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Impeachment Insanity - Russiagate 2.0: The Rise of Ukraine |138|

Released Thursday, 10th October 2019
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Another exciting episode of, What's the word on the street, Johnny?
John goes all in for Trump just to piss you off!
Just kidding. He supports Tulsi Gabbard!
But what he does reveal is the insanity (and utter stupidity) of our current political discourse.
Look, you don't have to "Like" Trump to understand what's happening. 
John spent many years satirizing Trump's flaws as a human being (and there are many), but he now sees that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has reached such a fever-point, that it threatens to take down the whole system with it.
In short, a lot of people have lost their friggin' minds. 
Orange Man Bad!
Politics and conspiracy have always been synonymous. And there are forces trying to take down a legitimately elected president, much like we've seen in the past... *cough* JFK *cough*... because the Powers That Be don't like him. We've seen this as well with Lincoln, FDR, etc.
Hate Trump?
Adam certainly does.
But Trump, whether you like him or not, is a force to be reckoned with, and it's obvious that he threatens the entrenched powers structures of the 21st century.
Ask yourself why.
The bottom line is that it doesn't matter whether Trump is a force for good or ill. The point is that he's the right man for the right time, regardless if you think that's a positive or negative.
Get out of your Hegelian dialectic, escape your bubble, and stop following what the media/CIA tells you. They're not looking out for your best interests.
They're deliberately LYING TO YOU.
Sorry for the long post, but THINK FOR YOURSELF. And as we say, "Question Everything", no matter where it might lead...
Even, and especially, if it overturns your worldview.
Peace out.