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 I’m guessing you don’t just follow my work for love life advice... Unless you discovered my content yesterday, you will have realized by now that the communication skills I teach have massive practical application for your business relationships, your ability to network, your ability to persuade, to captivate, and to navigate challenging conversations in every part of life. I’ve not just used these skills in my own love life. They have been the fundamental people skills I have used to create every opportunity I’ve ever had and get to where I am today. And I know that in 2021 you have goals outside of your love life that are deeply important to you. I want to help you achieve them. This episode is going to show you 7 techniques I use time and time again to make an impact on whoever I’m speaking to and create new opportunities in my life.  I also have a value-packed surprise at the end for you (also free!). See you there! --- ►► Discover My Personal Secrets for Impact & Success. Tap Below to Watch Your FREE Training... → 
Heyyyy, It's a chat episode! We sit down to talk about: - How to identify addictive behaviours - Avoiding red flags vs. not being affected by past relationships - How to figure out your goals - Crunchy vs. smooth peanut butter  It's all here - come join and let us know your thoughts at podcast@matthewhussey.comn ---  Follow Matt - @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen - @stephenhhussey
Have you ever felt insecure about something that’s happened with your partner and got yourself worked up in your mind? I have. Many times. And when this has happened to me I know I’ve not brought up the issue in a productive way. In fact, I’ve often approached the subject in a way I later regretted. What about you? Have you said something you wish you hadn’t? Reacted in a way you wish you could take back? It’s a horrible feeling when we “sober up” emotionally, the cloud of angry or upset subsides, and we are left with this sinking feeling that somehow we’ve just messed it all up. If you can relate to being the kind of person whose emotions and anxieties can be easily triggered in a relationship, this episode is really going to help you. My aim with this video is not to guarantee you never get anxious again (would you even believe me if I said that was possible?!). My aim is to ensure that even in those moments where your fears and anxieties become inflamed, you have a way of calming them, and approaching your partner in a way that brings you closer together, rather than hurting the relationship. Let’s take back control over those emotions and put you back in the driver’s seat. And let’s learn to use our moments of friction to make our relationships even more beautiful. Follow Matt: @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen: @stephenhhussey
Joe met Lisa on a trip to the Bahamas. He saw her sipping a cocktail and asked her what she was drinking. (It was a Mai Tai.) He ordered a Whisky Sour. Then it was on to talking all night. They kissed, they danced, and he told her after a few days that he had never met anyone like her. Now Lisa had a weird feeling: “Uh-oh, I’ve fallen for this guy…” She thought about him every day when she got home, remembering that perfect moment on the boat trip when he took her hand and pulled her tight to him. But then... he never called…(I know, it’s horrible, right?) The truth is, this often happens because of some very simple mistakes we make when it comes to falling in love. In this episode, I’ll show you how to avoid them.. --- Follow Matt Instagram - @thematthewhussey Twitter - @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen Instagram - @stephenhhussey Twitter - @stephenhhussey ---  
Maybe you began this year with visions of finally creating the love life you always dreamed about. You told yourself: “This is the year I’m going to meet my person.” But then 2020 happened, and it made dating even more complicated, more exhausting, and more futile than it seemed to be already. And now you sit here, at the end of another year, with this feeling in the pit of your stomach. A feeling of frustration, resentment, and even panic. “I’ve lost an entire year of progress in my love life because of this pandemic.” In this episode, I’m going to give you a blueprint for what to do to still move your love life forward, even while this marathon we’re on continues. Time is too precious to waste. There are so many ways to still move forward. You just need the right plan... We in this community aren’t just survivors, we are adapters. So let’s do what we do best and make this situation work for us.  Love you, friend. --- Follow Matt: @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen: @stephenhhussey
