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Mage can often provide surreal moments but how do you run a game with the surreal baked in without breaking everything? Chazz and Terry talk surrealism in Mage, references, and things to steal from Invisible Sun.  Invisible Sun Preview - A fr
Wonders trace back to 1e but in Forged by Dragon's Fire they are completely fleshed out. Adam and Terry talk Wonders Artifacts, Inventions, Talismans, Devices, Periapts, Matrices, Fetishes, Grimoires, Principiae, and Familiars. Books Technoma
Patrick McNamara ran a Mage hack based on Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition for Club Penny Arcade and shares his tweaks, hacks, ideas, and what it's like running Mage the Ascension for one of the most widely known groups in tabletop play. Key
The Order has lost Doissetep, waged a questionable war against vampires and lost many masters but the Hermetics are far from defeated. Adam and Terry talk new houses, new praxes, new rotes, and new chantries in Tradition Book: Order of Hermes.
Sleepers wildly outnumber the Awakened but a few know something about the supernatural and use it to their own ends. Josh and Terry talk the Orpheus Group, Pentex, the NSA, and the Arcanum, what they know, and how to use them. Sources: Pentex
The Umbra contains mysteries and wonders enticing to mages seeking wisdom and power. But how to navigate the Otherworlds and secure their boons? Infinite Tapestry answers this in spades and Adam and Terry talk patrons, realms and planets. Books
Mage has many strange places and the Umbra doubly so but how can we use them in games? Charles and Terry talk Autochthonia, The Fortress of Government, The Far Shores, and the Copernicus Research Station Books mentioned: Beyond the Barriers, th
Dead Magic II tells of magicks rare or hidden but not yet gone, some ignored by the major players, and some that lay in wait. Adam and Terry talk rune magick, the Dreamtime, lightning divination, tikis, and of course the Salmon of Wisdom. Dea
Mage is a big setting with big questions and M20 provides a set of Future Fates to help a Storyteller build their setting, but how do you use them? Victor and Terry walk through the options presented and share their experience building Mage wor
With Fallen Tower: Las Vegas, Revised brings the total number of Mage city one! Vegas is a city where money and magick flow freely and  Adam and Terry talk questionable Nodes, neat rotes, and an Awakened mime. This book - Fallen Tow
Kathy Ryan was on the Mage train since almost the beginning and she shares her experiences adding Amanda and Senex, shifting the Marauders and the Nephandi, and some of her notes for what her M20 metaplot would have been. The Show Our Patreon!
The mysterious Rogue Council calls on mages to again pursue the Ascension War in the face of despair and the Technocracy responds. Adam and Terry talk the Sphinx, Annunaki, and Panopticon in Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council.  Man
Greg Stolze, prolific author of RPG books for Hunter, Demon, A Dirty World, and Mage fan favorite, Unknown Armies, talks Invisible Clergy, obsession fueling magic, writing game fiction, how he'd write WoD angels and crowdfunding projects. New S
How do you run a game without Paradox? How about during a game where the Roman empire never fell? What if the Ministry of Swords still existed? Adam and Terry talk the Mage Storytellers Handbook and what you can take to your table. Mage Storyte
B Dave Walters talks the Technocracy in 2021, Cassandra Complex, Friends of Courage and introducing players to Mage and Tanya DePass talks the Into the Mother Lands afrofuturist setting and game design in a multitopic episode.  Into the Mother
So far, the Hollowers were presented as American, urban, and gothic in and now with their own Tradition Book new light shines on their varied ways. Adam and Terry talk elemental cliques, oneiromancy, and wraiths in Tradition Book: Hollow Ones.
History teems with strange events and stranger claims that beg to be added to our Mage games, but how? Luckily, Darker Days Radio does regular segments on it! Chris and Terry talk the Pope Lick Monster, the Dyatlov Pass incident and more. Darke
The Euthanatoi draw from those who do the work others won't, and now that includes purging the Ksirafai and possibly cleansing reality. Adam and Terry talk Senex, necromancy, and the Good Death. Books!  Tradition Book: Euthanatos - This book
Before you convince someone to play 30 session of Mage, maybe show them one? Josh and Terry give their recommendations on running a Mage one-shot. Also, an interview with STV fiction author, Lee Webb about their Etherite short fiction Dead Reck
Many counted the Kha'vadi out after the Avatar Storm but such claims were premature. Adam and Terry talk new sorcerous paths, spirits on the mundane side of the Gauntlet, and a bigger Tradition in Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers.  Related Books:
Games are often set in the places we know by adding a layer of magick or horror, but how do you do that? Griffin from The Story Told and Terry talk about how they Mage-ify their hometown, Philadelphia, and how to make any major city magickal. R
The Clockwork Convention has been cut off from Autochthonia and many of its cyborg minions have gained terrifying freedom. Adam and Terry talk new HIT Marks, the Cult of the Machine,  and Alanson hardsuits in Convention Book: Iteration X. Books
Let's steal from Powered by the Apocalypse! Mark Diaz Truman is the CEO of Magpie Games and World of Darkness fan. He an author of Urban Shadows, a PBtA urban fantasy game and shares what WoD players can take back to one of the games that inspi
The Ecstatics find liberation and possibly Ascension through potent sensory experiences in both agony and ecstasy so how have they met modernity? Adam and Terry talk a plethora of new groups, expanded history, and very practical magick in Tradi
The mechanics for raising Arete are easy, but how do you play out a Seeking where a mage may make a self discovery or learn about the fundament of the cosmos? Josh and Terry share how Seekings changed across editions and some ways you can run t
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