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Kara is still stuck in the Phantom Zone. When a phantom attacks Supergirl is overwhelmed with fear. She fears if her team attempts to save her they will all die, and it would be all her fault!  It has taken Brainy and Nia three days to return f
CJ Grant is determined to get the story. She will do whatever it takes to show Perry White that she is destined for more than the tabloid stories he sends her to cover. She will find her own story. One that will make her more famous than Lois L
The mission this week is to collect some of Kara’s DNA to help locate her in the fractured phantom zone and bring her home. Sure it would be easier to head over to her apartment and grab a hair brush but this will be far more fun. Brainy and Ni
The number of citizens infected by the phantoms continues to rise.  Brainy keeps constructing more containment pods. If a new plan is not formed soon, Supergirl will come home to a phantom zone on Earth!  With each life force gained, Phantom Pr
When a phantom escaped into the city I was sure our biggest problem would be doubt and despair. The reality is much worse. These aliens also inject venom into their victim’s body. After a short incubation period the victim is transformed into a
Kara is trapped in a place where phantoms roam free and you are forced to relive the most disturbing moments of your life.  In this realm time does not move. If you try to resist the phantoms they will drive you insane.  In this place of endles
Lex Luthor is wielding the power of three ancient gods of Leviathan. Gememnea escaped the bottle because she is pure technology. She could not be defeated in the same way. Dreamer has made it to Brainy’s location to find him on the brink of dea
Supergirl and her team have faced a lot of turmoil recently. Not the least of which was a crisis of epic proportion. The process of bringing numerous Earth’s together left Supergirl and her friends on Earth Prime. I fear the cosmic shift will l
Kara is in pain. The girl of steel is crumbling on the inside. No amount of pizza or potstickers can ease her broken heart. She has sent the man she loves into space to save this planet from an alien race looking to colonize it. National City w
Superman and Lois have soared onto the CW. Due to the recent Daxamite invasion plaguing National City, Silver Vox and Green Butterfly are a little late checking out the adventures of Kara’s super cousin. I know what you're thinking. You guys sa
J’onn is injured and Lena and MonEl have been taken hostage. Supergirl and what remains of her team must make a tenuous alliance with Lillian Luthor and her Cyborg. The Earth is running out of time. Queen Rhea of Daxam wants to claim this plane
What happens when someone uses your secret to manipulate you? What happens when brute force is not enough to solve a problem? What if someone takes one of the most important people in your life in exchange for a person that they cherish? Kara w
What is wrong with Supergirl? This morning she was inspiring school children before flying into a burning building. Now she is acting very peculiarly. Her inhibitions are gone and her actions are reckless. What is causing this change? All of he
It is the moment the Danvers have been waiting for. Jeremiah has come home.  Amidst the joy there is trepidation. It seemed too easy to free him from the clutches of Cadmus. Alex can only see her wish come true. Her family reunited and whole. A
It is time for DC tv to turn the page and enter life after Arrow. What will happen next? Only the people in the writers room know for sure. Flash and Supergirl had to end their season abruptly due to the real life super villain Covid-19. Batwom
It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Kara lays snug in her bed with visions of pot stickers dancing in her head. Green Butterfly is dreaming too. Dreaming about a new high flying season of Supergirl and all the adventures it will conta
Supergirl continues to protect the planet. Many miles away in the Arctic, Dr.Jones is researching how to save our planet from a climate catastrophe. He wants to spread a message of conservation. Deep beneath the ice lays an organism that will c
Pizza and potstickers are just going to have to wait. Something has gone wrong on the first commercial space flight. The News Media is calling out for a hero. We might need two Kryptonians to prevent this galactic joy ride from becoming a trage
The residents of National City are acting very strangely. It is as if they all have the same objective in mind. Kara has to seek help to stop it before the people she has sworn to protect become enslaved by her Uncle Non. He claims that he want
What if everything you think you want evolves over time? That happens to everyone as we change and grow. I am sure when she was younger Kara dreamed of growing up on a peaceful Krypton with her parents, aunt and cousin. Fate had other plans for
This past weekend some of our favorite actors got together for Galaxycon. The result was a fun conversation featuring lots of interesting facts. There were stories about getting cast in their current roles on Supergirl. They discussed what show
Once again the world got together to explore the fantastic world of superheroes. This time the focus was the stories that will be coming to our televisions. I was very excited to celebrate with fans from all over the world who love these storie
In the sky above National City all seems peaceful. When you turn on your super hearing you realize that the city always has a certain amount of animosity simmering below the surface. An anger that at times boils over and causes us to lose contr
The world of heroes came together for 24 hours. We escaped the confines of real life to celebrate something truly fantastic. In a time where social distancing is a must and following the rules is imperative it was fun to get lost in a story. Ta
Hi! This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Silver Vox and I are very thankful for all our superfriends and the community they have helped us build. Now it is time to turn back the clock. Let’s go back to Supergirl’s first Thanksgiving epi
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