If you find yourself currently in a long-distance relationship – or “situationship” – then I made this for you, my loyal friend. In it, I give you the 4 questions you should ask to figure out if it’s all worth it. Because let’s face it, long-distance relationships are HARD. WORK. T hey require dedication, commitment, loyalty, and a real vision for the future. Do you ever find yourself worrying if yours has what it takes? Or wondering if the person you are giving all of this mental and emotional energy to from afar is actually serious and will pay off in the end, instead of wasting your precious time? You can also check out this episode to see my “baby” brother Harry say some deeply hurtful things to me. Enjoy. ►► FREE download: “9 Texts No Man Can Resist” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” →
It's finally happened... Matt and I are back in the same room, together at last! And we're taking YOUR questions. In this special Q&A episode, we talk: How to communicate when you have different expectations from a guy you're dating Matt's #1 secret to overcoming your deep insecurities and avoid comparing yourself to other attractive people Books to build your happiness How to keep motivation when you lose focus Is Los Angeles overrated?  Hope you enjoy, and let us know your thoughts and feedback at --- Follow Matt Insta - @thematthewhussey Twitter - @matthewhussey ---- Follow Stephen Insta - @stephenhhussey Twitter - @stephenhhussey
I wanted to step outside of the dating conversation for this week’s new episode. Relationship or no relationship, the quality of our lives is the quality of our emotions. And many of us feel plagued by our emotions. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt, fear… we can find ourselves living in a constant state of suffering. If you can relate to this, please listen to this before you do anything else today... I’ve had moments in my life where I was scared I’d never feel better, especially if there was a certain negative emotion that I kept returning to no matter what I tried. It can make us feel hopeless, like we’ll never be happy no matter what we do. If you feel stuck in a place like this, please take a few minutes to hear what I have to say in this podcast. It’s not some magic pill, it’s a real approach that will relieve the tension you feel inside right now. Don’t lose hope. We’ve got this. I promise you. I love you, friend. --- ►► We’re in This Together. Try My Love.Life VIP Coaching and Community for FREE... →
Transform Your Life and Claim Your Happiness NOW. Learn More About The Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat… --- I get SO many questions about standards in early-stage dating every week... How do you set standards? How do you know if your standards are too high, too low, or are scaring people away? How do you communicate your standards in a kind and honest way? What if all of my standards are fulfilled by someone except one important one? To answer some of these questions, this week I take a real woman’s story and give 3 practical techniques for solving it that I think you’re going to find really valuable. If you struggle too much inside your head when you like someone, especially if it doesn’t feel like it’s quite going your way, this episode is going to help you make sense of things… Also, we are finishing this year with a bang. As you know, I just released my brand new program The Momentum Texts (thank you to all of you who got your copy, and for the incredible early feedback). Well, to add one more surprise, at the end of this new episode I announce something many of you have been waiting for in the last few weeks. I’ll see you there to tell you about it.
Get your copy of Matt's brand new program, out TODAY!  "The Momentum Texts: 67 Counter-Intuitive Texts That Lead To REAL Relationships" Click here to download > > > (Grab your copy before midnight on Saturday November 21st PT and you'll also get our free audio coaching bonus!) --- In this episode, I'm going to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain of our new program and share 3 key text messages for different stages of a relationships to create intrigue, sexual tension, assert your standards, and keep the conversation going!  --- Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey Follow Matt @thematthewhussey        
I’ll keep this short, because I really want you to just get to the new episode and start listening. This is one of the coolest and most informative episodes I’ve ever made about how to create and sustain attraction in early dating... I talk about the 5 texting mistakes that kill attraction, and how to avoid them. If you’re sick of the lack of progression in early stage dating... If you’re tired of things never actually going anywhere… And you’re wondering what simple things you could be doing differently to change that… This episode is for you. Can’t wait to hear what you think. --- P.S. Get on the early-bird list for my brand new program at This is my BRAND NEW texting program that's the price of two cups of coffee (one cup if it's somewhere fancy!) Can't wait for you to dig in and learn all the secrets of keeping attraction through texting and connecting through your messages. Go check it out!
