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IDK about you (except I'm pretty sure I dooooo) but I'm personally not into faking ANYTHING anymore. That energy does NOT feel good. So why do we bring it into manifestation and creating the life we actually desire?? It's time to switch it up.S
WE ARE OFFICIALLY BACK!!! And on fireeeeee. In this episode, we're talking about pulling the power and the energy of your future self into the now SO THAT you can actually bridge the gap from where you are to where you're going!!!I'm basically
thank you thank you thank you for your sweet patience as Made of Magic evolves into the next beautiful version of what it is becoming!!! The intention here has always remained the same: to start, have, and continue the conversations we're all s
I've said this before about us moving but this truly is the wildest manifestation story EVER!!! The past 8 months have been filled with uncertainty and I need to really lean back and trust that everything would happen as it's meant to. AND IT D
It's so easy to get stuck in self-doubt and comparison especially right now!!! This big flashing Spirit message is for you if you're ready to pull the power and the energy back to you to give YOURSELF your full attention!!!!JOIN PATREON!!! http
Let's talk self-doubt, uncertainty, confusion, discomfort and all the uncomfortable things that come with expanding. Things are SO different now. You get to decide. DIVE IN!!EXPAND Group Program doors open!!! Pre-Work starts July 5: https://www
Big big big Spirit message coming through: there is DISCOMFORT in the expansion. If you're feeling on the EDGE of something big but fear, self-doubt, overwhelm etc etc etc are coming through asking you to RETREAT, RETRACT. GO BACK...this episod
You might have felt like this past year the magic wasn't available to you or at all. With the human world so loud it's a little harder to find. But it's there. And it's OKAY for you to experience it now.Let's talk about it.Get into the Magic Mo
Okay there is just SO much out there about intuition, psychic connection, making your life magic, manifesting etc etc etc and I'm committed to breaking down the hierarchy and bringing the energy and the power back to YOU.Here's what you actuall
Every time we move into full moon/eclipse/retrograde energy we see a high level of fear and avoidance and all the things. I'm coming in with some GROUNDED energy to soothe that. Because the truth is: There's nothing to be afraid of. You are ful
Here's the thing: the world is super loud and so is your own mind!! Especially when you're going through an expansion or trying to figure something out. As uncomfortable as it is, silence is usually what you need.  Let's talk about what that ac
BIG flashing spirit message: have the audacity to ask for the life you actually desire!!! Your life can so drastically change and QUICKLY but it requires you to have the courage and the audacity to DO something about it. Ready? Let's chat about
Big flashing spirit messages: Perspective & making your life magic for YOU. These are the two big energies I'm feeling right now. The need to zoom out and ground into your own energy so you know what is actually true for you AND ALSO the need t
Big flashing spirit messages: Perspective & making your life magic for YOU. These are the two big energies I'm feeling right now. The need to zoom out and ground into your own energy so you know what is actually true for you AND ALSO the need t
There is some big big big collective searching energy rn. We're all looking for the thing that's going to leave us feeling grounded, abundant, at peace, and filled with magic. The thing you're searching for is YOU. Let's talk about it.Try Bette
There's so much noise around how to tap into your own intuition and we make it so much more difficult than it's supposed to be. You are NATURALLY intuitive. Let's talk about how the human stuff we avoid "blocks" you from hearing yourself and yo
BIG COLLECTIVE ENERGY UPDATE!!! In today's episode, I'm doing a little collective energy update/card pull to feel into the energy we're in right now. Themes: Ground, Wait, Hold the vision. Let's chat about it.Try BetterHelp now for 10% off your
We talk so much about DOING THE WORK. But let's talk for a minute about what happens after you have done the work. That foundational unwavering is EVERYTHING. Things are different now. You are different now. It is safe to relax. Let's chat abou
We get so stuck in the human space of thinking that it'll all click into place WHEN it's already clicked into place. We'll feel happy WHEN, joyful WHEN, in love WHEN, abundant WHEN. But it doesn't work that way. Let's chat about how you can cre
If you're feeling uneasy, unsettled, a little bit shaky then this episode is for YOU. The times when it feels HARDEST to fully trust yourself and your intuition is probably the time that you need to most. In this episode, we're diving into that
A year into the pandemic and we are collectively exhausted at a human and soul level. What do you actually desire? What do you actually need? What are you really seeking? It's time that we ask the questions required to change not only our energ
SO often in the spiritual world we focus only on the Soul/Spirit side BUT you can't fully activate or step into that juicy magic energy if your human is neglected. You have to nurture and take care of your human side in order for your Soul be s
I felt super pulled to share a little piece of the Manifest Everything Masterclass I hosted in December because I've seen so many people struggling with manifestation because of the tools we've placed so much weight on. Manifestation is your NA
On today's episode, catch a sneak peek of module one of Stephanie's brand new course Make Your Life {+ your biz} Magic: A Soul Activation Crash Course!!!! This Crash Course is for the ones who are ready to take their life and business to the ne
This has been the most unimaginable (almost) two weeks of my life. Last Monday, we lost my cousin (who was more like my little sister) suddenly. I have felt so out of my body. Like this couldn't be real. But I've felt more connected to myself,
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