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Mad Max Minute presents: Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

A TV, Film and Comedy podcast featuring Rick Ingham
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For the hens at the Tweedy Chicken Farm it’s lay eggs or face the chopping block, but Ginger is determined to escape and take every last chicken out with her. Despite the fences, barbed wire, and constant surveillance she devises one scheme aft
In 1969 The Who released a rock opera about a boy who despite his psychosomatic deafness, blindness, and inability to speak rises to worldwide renown, somehow finds a cure for his ailments and becomes a religious sensation. In 1975, Ken Russell
Helen Buday takes center stage in this romantic drama set in the 1930s. Theresa is a bold young woman, determined to follow her heart and win the affection of an arrogant young teacher played by Hugo Weaving. Her determination will lead her to
We return to the proper post-apocalypse with the movie that is credited as the inspiration for The Road Warrior and Fallout series of video games. It is the year 2024, and worldwide nuclear war has buried what civilization below a layer of sand
Guns, gasoline, and leather, three of the ingredients that make up the Mad Max Series are combined here to bring to life the vision of Director Enzo G. Castellari of a New York borough abandoned by polite society and left to the gangs. Sold as
What better way to wrap up the year than with Henri Safran’s classic holiday tale of farm foreclosure, horse thieves, and the kids determined to set things right. When traveling Shysters, played by John Ewart and John “The People Eater” Howard,
This is it, we’re finally beyond Thunderdome. As such, we decided to have a little fun and play with some other podcast formats as part of this episode. We’ll share fun bits of Trivia that we may have missed in earlier episodes, Rick shares wha
After spending 105 minutes picking apart Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome one minute at a time it’s hard to determine if we’re missing the forest for the trees. So, for the penultimate episode of season 3, we’ve decided to take some time and re-watch
We’re rounding out the week with a focus on the most controversial part of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: The Waiting Ones. This episode kicks things off with a quick aside about the movie’s theme song, which leads us right into a review of just h
Moving on from our main character, this episode is focused on Aunty, Master-Blaster, and the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Bartertown. We take a moment to consider who is the real antagonist of this story between Aunty and Master.
It’s the beginning of end credits week as we highlight the main character of this story, Max Rockatansky. This discussion begins with an examination of Max’s personal arc over the course of the movie, specifically comparing who he is at the beg
Savannah sits before the assembled crowd, holding a newborn child in her arms, as she tells them of the journey that brought them to this point in their history. As the scene shifts to a shot of the city, great signal fires can be seen in the b
Savannah and the other lean out the side of the plane, taking in everything around them, amazed by the sheer scale of what still remains after nearly two decades of calamity. Savannah begins speaking in voice-over and the scene fades to some ti
Jedediah diligently flies his Airturk with Mr. Skyfish hovering over his shoulder. The plane banks hard to the right and flies into a massive sandstorm. The thick clouds give way to a canyon, spanned by the remains of a massive bridge. At the c
Aunty lets out a laugh and leaves Max to the desert, stopping only to look back at him and say goodbye before mounting her vehicle and driving away into the wasteland. Max rises to his feet and watches her go. He is left surrounded by wrecked v
Despite having just jumped from a speeding vehicle, Max is able to lift himself enough to the see the plane fly overhead, and see one last glimpse of the people inside. Nearby, a charred and broken arm reaches from inside a wreckage towards a m
Max guns the engine and speeds ahead of the Airtruk, moving into position between it, and Aunty’s forces. She is unfazed by this development and as if sensing a challenge, Ironbar speeds ahead of the line, straight towards Max. But Max isn’t pl
Noticing that Jedediah has cut the engine, Max climbs up the wing to ask him what’s going on. Jedediah is certain that there’s not enough runway between them and the might of Bartertown, but Max assures him that there will be. As Jedediah start
As junk scatters across the runway, Aunty and her fleet thunder past Jedediah’s grotto, hot on the heels of the plane. Aunty is out in front, leading the charge, but another vehicle, driven by Ironbar, quickly comes from behind to lead the atta
With the plane spinning up outside, Max insists that Jedediah’s plane is the one thing that may save his life that day. He understands well enough what Max is getting at, and soon He and the others run out of the dugout and board the plane as J
Jedediah Jr. heads underground to escape his pursuers, ducking into a series of underground tunnels, but Max and the others are close behind. The boy finds his father lounging on a bed, reading a magazine, and tries to get him to leave in their
Finally free of pursuers, Max has made his way to the front of the train and found Pig Killer impaled by Ironbar’s harpoon. Max makes quick work of the harpoon, pulling it from Pig Killer’s leg, but Savannah catches sight of an obstruction in t
It’s a desperate tug-of-war between Ironbar and the Children as both hold tight to Master. Max capitalizes on the opportunity and delivers a mighty kick to Ironbar’s face, sending him careening on a pipe out into open air. Dangling and helpless
With the cabin no longer a safe place, Savannah begins helping the smaller children move onto the Generator Train’s engine, but Aunty is clever and shouts for Blackfinger to disconnect the caboose from the engine. Savannah hears the order and q
Scorched, soot-covered, and screaming, Ironbar clings to the front of the generator train having inexplicably survived a horrific explosion. Nearby, Max finds himself the target of a Bartertown vehicle intent on doing to him what He just did to
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