Have you ever wondered what the right amount of effort to put in with a guy is? Should you let him know you’d like to go on a date with him? And what about after the date… Should you let him know you’d like to see him again if you felt the date went well but he’s not being proactive about setting up another one? Where is the line between showing a guy you like him, and chasing someone who’s simply not that interested? It can be tricky. But I want to make it simple. You may have heard me say, “Invest in those who invest in you.” But that could leave you wondering to yourself: “Fine Matthew, but so often that means I’m doing nothing because no one is investing in me! And doesn’t someone need to take the first step to invest something if anything is ever going to happen?” It’s a valid point. I’ll show you exactly how to solve this at the end of this episode, so make sure you listen all the way through! -- ►► Discover 7 Signs He’s Ready to Invest in You. Tap Below for Your FREE Guide… →
Lockdown is back (for some of us). And if there ever was a year for online dating, 2020 is the biggest opportunity there will ever be to do it.  In this episode, we talk: – What makes you stand out in a dating profile - Annoying turn-offs to avoid - Why you STILL shouldn't want to try to compete with everyone else --- Follow Stephen: Facebook - @stephenhusseywrites Twitter - @stephenhhussey Instagram - @stephenhhussey
Is there a spooky presence lurking around you? Do you have a “ghost” in your love life? Are you the victim of a “haunting”? Is there a “zombie,” back from the dating-dead, knocking at your door all of a sudden? Are you like me and had to look up at least two of these three 2020 dating terms that have been created by twenty-something writers at magazine websites? I made a Halloween-themed episode about these – apparently new – dating phenomena. I tell you practically what you should do about each of them, and, most importantly, I simplify this whole convoluted, ridiculous mess. Basically, if you’ve got someone in your life who’s either treated you carelessly or simply not investing, this episode will tell you what to do. May my voice of reason forever haunt you in your dreams...;) ►► Don’t Waste Time & Energy. Find Love Faster: Download Your FREE Guide to Learn the 3 Love Habits... →
Are you seeing someone who won’t commit but who doesn’t let you move on either? You’re about to hear a phone call between me and a young lady who had this issue and wanted to know what was going on in his mind. If you check out the video on my YouTube Channel also get to see me portrayed as a detective getting to the bottom of the case… In this episode, you’ll learn about the psychology of someone who won’t commit, and what you should be doing about it if you find yourself in this situation. Stay safe out there, my pickles. --- ►► Is He Ready to Commit to You? This Conversation Will Help You Know for Sure. Tap Below for Your FREE Training… →
I’ll keep this short so you can go straight to listening to this episode. It’s not just essential listening if you’re single right now… It’s essential listening in the context of the year we’ve just had and how to navigate being single in it. Life is precious. Let’s not waste it. P.S. Please share this with any and all the single people you care about in your life. ►► FREE download: “9 Texts No Man Can Resist” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → --- Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey
Do you ever find yourself getting attracted to people who are unavailable (emotionally or otherwise)? Treat you poorly? Or simply aren’t interested in you? Why does this happen? Why do we conveniently keep getting attracted to the least convenient people? It can be deeply frustrating, especially when there might be someone who does like us but who we just don’t want. In this episode, I explain two fundamental reasons why this keeps happening. At the end, I give you a practical “mind trick” you can do on yourself to change this... Learn the 2 mistakes that keep you from meeting the right person... -- Claim Your Spot on The Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat. Let’s Hit Reset on This Year, Together... →
In his book Zero To One, the venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel famously says: “Competition is for losers”. Whether you are running a business, deciding what to do with your life, looking for a relationship – if you worry about what everyone else is doing, you’ll end up chasing the wrong thing. The only way to escape competition, and feel deeply confident to your soul, is to have your own unique monopoly. You don’t need to win at everything to get a great relationship – you only need to build your unique monopoly in a way that makes you irreplaceable for the right person...  ---   Send your emails to   ---   Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey   ---   Join us for our life-changing 3-day virtual retreat
