_podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
First and foremost all glory to my higher power for just Getting Through. Amen Secondly everyone on this episode we have an incredible panel of guests inside the Lounge.  Literally and one of the them you know and love. Its JAZMINE! Along with Rap Artist entrepreneur and manager himself "Q-Streets" from Brooklyn New York, AKA my annoying Cousin. Jazmine's husband. Pray for Jazmine. We also welcome Lounge Virgin and now she is anything but my beautiful Cousin Melanie Mariah! We welcome surprise special guest who I have known since the Age of 15. My Taurus Brother Marr.  It's a FAMILY AFFAIR on this wonderful episode!!!!  The Laughs and bullshit you didn't know you needed but here it is.  My family Never Taps out. They Love me unconditionally. This episode was made with love and liquor involved so you might want to put your headphones on. LOL fair warning. Please RATE and REVIEW the show and share your support on social media and tag me   Twitter - @loslounge Instagram @loslounge_podcast  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
"Power is being told you are NOT Wanted and not being destroyed by it".- Madonna  First and foremost all glory to My higher power for an incredible year of love and relationship.  Secondly Praises to my ex partner who is definitely an awesome guy. Though I will never understand fully.  This is not a bashing episode so please world if you're looking for juicy drama sorry not here. Just a verbal release and therapy session for my heart and from my heart. Done with respect and honoring my ex-beloved.   All good things sometimes end. Ill be the first to admit I am heartbroken.  🦞 The Power of Goodbye. So with all that said may this be a symbol of strength for not only I but to anyone who may be in the same boat. Self work is still in full effect because Many lessons have been learned and I too must continue my own self work and goals.  The beat GOES on. In the words of MADEA ,"It's ok to be sad but DONT STAY THERE TOO LONG". Instagram @loslounge_podcast Email Losloungepodcast@gmail.com  Please rate and review the episode and may we all be safe in this pandemic.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/support
Hello my Lounge audience from around the GLOBE. I thank you for returning lets gets right into it.... On this episode it's fun, light and then raspy. It will all make sense later. I discuss my favorite things at the moment and here's a hint It's not material  possessions, tune in to find out also I promote several other Podcasts that I believe you need to check out. Tune in to find out who?  There's something about the word "UM" that doesn't sit well with me. Press play and find out I have been meaning to correct myself and reply to a statement on a previous episode regarding MADONNA VS JANET JACKSON.....find out hit play Shout out to the GOAT. The True Elder statesman of the show. Love my goat.  please rate and review this and every episode. Stay safe everyone and hope I make you laugh a little on this one.  Nothing like a CHEESY pizza, with EXTRA MEAT.  Follow me on Twitter @LosLounge Instagram @Loslounge_podcast reach and connect with me. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Why did my cousin marry her? Also didn't I say online season 1 was a wrap. Yet 4 eps later what the confusion is going with my mind????? Hi my supportive Lounger's how are you all?  I hit record and I called up special Elder States Madame to the Lounge... my cousin Jazmine! Nobody likes her in real life I can assure. I kid I am family I kid. Actually nobody likes me in real life, LMAO In any case you like me and that's why you love the lounge. It's our little fun and honest space that gets real candid and sometimes a little Brutally real. However on today's episode as Jaz preps for her night out with her good friend she chimes in via facetimes to grace the lounge with someone else voice other mine. I don't blame her one bit. Listen great conversation and funny dialogue will always be the plan the we talk on air and off. So we invite you to come into the lounge today with your open mind and laugh a little and maybe even say THESE TWO ARE A MESS. FROM USA to JAPAN to INDIA to CANADA we all have one thing in common, there's that crazy cool  cousin that always makes it extra fun and gives her opinion as good as the rest of us and so kick back hit play and laugh, understand, vibe out with us, have a drink and please stay safe in this pandemic. One love One Race. HUMAN #LLP Twitter: @LosLounge Instagram: @LosLounge_podcast please rate and review and reach out --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
ITS FRIYAY! FRIDAY! Its the shits and giggles; the little bit of immature yet respectable humor and sunshine in your dark day or maybe your extra light in your joyous day....none the less ITS ME! I hit record! I am in a fun and great mood and wanted to talk a little bit. NO huge structure but laughs, THE BEST BACKGROUND MUSIC! Poetry, ad failed game of one word association. APPARENTLY It's not fun with only one person.  May this episode make you smile, and resonate with you. Again It's not too deep yet filling like a good old Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich. Twitter @LosLounge        Instagram @LosLounge_podcast   Shout out to ANCHORFM Shout out to BullhornFM and all the hosting platforms.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
*OK SO BONUS SEASON 1 Episode* I guess.... BUT in light of todays events at Capitol Hill I had to hit record.  It is disgusting to see such acts of disrespect and terror and racism blatantly attempting to make a point in the worst way ever.  It is a national embarrassment and in my opinion and we must be better and work harder to eradicate RACISM AND HATE. I also wanted to give  an update on my own journey with self care and how I have been handling the first several days but I also offer my love and STAY STRONG wish to all the FRONT LINE  WORKERS, GROCERS, HOSPITALS and those who have COVID -19. I had a lot to say and there had to hit record.  I am strong, we are strong, together we are stronger! #ENDRACISM #USA #BIDENHARRIS #ONELOVE  Twitter @LosLounge       Instagram @Loslounge_podcast   review and review the show please and stay safe everyone.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
1st Episode of the new Year. The second title to this episode is called "Macro" Remember micro vs. macro. As we know micro refers to small things and macro refers to big things.  I have to keep looking at the bigger picture.  I have been a truthful and an open human with you all.  It's Personal and as Wendy Williams says "you're either going to think I am crazy or the bravest person". I am living this and I promised myself this Lounge and space would allow me to live in my truth and own and share what I know with the world and it  to manifest it opening doors in Media and Radio.  I wanted to Share me.  With that said. This Portrait you are about to look at; it's Frame is broken.  Twitter @LosLounge Instagram @LosLounge_Podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
hello everyone and welcome back to the show....Los' Lounge.  On todays show I have several GUESTS calling in and spreading love and expressing their thoughts with me. I am grateful to each one of them. This episode is packed good for you! We are giving it to you real good because  the GUESTS on the show today all have substance and something to say before 2020 Goes away.  WE are thankful for still being here. Its nothing but fun and heartfelt dialogue. I know you will enjoy it. I am grateful for all the audience listening and please sit back and get ready for THE NEW YEARS EPISODE with many featured guests. Big Shout out to Top Floor Ent. 413/860 area stand up. Please find me on twitter @LOSLounge Or Instagram @Loslounge_podcast  Shout out to ALL THE PODCASTERS OUT THERE LISTENING Hit play and get ready to enjoy yourself on the 40th EPISODE  here in the Lounge. THE LLP --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
Merry Christmas season to all.  Well welcome back into the Lounge my loves. It's the one episode where I just simply press record and see what happens. Harry drops in as well and reflects on his COVID-19 battle earlier this year. As always when US two get together  it's a BROMANCE and fun conversations. We went from Drinking Champagne to Bustelo coffee. There's even a freestyle rap battle. (Yikes). Hit Play get ready to enjoy and laugh and hang with Los and Dini  on this episode of Los' Lounge Podcast.  Follow me on twitter @LosLounge or Instagram @LosLounge_Podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/los-reyes101/message
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