Does he REALLY like you? You may be asking yourself this question right now. Sometimes people ask themselves this question because they want to know whether to make a move in the first place... Other times they ask it because they want to know whether the person they are spending time with really cares or is just wasting their time. This episode is going to help. I give you 7 surprising and unexpected signs that someone genuinely likes you. Watch it now and see how many of the 7 things he’s doing with you... Don’t forget to leave us a comment at!  --- Get the 5 Compliments That Build Deep Attraction. Tap Below to Download Your FREE Guide... →
I’m a big believer these days in the power of no. What we decide to say “no” to in relationships is often as important what we say yes to. And I’ve seen thousands of women saying yes to all the wrong things, like men who say “I’m not sure about us,” for whom they wait months and years in the self-torturing hope he’ll change his mind. I even had a woman recently say to me, “He says he’s trying to choose between me and another woman. Should I wait for an answer? Or should I move on?” Seriously? Wait for an answer? Screw that. It’s time to say no to being undervalued forever. One of my favourite quotes says: “If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise your price.” So if you’re still hanging on that “one guy,” I need, need, need you to hear this. It may just be the biggest wake-up call you’ll ever get... ►► Deep down, you know there’s something missing in your love life, your career, or your personal life. GOOD NEWS - I have a proven method to transform your life in just a few days with me → our first ever ONLINE RETREAT! Claim your spot today for October -
Ever found yourself in a situation where the person you are with is doing something that affects you negatively, only they don’t see it as a big deal? They tell you they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong, and that you should be OK with it. That’s what happened to the woman whose story I tell in this episode. Her boyfriend was regularly texting a female friend he’d made only recently. Every time she got upset about it, he told her she was being unnecessarily controlling and jealous and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. In today’s podcast, you’ll see exactly what I think she should do about this situation... I always think one of the hardest things in a relationship is trying to figure out where we are overreacting and where we are justified. It can be maddening. If you’re wondering whether what someone is doing around you should be a deal-breaker, this will help you figure it out once and for all. Always in your corner. P.S. The first-ever Live Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat is just around the corner. People from all over the world are signing up to join us October 16th - 18th, not just because they have always wanted to take my Retreat, but because it’s a fraction of the cost of my live Retreat (and with none of the travel and time off work!). There may never be a better time to join the Retreat than this. Go here to book an appointment with one of my team and find out more:
Answering YOUR questions on topics including: - what to do when a guy is acting flakey - creating a "flirtatious energy" (and how to do it) - how to be less insecure in a relationship _________________________ Follow Matt @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey
What do you do if the person you are with comes to you telling you he wants a break? You’re devastated, you’re scared, and every instinct in you tells you to fight for this person you care about so much. What would you say to him? In these moments we often do exactly the opposite of what we need to. If you’re in this situation, or you ever want to know what to do if someone says this to you again, I',m going to give you the only response you’ll ever need...  ►► Handle Heartbreak in a Strong, High-Value Way. Download your free guide... →  --- Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey
Do you ever worry that the chemistry will fizzle in your relationship? Or does it seem as though the butterflies have already flown away? Don’t worry. This episode contains a game plan to save you... --- ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → --- Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey  
Have you been gaslighted before? Is it happening to you right now? If you’re not sure what “Gaslighting” means… It’s when someone manipulates you by psychological means into doubting your own sanity. Over time, this can have a dramatic effect on our self-esteem as we slowly begin to doubt ourselves until we no longer trust our own instincts. It’s nasty.   f you’ve ever expressed your needs to someone or tried to tell them about something they did that hurt you and you were made to feel crazy, this message is for you. It’s a horrible feeling when we are upset or anxious and we don’t even know if what we are saying is reasonable or whether we are overreacting… that’s why I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode. It’s going to bring you a sense of peace and calm again... I’ve got your back, friend. ►► Deep down, you know there’s something missing in your love life, your career, or your personal life. GOOD NEWS - I have a proven method to transform your life in just 6 short days with me →
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